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10 Most Popular Careers You Should Consider Going Into



It’s been four years now since I was deliberating over which subject to take at university. At first I considered and applied for three different courses across the UK in English and History, until someone asked me a crucial question I had yet to consider: what job did I expect to get after university with my degree?

Turned out that unless I wanted to be a teacher – which I did not – a degree in English and History didn’t really get me anywhere. So instead, I decided to study degrees in Digital Media Journalism and Interactive Media, and here I am.

Why am I telling you about my academic choices? Well, you may be having to to decide which subject to take at university or college right now. OR you may be considering a change in careers, and so I want to ask you the question; what job do expect to get? And more importantly, will that job last?

That’s where this infographic from Online Graduate Careers steps in. OGC have collected the top 10 recession proof jobs – that is, you’re more likely to stay employed for longer despite external influences in these careers. These jobs include a database administrator, a vet or even a performance make up artist which sounds really fun.

What job do you think would be most recession proof?

10 Hottest (Recession Proof) Jobs Careers | Online Graduate Career

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