Visualize Your Life in Weeks

See Your Time in a New Light

Ever wonder how much time you've really got? We usually think in years, but that can feel a bit abstract. So, we've created a tool that lets you visualize your life in a whole new way - in weeks.

Just enter your birthday, and our "Life in Weeks" chart will show you the weeks you've lived and the weeks you have left, based on the average lifespan. Seeing your life broken down like this can be a powerful experience.

It makes you realize how precious and limited your time really is. Each week becomes significant, a chance to do something that matters to you.

So why not take a look? Enter your birthday and see your life from a whole new perspective. It only takes a moment, but it could change the way you think about your time and what you do with it.

Your "Life in Weeks" is waiting. Are you ready to see it?

Your date of birth is only used to generate your personalized life graph and is never saved or stored