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Goal Getting

How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)

Written by Leon Ho
Founder & CEO of Lifehack
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Ever daydreamed about starting that novel? Or perhaps visualized standing atop a mountain peak after months of rigorous hiking training?

Many of us, if not all, have big dreams and an even bigger list of things we want to accomplish. Be it learning a new instrument, launching our own startup, or shedding those last ten pounds. We’re brimming with aspirations, aren’t we?

Yet, how many times have we found ourselves stuck in a loop, just thinking about when or how to kickstart these dreams?

According to a study by Micro Biz Mag,[1] for about 1 in 5 of us, procrastination isn’t just an occasional stalling tactic; it’s a daily disruptor. And for a whopping 70%, it’s a roadblock they face “sometimes” or more often.

Crunch the numbers, and you’ll realize that more than 84% of us are sometimes shackled by the chains of delay. It’s staggering.

Think about it: How many valuable moments of our lives have we let slip away? How much progress, learning, and growth have we missed just because we were stuck in the ‘thinking’ phase, not stepping into the ‘doing’?


But what if you could change this? What if you could channel all that thinking into tangible action, inching closer to your aspirations with each passing day?

This article is your guide to propelling you forward, ensuring you do more than just dream – you act.

Why Do We Struggle to Take Action?

1. Chasing the Illusion of the Perfect Time

Let’s face it. How many times have we told ourselves, “I’ll start when the moment feels right?” Or maybe, “I’ll wait for the ideal conditions?”

While it’s comforting to wait for the stars to magically align or the next blue moon to pop up, the truth is, we’re just making excuses.

The ideal moment? It’s a mirage. The reality is that there’s no predicting tomorrow. We might think we’re being cautious, but our brains are crafty; they paint elaborate pictures of what might or might not happen.

Often, this creates a veil of fear. And here’s a jaw-dropper: 70% of folks don’t reach their goals. They’re tangled in the trap of perfection.

2. Fear: The Invisible Chain

Whether it’s fear of failure, or even the intimidating idea of unexpected success and the responsibilities it brings – these fears anchor us to our comfort zones.

Imagine a budding entrepreneur paralyzed by the idea that her startup might tank. Or a young writer never sharing his work, haunted by the idea of negative criticism.


Instead of diving into the exhilarating waters of new experiences, we stay on the shore, watching opportunities sail by.

3. The Menace of Distractions & Absence of Clarity

When our sights aren’t fixed on clear priorities, distractions sneak in.

Imagine an aspiring entrepreneur perpetually ‘researching’ market trends, waiting for that elusive ‘perfect’ insight, but never actually kickstarting her business.

Or consider a talented individual always ‘thinking’ about switching to a more fulfilling job but getting sidetracked by the temporary comfort of a regular paycheck and the familiarity of current employment.

Without solid priorities, it’s like being on a highway with countless exits, each promising something good, but without a clear destination in mind.


We can end up taking many detours, only to later realize we’ve spent years just circling around, missing out on truly driving forward towards our dreams.

So, how do we overcome these challenges?

How to Force Yourself to Start Taking Action

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: Dreams without direction are like ships without sails.

You can’t merely wish your way forward; you need a structured path, a roadmap that doesn’t just ignite the engine but ensures you’re driving in the right direction. What you crave isn’t just movement but meaningful movement.

Enter the Time Flow System.

Crafted meticulously by me and my diligent team, the Time Flow System is our answer to the constant hum of “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time.”

It’s designed for bustling folks like you, hungry for progress but often tethered by the chaos of life.

The Time Flow System tosses the conventional approach to goal-setting out the window.

You’ve likely heard it before: Start with a grand vision. Maybe a SMART goal – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Sounds organized and promising, right?

But here’s the kicker: this precise focus on a massive, crystal-clear objective often becomes the very stumbling block in our path.


It’s akin to standing at the foot of Mount Everest, feeling both awe and an immobilizing trepidation. The peak looks so distant, so insurmountable.

But the Time Flow System whispers a different mantra: Just begin. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Clarity, while prized, isn’t always your starting line. Think about it. You wouldn’t wait for a cloudless sky to embark on a journey. So, why wait for perfect clarity in goal-setting?

Instead, understand that direction is more vital than a detailed roadmap. You don’t need to gaze miles ahead; sometimes, it’s enough to know the next step.

Clarity often emerges mid-journey. You don’t need all the answers now. Begin, and trust that the path will unfold.

Start Taking Action with the Time Flow System

Imagine life and work as a grand river, where “flow” symbolizes the magical current pushing us forward, uninterrupted and always progressing.

In this vast river, there’s no room for stagnation or derailment. But one can’t help but wonder, how do we keep up this momentum amidst life’s challenges?

