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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Your Dreams Happen

Written by Dean Bokhari
Author, Entrepreneur, Podcast & TV Host
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People seem to believe that they can simply think their way straight to success. They mistakenly believe that if they just think about their dreams often enough and vividly enough that—poof!—they’ll just come true.

But life is not a magic trick.

If you told a starving child who had not had a single meal in five days how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a meal for themselves, how well do you think it would work out for them?

Clearly, there’s more to it than envisioning what you want.

If you want to know what it really takes to achieve your greatest goals and ambitions, below you will find some steps that will outline how to use the Law of Attraction the proper way.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that we attract what we are focused on[1]. It revolves around the idea that the universe will offer us what our energy is directed toward.

As mentioned above, just thinking about something is unlikely to offer any solid results, but once you start focusing on something, you are more likely to take action to make it happen, which will most certainly bring some results.

Here’s how to use the Law of Attraction to start down your path to success.

1. Focus Your Thoughts in the Direction of Your Dreams

If you take a pebble and toss it into a pond, what happens?

As soon as the pebble strikes the surface of the water, you get a series of ripples or waves, which spread outwards in a circular direction, until they get to the shoreline and seem to stop.


Two stones of different sizes and weights tossed in at the same time, at different places but in close proximity, will both create a series of ripples, which will eventually merge with one another.

When the two sets of ripples converge, there seems to be a bit of a struggle as to which one overcomes the other. As far as the human eye can see, if the ripples are the same size, both seem to stop or merge when they collide.

However, if one set of ripples is larger than the other, the larger set sweeps over the smaller set and creates waves in the wake of the smaller ripples.

Let’s consider this analogy in relation to our own thought-patterns and mental impulses.

Imagine you’ve got two stones in each hand.

  • The stone in your left hand is labeled “Failure”
  • The stone in your right hand is labeled “Success”

The weight of each stone is in direct proportion to the amount of *thought* you give its label.

So, how heavy are your stones?

If your “failure” stone is heavier, then its ripples will simply stop or take over the ripples created by your stone labeled “success.”

But if your “success” stone is heavier, then that will be the one that takes over.

It’s important to keep this in mind as you put the Law of Attraction to use towards making your dreams happen: ensure that you focus your thoughts on successfully achieving those dreams more often than you focus on the fear of failure that you might experience if you don’t.

2. Get Specific

What do you want? What do your dreams look like, specifically?

Simply saying, “I want to work at a job I love” isn’t going to get you there. Why? It’s not specific enough. What does your dream job look like? What are you passionate about? What would make you happy to get out of bed each morning? If you change that statement to something like, “I want to work at an NGO where I can help people every day,” you are getting much closer to attracting a specific type of job and taking actionable steps to get there.


If you want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, you have got to get specific. What is it exactly that you want? Figure it out down to every specific detail and write it down. If you don’t like to write, make a vision board that will help you visualize what your goals and dreams look like. Get creative with the way you present your specific goals, but make sure they’re visible each day.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start taking action towards making it happen.

3. Put Some Actions Where Your Thoughts Are

Many people make the mistake of looking at the Law of Attraction as if it were a stand-alone solution to making their dreams a reality. They believe that they can make a vision board and use positive thinking to achieve success.

But these folks need a wake-up call, because positive thinking is not enough. It will never be enough.

If we THINK positive, but we still FEEL negative, then how will we ACT?

Your thoughts, actions, and feelings are like a three-legged stool. Positive thinking is powerful, but only when we think of it as one of the three necessary legs that reinforces the stool we’re sitting on.

The key here, when it comes to how to use the Law of Attraction, is to focus on being as congruent as possible between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Once you have your thoughts pointed in the right direction, start taking steps toward those thoughts. Are you visualizing that amazing European vacation you want to take next year? Start putting away money for it. Are you thinking about how nice it would be to have a bigger circle of friends? Get out of the house once a week to see where that takes you.

The steps you take don’t have to be big ones, but you do need to move in the direction of your goals if you ever want them to become reality.


4. Trust the process

After setting clear goals, you need to believe that the universe will bring what you want into your life. Believing is at the core of the manifestation process. And it’s one of the hardest parts of this process. The best way to build trust is by setting small intentions in the beginning.

