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29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year

Written by Mark Lynch
Featured Life-Balance, & Personal Development Author
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We could always use a little motivation to make our lives better. Sometimes, a few powerful words said at the right time can give us the inspiration and direction required to change the whole course of our lives. After the pandemic, we all need a boost.

Thanks to the internet, it becomes easy to access motivating content. It is not always necessary to attend motivational seminars or read a motivating book to get motivated. You can also listen to motivational podcasts online to boost your energy levels.

To make things easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best motivational podcasts that can help you to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

29 Inspiring Motivational Podcasts to Change your Life

1. Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life

Meaningful Work Meaningful Life
    Credit: Apple Podcasts

    A life having a true purpose with its meanings defined is what we all want. Thanks to technology, there are a few positive podcasts out there surrounding this topic that can provide us with useful advice on our journeys.

    Who provides listeners with better advice than Francine’s Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast! Through a variety of interviews, tips, and guides, Francine helps us to re-ignite our inner sparks to discover what’s missing in life to have our answers.

    2. The Tim Ferriss Show

    The Tim Ferriss Show
      Credit: The Tim Ferriss Show

      The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the best personal development podcasts that you won’t be able to stop listening to after you start.


      Author of the best-seller The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss, interviews individuals from the top of their respective fields to give his listeners an insider examination of exactly what it is that these people do to perform at their best that leads them to improvement and success.

      It’s no wonder that so many people have this motivating podcast at the top of their personal lists. The wealth of information one gains about various topics is truly astounding!

      3. TED Radio Hour

      TED Radio Hour
        Credit: NPR.org

        If you already enjoy TED Talks, then you’ll love TED Radio Hour. For those of you who are not familiar with TED Talks, they’re basically small speech presentations that provide the audience with thought-provoking ideas, inventions, research, and discoveries. TED began in 1984 as a conference for Technology, Entertainment, and Design but now features experts in almost every topic under the sun, from business to global issues.[1]

        Hosted by Guy Raz, the TED Radio Hour takes a few of these topics around a particular theme and provides us with a helpful hour of insights to get our minds moving!

        These presentations are then boosted with side interviews with the original presenters, which only adds to the engaging nature of the content.

        4. How I Built This with Guy Raz

        How I Built This with Guy Raz
          Credit: Spotify.org

          This is one of the other motivational podcasts hosted by Guy Raz. The How I Built This with Guy Raz podcast immerses listeners into the tale of a company for around 60 minutes.


          Though the companies range in expertise and size, these companies are typically highly-reputable.

          The insights presented are invaluable to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in potentially launching your own idea or company one day, then this is one of the inspiring podcasts that you have to try listening to.

          5. Art of Charm


          Art of Charm
            Credit: Art of Charm

            The Art of Charm podcast with hosts AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak walks us through how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self.

            This podcast is not only motivational but provides a truly unique perspective from the majority of entrepreneurial-based shows. Whereas most focus on self-improvement, high-performance habits, and steps for business success, the “Art of Charm” focuses much more on the relationship dimension.

            This podcast helps us to understand how to simply become better with people because our success is so highly dependent on our social and emotional IQ. These episodes, if you implement the lessons they contain, will change not only how you perceive relationships but possibly your whole life focus as well.

            6. Mindvalley Podcast

            29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
              Credit: Mindvalley Podcast

              Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley podcast, hosts this motivating podcast and provides tons of welcomed material encouraging our personal growth.

              It’s quite likely that your personal development journey may be sparked or redirected after listening to a few expert interviews hosted on this podcast. Even when a wide variety of topics are discussed, some favoritism is shown towards the mind, relationships, health, and performance.

              Therefore, if these topics interest you, make sure you add this one to your list of positive podcasts!

              7. Lead to Win

              29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                Credit: https://mh.fullfocus.co/

                It’s incredible how many useful pieces of information I’ve been able to take away from listening to Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win podcast. This podcast has not only outlined how I can be the best in my career and in achieving personal goals, but it’s also helped me understand the steps I should be taking to lead a more happy and fortunate life!


