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The Ultimate Lifehack Guide for Your New Year

If you’re like most people, you likely started 2013 with a solid list of goals that you hoped to achieve over the course of the year. New Year’s resolutions tend to run the gamut from quitting smoking to writing novels, but though many people dive into these pursuits with the best of intentions, their enthusiasm and dedication tend to taper off after a few weeks: it’s estimated that approximately 80% of people abandon their resolutions by the end of January, and only a small fraction of the rest manage to stick to their New Year’s goals for the rest of the year.

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This isn’t because we’re all a bunch of slovenly trolls with no self-discipline or drive to succeed, but rather that we may be lacking vital tools and resources to help us along on our journeys. Since most of us seem to fall off-course from our resolutions because we lack an effective guide to keep us focused, a little help might keep us all on track this year.

Below is a list of effective resources and tips that can assist in pursuing any objective: no matter what plans you’ve made or goals you’re striving for, they are all reachable, and achievable, and this guide will help you attain them.

  1. Set a Realistic Goal
  2. Plan Properly
  3. Execute your Plan
  4. Follow Through Your New Year Resolution
  5. Time to Exercise
  6. Quit a Bad Habit
  7. Eat Better and Healthier
  8. Work Improvement
  9. Manage your Money Well
  10. Start your Own Business

Set a Realistic Goal

First things first, you need to set a clear and reachable goal no matter what your new year resolutions are. Here are several ways to set a realistic goal.

set goals

How to Plan Properly

You don’t need to have the perfect plan to achieve your goal but a well structured plan keeps you on the right path.


How to Execute Your Plan

By looking at how the others execute their plan, you may get some insights for your own.

execute plan

How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

By the first half of the year, many people have already failed to stick to their resolutions. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from failing or to learn from them.


Time to Exercise

If you decide to lose weight or keep fit this year, these tactics show you to how to develop an efficient exercise habit.

time to exercise

Quit a Bad Habit

A bad habit can be harmful to you. Worse still, they are usually harmful to those closest to you. It’s time to quit.

quit smoking

  • How to Quit a Bad Habit by Answering Four Power QuestionsMaybe you have even tried, but things haven’t worked out as you hoped. Unfortunately, the very idea of “quitting” can make things difficult for you: let’s discover why.
  • 7 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking: So, you’ve decided to quit smoking. That’s awesome, and you’ll undoubtedly notice that your health and overall sense of well-being will improve exponentially after you’ve quit, but the first few weeks going smoke-free will be hell on wheels.
  • 10 Bad Habits Worth Losing: It’s a good idea to put together a list of bad habits to remove from your life this year. Here are Zoe B’s top 10 bad habits to lose.
  • Breaking Bad Habits in 28 Days: How realistic is it to try and break any habit in 30 days? And where did this idea of habit-busting in under a month come from in the first place?

Eat Better and Healthier

Heathy eating is not simply a kind of lifestyle. It actually boosts your productivity and energy levels.

eat better

Work Improvement

If you are struggling in your current working situations, it’s time to make some changes for your career growth.

work improvement

Manage your Money Well

Money management is a problem for quite a few  people… here’s some advice.

manage money

Start your Own Business

It is easier to start a new business than what you can imagine. All you need is taking the action.

start a business

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