This is where the Time Flow System comes in with its foundational trio:

North Stars, Initiatives, and Focus Blocks.

Think of these as interconnected water channels, each contributing and feeding into the next, creating a cohesive and efficient system of productivity.

time flow planning system

    North Stars

    Unlike the distant glimmers in our nightly sky, these North Stars are envisioned as significant milestones or pivotal goals that fuel our aspirations and motivations.

    They stand as our steadfast roadmap, consistently guiding our journey. Even as the Time Flow System celebrates adaptability, these North Stars act as a constant beacon.


    They function as our anchoring point, ensuring that every endeavor is aligned in the right direction.

    Here’s an example:

    Let’s say you have a side-hustle that you’re passionate about and you have pondered the idea of transitioning it into something bigger, perhaps even a full-fledged business.

    So you identify your North Star: Turning your side-hustle into a primary income source within two years.

    This North Star isn’t a fleeting thought—it’s a solid, unwavering guidepost. It’s what you’ll return to when things get tough or when decisions need to be made.


    These represent the mechanisms that transform our grand visions into tangible actions.

    With a focus on setting achievable milestones, Initiatives offer the blueprint for the journey ahead.

    Their dynamic nature allows them to evolve based on feedback, ever poised to adapt and improve.

    However, they’re not about mindlessly checking off tasks; every Initiative is meticulously crafted with a purpose.

    Each action taken is rigorously weighed against its alignment with the North Star, ensuring that we don’t get trapped in the illusion of busywork.

    Instead, we prioritize tasks that truly advance our goals, breaking them down for utmost clarity and efficiency.

    Let’s go back to the side-hustle example.

    If your side-hustle involves selling products, your Initiatives can be:

    • Establish an online presence. This might mean setting up a professional website or growing a social media following.
    • Enhance your product quality or range.

    These Initiatives aren’t just task lists; they’re strategic plans that constantly evolve with your journey. Always be inquisitive, asking how each initiative aligns with your North Star.

    Focus Blocks

    These blocks encapsulate the point where plans meet execution. They dictate our daily rhythm of action.

    Each block is meticulously crafted, representing a clear task paired with a dedicated timeframe.

    Nothing within a Focus Block is a product of whim. By the time an action reaches this stage, it has undergone thorough planning, assessment, and prioritization.

    How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)

      So, for the side-hustle example. These Focus Blocks can be:

      • 2 hours of product research on Monday
      • 3 hours of website development on Tuesday
      • 1 hour of customer engagement on Wednesday

      Each Focus Block has a purpose. It’s a commitment to move one step closer to your North Star. With time and consistent effort, you’ll find that your side-hustle starts gaining traction, growing steadily, and inching closer to becoming that primary income source you dreamt of.

      The pace of our progress is intrinsically linked to these blocks – the more we commit to them, the more we achieve.

      Circling back to the essence of taking action, the Time Flow System, with its Focus Blocks at the helm, is engineered to ensure that every move we make is deliberate and purpose-driven.


      It protects us from the pitfalls of aimless endeavors, channeling our efforts towards what truly matters.

      With the Time Flow System, we don’t just act – we act right. Try out the Time Flow System here.

      Final Thoughts

      We’ve all been there: lost in our thoughts, daydreaming about what could be, only to be held back by a sea of reasons and distractions.

      But dreams are merely wisps of thought until we plant our feet firmly on the ground and push forward. Our aspirations deserve more than just pondering; they demand action.

      The essence of the Time Flow System is to shift the balance from just thinking about doing something to actual, purposeful action.

      You might not have all the answers from the get-go, but with a guiding North Star, actionable initiatives, and dedicated Focus Blocks, you’ll be on a clear path forward.

      Start today. Begin now. And let the momentum of action propel you forward.

      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)

      How to Take Action

      8 Actions
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Recognize the Importance of Action: Understand that mere thinking doesn’t bring results; taking action does. 
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Challenge Perfectionism: Waiting for the perfect moment or conditions often leads to inaction. Start even if things aren’t perfect.
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Address Fear: Recognize and confront fears, whether they are of failure or success, that might be hindering action. 
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Avoid Distractions: Understand that without clear priorities, distractions can take over. Focus on what truly matters in achieving larger goals.
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Define Your North Stars: These are the overarching goals or aspirations guiding your journey.
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
       Set Up Initiatives: Create specific plans or milestones that align with your North Stars. These should be flexible and evolve as you progress. 
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Utilize Focus Blocks: Dedicate specific chunks of uninterrupted time to work towards your initiatives and, by extension, your North Stars. 
      How to Take Action (Instead of Just Thinking)
      Try the Time Flow System to filter out non-essential tasks and start taking actions.


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