                Anyone in a leadership role or looking to take on more leadership qualities should be listening to this podcast.

                All in all, Hyatt is an expert in the field of leadership, and you will not regret listening to some of the invaluable insights that he has to offer.

                8. Rise Together Podcast

                Rise Together
                  Credit: Apple Podcast

                  This is a podcast hosted by Dave Hollis. Each of the Rise Together Podcast episodes provides listeners with a story to get motivated. He provides real conversations with activists, authors, etc. to the listeners to motivate them. If you feel low in the middle of the week, his podcast can boost your motivation every Thursday.

                  9. The Dave Ramsey Show

                  The Dave Ramsey Show
                    Credit: Radio Cut

                    When your goals are about taking your financial state to another level, then The Dave Ramsey Show is one of the best inspiring podcasts to make your year.

                    Dave Ramsey is known for his art of inspiration. He can alter anyone’s life with his life-changing advice on topics including boosting wealth, personal finances, and removing debt. This podcast was among Apple’s list of the most downloaded shows for the year 2018.

                    Ramsey started sharing his knowledge about tough money questions in 1992 and has been going strong since.[2]


                    Though people’s opinions may vary about Ramsey’s theories, it’s undeniable that he knows what he’s talking about and that you will benefit from the financial advice he can provide.

                    10. Entrepreneurs on Fire

                    29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year

                      For the entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs reading this article, take special note of this motivation podcast. From identifying your niche to outlining your business plan, the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast hosted by John Dumas has got you covered.

                      This is a daily show through which John interviews some of the top entrepreneurs in their fields.

                      If you want inspiration to shoot for the stars, achieve your dreams, and take your life to that next level as you search for your passion and life purpose, this one is for you.

                      11. Eventual Millionaire

                      Eventual Millionaire
                        Credit: Apple Podcasts

                        The Eventual Millionaire podcast hosted by Jaime Masters provides a window into the resources and strategies that these individuals utilize to make huge strides and achieve massive success in their fields. Possibly the most unique aspect of this podcast is its message and promise to teach listeners these money-making strategies while ensuring that they never sacrifice what’s important to them.

                        That may seem insignificant at first, but typically to achieve any type of success, we must make huge sacrifices. So knowing that there are strategies out there that help us avoid some of those sacrifices makes this podcast worth a listen.

                        12. The One You Feed

                        The One You Feed Podcast
                          Credit: The One You Feed

                          From mental health and positive leadership to understanding human dynamics, this podcast has it all. Eric Zimmer uses his podcast The One You Feed to walk people through some influential ideas regarding what habits and strategies we can each begin utilizing to stay on the positive side of life.


                          This podcast is a welcomed breath of fresh air in a world that seems increasingly fixated upon the negative and our individual flaws. At the very least, you’ll feel a little more positive in your everyday life. At the most, you could identify a few things that work for you to keep you continually finding that silver lining and motivated to move forward!

                          13. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

                          Happier with Gretchen Rubin
                            Credit: GretchenRubin.com

                            One of the best podcasts for self-motivation is the Happier podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin. She gives amazing tips with a practical approach on how to be happy and learn good habits to improve life. With all this positivity surrounding you daily, it’ll be difficult for you to begin not feeling a little better, a little more inspired, and a lot more motivated!

                            14. Hidden Brain

                            29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                              Credit: www.wvtf.org

                              Hidden Brain is from the National Public Radio family of podcasts and is one you should consider listening to. This podcast offers a more scientific approach to understanding why we do the things that we do and helps us to understand not only the world around us but better understand ourselves as well.

                              It will help you to understand what’s driving your behaviors and decisions as well as how you can begin to influence those forces. Not only is this podcast very insightful, but it’s also highly entertaining, which puts it a cut above the vast majority of other good podcasts in its niche.

