Mark Lynch

Mr. Lynch is the founder of the Excellence Addiction: Balanced Living Personal Development Community. Over the past 2 years, Mark and his message have been featured on a variety of different blogs, platforms, and websites. Through his various online communities, Mark has been able to help 1000's of individuals like yourself re-design and reclaim their lives. His efforts have brought individuals from across the globe to join his journey towards establishing personalized and unique life balances and achieving them through personal development. Mark believes that nobody should burn themselves out by spinning their tires endlessly and getting nowhere and that we all have dreams and goals that we were put on this earth to pursue. This is why he created a life-balance workbook for individuals which helps people to align their core values, life goals, and everyday actions to ensure that they don't fall into a lifestyle that isn't bringing them happiness simply because it's comfortable and easy. Mark has committed to helping each and every one of us to design lifestyles which facilitate our personal and professional success and lead us to the things that will bring us true happiness. He has written on a large variety of life-balance and personal development topics which have helped people to achieve these lifestyles. So enjoy the content Mark provides. Also, don't ever hesitate to reach out to him and ask him questions on any social media platform. He is always happy to meet people.

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