5. Be Mindful of what you receive

While you won’t get everything you envision in the order that you want, you should be mindful of what you get – no matter how small or big it is. When you acknowledge what you get, you need to practice gratitude.

6. Practice gratitude

Most people who use the law of attraction fail to achieve their goals in the long run due to their lack of gratitude. When they receive a few gifts from the universe, they cut all the wires that connect them to it by failing to be grateful.

The nearer you live to the source of wealth, love, and power, the more you shall receive them. The person who lives in closer touch with the universe by practicing gratitude will always receive more. And they will come rapidly. Gratitude will keep your mind along the path by which your dreams are realized. Plus, it will prevent from falling into the trap of impatience.

To practice gratitude, you need to create a gratitude journal. Before going to bed, spend at least ten minutes writing down the things that you are deeply grateful for. As you are going to see, there are lots of things to be grateful for every day.

7. Let go of limiting beliefs and other forms of resistance

For the law of attraction to transform your life, you’ll have to let go of limiting beliefs. And this includes negative self-talk and fear. Most people tell themselves that they are unworthy, not smart enough, or good enough. If you are one of these people, you should stop playing this tape in your mind.

Imagine this – if you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, would you have any friends at the end of the day? To achieve your goals and become your best self, you have to let go of these forms of resistance.


To let go of limiting beliefs, you need to start by identifying what they are. What beliefs do you have that are hindering your growth? Write them down in your diary. And then cross them out and write new affirmations. For instance, a limiting belief like “I am not good enough” can be reversed with “I am as great as I can be today”.

8. Start your day with affirmations

After writing down your new affirmations in your diary, you should consider creating a vision board and transferring them to it. Hang the vision board near your bed so that you see it in the morning when you get up.

Your mind is usually calm and receptive in the morning. Therefore, reading your affirmations at this time will set the right tone for your day. You should also read them at night before falling asleep.

Doing this will fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts about yourself and your goals. As you sleep, your subconscious will work on your goals and help you achieve them quickly and easily.

9. Check your energy and change when necessary

You are energy. The world and the universe are energy. In short, everything is energy. The energy you put in your world is the energy you’ll get back. This means that if you are always sending out negative energy through your thoughts or emotions, you’ll attract it back into your life.

On the other hand, if you send out positive vibrations by raising your vibrations, you’ll attract positivity into your life. And this will help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, raising your vibrations is simpler than you think. All you have to do is focus on activities that make you feel happy and alive.


Whether it’s volunteering, helping a loved one, spending your evening in nature, or exercising in the morning, concentrating on these activities will transform your life for the better. Plus, you can also focus on your emotions. If you want to be loved, set the intention to become a loving person.

10. Love yourself regardless of your past

To manifest your dreams, you have to love yourself. You need to accept your failures and learn from your mistakes to move forward. The strongest sign that you can send to the universe is loving yourself. While self-love is a process that can take time and effort, there are a few simple things that you can start doing right now.

Practicing self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. Even the smallest habits can boost your confidence and lead to more self-love.

Simple acts of self-care include writing down things that you appreciate about yourself, exercising, socializing with an old friend, improving a skill, and getting into nature to name a few. Remember, the more you love yourself, the more love you’ll attract into your life. It all begins with you.

11. Act as if

To put yourself in a happy space, you need to act as if you’ve accomplished your goals. Acting as if you’ve already achieved your goals sends positive energy into the universe. When you do this, the universe will respond by bringing good things to you.

When you start feeling negative and discontented with your life, all you have to do is imagine your wishes fulfilled. This is a critical area in the manifestation process.


12. Stay focused

Most people who are in the path to manifesting their dreams get easily lost and distracted. To prevent this from happening to you, focus on your goals. When you focus on your final accomplishments, you’ll get back on track and keep on keeping on.

The Bottom Line

It’s not the Law of Attraction or positive thinking alone that drives our success in life — it’s about being in positive congruence between the way we think, act, and feel.

Start with a positive mindset, and let that push you toward actions that will make your dreams a reality. The energy that you put into the world will come back into your life. Therefore, always send out positive energy by replacing your limiting beliefs with affirmations, starting your day with affirmations, and learning from your past mistakes.

The universe is eager to give you what you want. Be patient and practice gratitude every day.

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Featured photo credit: Nathan McBride via unsplash.com


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