                              15. Sports Motivation Podcast

                              Sports Motivation Podcast
                                Credit: Spotify

                                This one is for the athletes out there as well as for the people looking to get more motivated about a particular sport or physical activity.

                                Sports motivation podcast is hosted by former NFL running back Olaniyi Sobomehim (Niyi Sobo), who aims to provide listeners with information on how they can dominate during game-day and achieve their athletic goals.


                                From creating a winning mindset to setting goals, mastering our mental and emotional states, and visualizing our success, there is something for everyone to take away from this podcast.

                                If you’re into sports, this is one of the best motivational podcasts you won’t want to miss.

                                16. Good Life Project

                                29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                  Credit: GoodLifeProject.com

                                  The Good Life Project podcast is a great motivational podcast to listen to if you want to raise your spirits quickly and feel a little better. Simply put, this podcast presents listeners with various stories of individuals living purpose-driven, connected, meaningful, and engaging lives.

                                  Additionally, on this podcast, you’ll listen to some of the most influential speakers, writers, and experts talk about the steps required for living an inspirational life. Also, they tell the secrets of how our brains work and the approaches we can take to obtain well-being and health when the regular routes are no longer an option.

                                  It motivates us to achieve these types of lives and truly shows that joy can be found anywhere in life. What truly matters is that we understand ourselves well enough to know what this means to us personally.

                                  17. Inspire Nation

                                  Inspire Nation
                                    Credit: Deezer.com

                                    The Inspire Nation podcast will be your manual to an inspired life that you have always dreamed of. It helps you to reach your highest potential to achieve your goals.

                                    Michael Sandler, the self-help expert, hosts this engaging show for an hour every single day, so you’ll always have episodes to choose from.


                                    Topics such as health, the law of attraction, personal growth, and spirituality are covered by guests of the show, including influential personal-growth gurus, authors, and speakers. There is a to be learned from these individuals, so sit back and enjoy as the wisdom pours out of the speakers and into your ears, providing you with useful tips and tricks that you can implement to become inspired in your own life.

                                    18. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

                                    29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                      Credit: Oprah.com

                                      If you thought Oprah Winfrey had only taken over television, you are mistaken. This megastar also has her podcast called Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.

                                      Aimed at helping people discover the deeper meaning of their surroundings, this podcast features her personal selection of interviews with thought leaders, spiritual leaders, authors, and other famous experts. Trust SuperSoul Conversations to help you to find the right path during turbulent times and emerge victorious.

                                      19. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

                                      29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                        Credit: GaryVaynerchuk.com

                                        Do you feel low every now and then? Make listening to The Gary Vee Audio Experience a crucial chunk of your daily routine and you are bound to see the positivity in life.

                                        Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk, this podcast has a no-nonsense approach to get you up and running. Gary motivates via speeches and interviews in a mesmerizing manner that makes you listen carefully and take notes.

                                        20. Life is a Marathon

                                        29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                          Credit: Life is a Marathon

                                          Life surely is a marathon, and Bruce Van Horn wants you to live it positively. Life is a Marathon is his famous podcast that revolves around this matter.


                                          Having an utmost passion for personal development, self-esteem, and positive thinking, Bruce shares his ideas on fighting negativity to live a life of abundance and joy through this podcast. Positive podcasts like these can change your life, but it is a must task to listen to them.

                                          21. The Brendon Show

                                          29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                            Credit: Brendon.com

                                            The Brendon Show is hosted by a renowned personal development coach, Brendon Burchard. Through this highly inspiring podcast, Brendon shares his life mantra, what keeps him going, and how we can all shape the extraordinary life we wish to lead.

                                            With this show, you can find the correct path and even get the energy to inspire others. Unlike other positive podcasts, it not only motivates you but makes you powerful enough to motivate others.

                                            22. School of Greatness

                                            29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                              Credit: Spotify

                                              Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast inspires individuals to dream bigger and live better. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, relationships, health, or self-development, it covers all. School of Greatness features solo sessions with host Lewis and interviews with famous people from the world of business, sports, and entertainment sharing their nuggets of success.

