How To Find Lasting Motivation

By Leon Ho, Founder of Lifehack

Motivation is your internal engine that propels you towards your objectives. Without it, you may find yourself stalled, unable to advance. Unfortunately, time doesn’t pause for your resurgence in motivation – it ticks on. With our limited time, the harsh reality is, your goal might remain perpetually out of reach.

Why do we lose motivation every now and then? Why is it then that some people lose their inner spark over time, which is the pure source of inspiration?

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes the “downs” or failures disappoint people so much that they lose the drive to achieve their goals. It also has a spiral effect where they start missing opportunities and lose the direction of life.

The tricky part about motivation is not starting, but staying motivated.

Every New Year, thousands decide they’re going to change their lives. Fewer than 10 percent actually stick with their resolution, and that’s being generous.

Why is that?

Not Aiming High Enough

While setting easy goals may seem easy to help you keep going, it harms your long-term motivation. If you make goals that are too achievable, you’ll get bored and lose interest. Ideally, you want to strike a balance between pushing yourself and creating realistic goals.


If you find it hard to stay focused and get started, you’ll find yourself falling behind. Procrastination is a bad habit you must learn to deal with if you want to achieve your short-term goals.

Unclear Goal

Uncertainty about the future is a fear that many of us deal with. It can be paralyzing, instead of taking action, we start worrying about “What if?”

“What if it doesn’t work out? What if my dream isn’t truly my dream? What if I don’t succeed?”

If you have trouble creating a vision, then you’re at risk of drifting aimlessly through life.

Fear of Failure

Fear can prevent you from achieving your dreams. Instead of taking action and moving forward, you might be apprehensive due to the fear of failure.

You mustn’t allow fear to hold you back. You’ll inevitably miss out on career, relationship, and self-improvement opportunities if you don’t learn how to manage your fears.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Otherwise known as burnout, it places you into a state of depression from overexertion and you struggle to achieve your goals. Burning out occurs when we put our well-being on the back burner to further ourselves in our careers or hobbies.

When we feel overwhelmed and forget about ourselves, it becomes challenging to unwind and find balance in life.

If you also find yourself feeling lost and unmotivated, you can start your journey again with a fresh mindset and a systematic way to stay motivated. And this guide can help you to do just that.