Undre Griggs

Coaching To Help Professionals And Organizations Change Their Beliefs So They Can Get Results.

Most professionals want to change something about their life, but are discouraged by the fears and self-doubt their false beliefs create. I created a process to help you accomplish your goals and be confident in your ability to become the champion of your dream life. Dre Griggs is the Founder at Forecast Hope. He loves helping professionals accomplish their goals by aiding their efforts to overcome their fears and self-doubt created by their false beliefs. In addition to being a Mindset Coach, certified NLP and Reiki practitioner, Dre is the author of Champion of Change and host of the Change Blindness podcast. While helping professionals design, mobilize, and solidify the changes they want to make in their life is his primary job function by day, Dre also enjoys spending time with his family and immersing himself in the world of manga and comics. Visit UFORECASTHOPE.COM whether you are interested in private coaching, group coaching, or receiving tons of free content to help you along your change-journey.