                                              Once a week, there’s a 5 Minute Friday treat with Lewis inspiring people with really quick advice on some of the most relevant topics we can all relate to.[3]

                                              23. Goal Digger

                                              29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                                Credit: Deezer.com

                                                If you have questions surrounding living your dreams, chasing your passion, quitting your 9 to 5 job, taking risks, and similar other concerns, the Goal Digger podcast promises to answer them all for you.


                                                This podcast has host Jenna Kutcher who brings you inspirational stories having the potential to make a difference in your lives. She speaks about tips and tricks on staying motivated, being productive, and becoming a ‘self-made’ millionaire.

                                                Adopting a “live-workshop style business podcast,” this one is specifically directed to help “girl bosses” turn their dreams into a reality.

                                                24. Optimal Living Daily

                                                29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year
                                                  Credit: Spotify

                                                  Wish you had the time to read and soak up motivational content from some of the top blogs but don’t? Listen to Optimal Living Daily because it picks up the best internet content and summarizes it into a 10-minute clip. Wonderful, isn’t it?

                                                  Justin Malik hosts it; he offers daily readings covering topics such as productivity, minimalism, life-hacking techniques, and much more. With Optimal Living Daily on your listening list, there is no way you can miss out on inspirational content to boost your morale.

                                                  25. The Daily Boost

                                                  Daily Boost
                                                    Credit: Motivationtomove.com

                                                    The Daily Boost has generated over 26 million downloads, making it the most popular daily motivation program. Combining personal development strategies and common sense, this podcast is non-predictable.


                                                    It presents a fun take on motivation and keeps you engrossed owing to its fresh and upbeat approach. Host and founder Scott Smith makes the show all the more entertaining with his witty wisecracks and words of wisdom that resonate with listeners.

                                                    26. The Tai Lopez Show

                                                    The Tai Lopez Show
                                                      Credit: Apple Podcasts

                                                      Renowned for reading “a book in a day,” Tai provides insightful summaries of the best books he read in the Tai Lopez Show. What’s great about Tai’s reviews is not the book summaries only but the lessons of life that he shares alongside the reviews.

                                                      27. London Real

                                                      29 Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You This Year

                                                        This show is so mesmerizing that you can count it among the best personal development podcasts so far.

                                                        Brian Rose hosts London Real. He teaches us how to be great listeners while bringing on amazing guests to tell their life stories, including successful entrepreneurs, authors, creatives, and more. The show’s notable guests include Aubrey De Grey, Robert Greene, and Guy Kawasaki.

                                                        28. The Chalene Show

                                                        The Chalene Show
                                                          Credit: Apple Podcasts

                                                          As a social media expert, fitness trainer, author, life coach, and speaker, there seems that there is nothing that Chalene can’t do. She hosts The Chalene Show.

                                                          Chalene’s energy level is exceptional in every episode, which makes them more enthusiastic. Alongside, she also gives information related to business and social media growth. This motivating podcast will make you a better businessman for sure.

                                                          29. The Lifehack Show

                                                          lifehack show

                                                            The Lifehack Show is the official podcast show of Lifehack. It offers incredible insights from veterans on overcoming obstacles and fighting any hindrance in achieving goals. In each episode, the show’s host interviews experts in different fields to share their experiences and thoughts on how they have reached their level and what others can do to do the same.

                                                            Final Thoughts

                                                            And there you have it — 29 of the most impactful, motivational, and inspirational podcasts are at your fingertips to begin listening to this year.

                                                            Some of these may be new to you, and some you probably already listen to. Regardless, I hope this list piqued your interest and encouraged you to check out some motivational podcasts.


                                                            [1]TED.com: About
                                                            [2]Ramsey Solutions: The Ramsey Show
                                                            [3]Lewis Howes: 5-Minute Friday
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