10 Chemical-Free Pest Control Tricks

10 Chemical-Free Pest Control Tricks

Pest control can often be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It often seems like no matter what we do, the pests just keep coming back, and they seem to bring all of their relatives with them! More and more people are trying to get away from using chemicals to get rid of pests, because of the risks that come with these dangerous chemicals. But, do the natural pest control methods really work?

Yes, many of them do. In addition to making sure all countertops are wiped down, leaky faucets fixed, and putting dry goods in sealed jars, there are certain steps you can take to get rid of pests naturally. Here are tips for getting rid of these 10 common pests without using any chemicals!

1. Mosquitoes

Make sure that there is no standing water near your home, including children’s pools, buckets that hold rainwater, etc. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, and this is where they breed, all too quickly. If there is any uneven ground in your yard, fill it in with draining top soil.


2. Spiders

Believe it or not, spiders are your friends. They help to keep other insects away, so try not to kill spiders (unless they are venomous, such as the brown recluse or the black widow). Get rid of the webs and egg sacs with your vacuum cleaner, and catch spiders and release them outdoors.

3. Cockroaches

It can be difficult to get rid of roaches without using chemicals, but you can get bait and traps that contain Boric acid. Another alternative is electronic pest control with devices such as plug-in Pest Free, Green Shield, or VictorPest. Look for these rather than other chemical compounds to get rid of roaches.

4. Termites

Here is a pest that is of grave concern to many homeowners. If you notice signs of termites, such as weak wood, shed wings, and termite tubes, you have an infestation. Contact an exterminator for the best ways to get rid of the infestation.


5. Fleas

Don’t concern yourself with the airborne and hopping fleas. Instead, concentrate on killing their eggs that are in carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics. Launder items in hot water and bathe your pets regularly to keep the fleas away.

6. Crickets

If you hear crickets, locate the sound. Then, put a piece of duct tape, sticky side up, on the floor in that area. The crickets will be attracted to the tape and they will stick to it. Then, you can simply throw them away.

7. Houseflies

The best ways to deal with houseflies are the old-fashioned ones: sticky fly paper and fly swatters. You don’t need to spray anything on flies and you don’t need chemicals. If you are overwhelmed with flies, you may need to resort to a chemical bug spray, but make this your last resort.


8. Ants

You can eliminate most indoor ant problems by setting traps or bait that have Boric acid. Packaging is usually noted as Orthoboric acid, just so you know what to look for. To get rid of ants outdoors, try sprinkling corn meal on your lawn. They will eat it, but can’t digest it, and it will blow up inside their stomachs, killing the ants.

9. Moths

If there are moths in your home, chances are that there are larvae a well, which will eat fabrics. Pheromone traps work well for catching flying moths. Once you have trapped the moths, wash fabrics with extremely hot water to kill off any larvae, or put the fabrics in the freezer and kill the larvae with extreme cold. Use mothballs to keep moths away for good.

10. Centipedes

These creatures thrive in damp areas, so make sure that you dry out garages, basements, porches, sheds, and any other damp areas around your home. Fix cracks in the foundation as well as plumbing leaks and look into getting a dehumidifier.


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