Fast thinker Jeffrey Phillips has a good thought on how to get unstuck when you have completed a big projects and there aren’t any motiviation to move on to next task or basically there aren’t any next goal.

I think it’s like watching equestrians. If you’ve ever watched really advanced jumpers, you know that every once in a while a horse and rider get right up to a jump and the horse balks. Basically just says “I’ve had enough” or “I just don’t have the stamina right now”. Even though the horse and rider cleared several equally difficult jumps earlier in the event, the horse simply won’t go on. Sometimes I feel like that too – at least mentally.

It is quite true that once in a while that you will have this feeling. On one hand you have accomplished a project and feel good about it, on the other hand you feel stuck because you feel there nothing you can aim for.

Read Jeffrey’s blog will let you think of ways to get yourself unstuck again.

Getting Unstuck – [Thinking Faster]

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