Undre Griggs

Founder of Forecast Hope | Mindset Coach Who Is Focused On Helping You Overcome Your Fears and Self-Doubt So You Can Get Results

Most people want to change something about their life, but are discouraged by their fears and self-doubt. I invested a mini-fortune into understanding how to successfully change my life. This includes becoming a Mindset Coach | certified Reiki and NLP practitioner | hold advanced degree in Economics | read through hundreds of the best books and articles on creating change. As a result, I quit my well-paying corporate job running the pricing department of a $2B company, wrote Champion of Change, took an impromptu trip to Nigeria, founded Forecast Hope (forecasthope.com) and created U. Forecast Hope (uforecasthope.com). I have successfully created massive change in my life and I want to share everything I have learned about creating change with you. As your Mindset Coach and Mentor of Change, we will work to develop your growth, execution and fearless mindset so you can improve your well-being, transform your professional life, and boost your financial life.