Rima Pundir

Rima J Pundir has lived a kaleidoscopic life, as she likes to call it. An only child, she learned to cope with a working mother and a father who mostly left her to her own devices very early on - and fell in the wonderland of books. She doesn't read, she devours. And with a memory that's well, kind of anal retentive, she tends to remember the words, the meanings as well as little pieces of information about places, people and things rather well. In her circles, she is known as the tip queen. She always has a solution for pretty much everything and loves to mother everyone and everything around her. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Rima made a switch to writing early on and began to intern for a national daily whilst she was getting her degree. She moved on to the crazy world of magazines and became a lifestyle writer beginning with the asiaSpa magazine where beauty, health, and fitness became her mantra. From then on she moved to Good Housekeeping where she added food, real life stories, productivity as well as DIYs and How-Tos to her writing repertoire. Finally, she became the Beauty Editor of both Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping magazines which was, as she puts it, a very, very tough (but fun) act to manage. In 2010, she took a sabbatical from work to raise a family - and the sabbatical soon turned into her being a WAHM. She is the co-founder of Smoking Mirror Media Private Limited which is currently developing a whole line of applications called Alphabetastic - targetted towards making education a fun and interactive experience for children. Apart from writing inspirational articles for Lifehack, she is also a writer with websites like Basmati, TheRichest and TheQuiz. She dabbles in poetry and children's fiction, and is trying to write the next best thing to Harry Potter.

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