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Our Mission

Too many people get to the end of their lives and wish they’d done more. They wish they’d spent more time on the things that truly and matter and less on the things that don’t. But by then, it’s too late to go back and change things.

We want to change that.

We’re ultimately in the business of no regrets, or minimal regrets anyway. We’re here to give people the tools to change things positively before it’s too late.

We want to see a world where everyone has a framework for excelling in all aspects of their lives. One in which they have more choice, more hope and more joy.

It’s why our complete life system enables busy people to get the most out of their lives, in the shortest amount of time through actionable, step-by-step systems that multiply results. It’s why we help people live smarter, better and more wholly.

Because life is nothing without the time to live it.

About LifeHack

Our Story

LifeHack was created in 2005 by an engineer, not a guru. Our founder Leon Ho wanted to learn how to do life better. To fit more of the good parts in and make the necessary parts as efficient as possible.

So he began searching for tactics and systems for living, not just existing. The problem was, there was a lot of talk, a lot of hype but very few practical, easily actionable hacks and no complete processes.

Leon spent years learning everything he could about productivity, efficiency and management, applying the learnings to his role as an engineer and progressing further faster than anyone else in the company.

He discovered that these learnings went beyond his work and could be leveraged across all facets of his life. He began to stack these techniques to create a transferrable system that also helped his friends, family and colleagues. The results were amazing and everyone wanted more people to know about it.

So Leon began to share his system with the world, giving all kinds of people a framework to create more time to do what they wanted to do and spend less time on life’s “un-enjoyables”. That was 20 years ago…and how LifeHack was created.

Today LifeHack is a collective of the world’s smartest productivity and efficiency experts who bring their knowledge to the LifeHack Full Life system.

We’re productivity nerds obsessed with leveraging life to the maximum and living without regrets.

We have the joy of working with people all over the world and helping them unlock their potential through a step by step system that buys you back time.

Time to do the things that truly matter. As we say ‘life is nothing without the time to live it’.

The Masterminds Behind LifeHack

About LifeHack

Leon Ho, Founder & CEO

Leon Ho started his career as a software engineer at Red Hat and rapidly climbed the ranks to become the youngest manager in charge of a global team.

However, he soon realized that merely working hard was insufficient to cope with the ever-increasing complexity of the job. Thus, Leon immersed himself in research on productivity and management to enhance his abilities.

Utilizing his newly gained knowledge, Leon successfully managed over 150 engineering projects before departing Red Hat to create LifeHack.

Launched in 2005, LifeHack has since expanded into a worldwide platform connecting readers with experts from various parts of the globe.

About LifeHack

Simon Lee, Chief Content Architect

Simon is our chief creator and driving force behind LifeHack’s most important training, classes and courses.

Working with Leon, Simon has spent years distilling LifeHack’s vast library of knowledge into actionable nuggets of wisdom for everyday life.

About LifeHack

Anna Chui, Editor-in-Chief

Anna is our Editor-in-Chief. She manages a team of content creators, develops content strategy for SEO and social media, and aligns content marketing with PR.

Anna also ensures a consistent tone and style and oversees production of marketing materials.

Featured Experts

About LifeHack

Amy Morin

Psychotherapist and author of the bestselling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”

About LifeHack

Brian Tracy

Motivational public speaker and author of “Earn What You’re Really Worth,” “Eat That Frog!” and “No Excuses!” 

About LifeHack

Chris Bailey

Productivity consultant and  author of “The Productivity Project”

About LifeHack

James Clear

Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Atomic Habits”

About LifeHack

Leo Babauta

Founder of Zen Habits and author of “The Power of Less”

About LifeHack

Nir Eyal

Bestselling author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” and “Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life”.

About LifeHack

Scott H. Young

Author of WSJ best selling book “Ultralearning”

Experts We Have Interviewed

About LifeHack

Connor Swenson

Entrepreneur and certified teacher of “Make Time”

About LifeHack

Graham Allcott

Founder of Think Productive and author of “How to be a Productivity Ninja”

About LifeHack

Lee Cockerell

Entrepreneur and retired Executive Vice President of the Walt Disney World Resort

About LifeHack

Nathan Chan

Founder & CEO of Foundr Magazine

About LifeHack

Tim Ferris

Entrepreneur, lifestyle guru and author of “The 4-Hour Work Week”

Our Solutions

We offer a variety of resources including articles, action sheets, digital books, courses and workshops, to help you master your time and excel in all aspects of your life.

All our content and courses are created by LifeHack’s Masterminds and our team of experts. We pride ourselves on providing quality content that is free from fluff and hype, so you can trust that the information you’re receiving is relevant and valuable.

About LifeHack
About LifeHack
About LifeHack
About LifeHack

We’re Here to Help You!

Not sure where to begin? Our founder & CEO, Leon, has put together a list of guides to help you stop feeling overwhelmed.

We believe that knowledge is only useful if it’s put into action. That’s why we provide solid systems and easy-to-implement step-by-step tutorials, so you can get started right away.

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