5 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

5 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

The issue of failed relationships has become rapant these days. Here are some of the most common reasons why relationships fail.

1. Lack of Trust

Trust is a very important tool to solidify your relationship. Whenever trust fades away in a relationship, the union is sure to fall apart eventually.

You have to trust your partner no matter the situation — even if you hear something strange about them. In this case, be patient and authenticate the rumour — it may be the work of someone trying to destroy your relationship.


Never let that quality called trust be absent in your relationship. When you don’t trust your partner or you doubt them, then your relationship is surely doomed.

2. Lack of Respect

Respect is reciprocal, so they say. A relationship must be comprised of mutual respect for one another. When there is not that mutual respect from both sides, the relationship is likely to break up.

We all deserve respect from our partners. And we should all have partners that we truly feel respect for. With mutual respect, all other important things like love, unity, honesty, understanding, and peace of mind will surely exist. These things are the hallmarks of a strong and lasting relationship.


3. Dishonesty

Honesty is as important as anything in life. It is must-use tool in any relationship. Leaving romantic relationships aside, honesty is necessary when dealing with anybody.

In the business world, academic environments, politics, and many other fields, honesty is the foundation for any successful project or objective. For this reason, you need to be honest with your partner.

Never engage in extra-marital affairs or secret affairs. Secret affairs push you to be dishonest with your partner. The only affair you should have is with your partner.


As I said above, mutual respect commands honesty, therefore you must respect your partner. When respect and honesty are the bedrock pieces of your relationship, then all other factors come after. In other words, when there is a breach of respect and honesty, the relationship is set to ultimately fail.

4. Harsh Words and Frequent Complaints

Experience has shown that the failure of many relationships starts from frequent complaints and harsh words. As a matter of fact, it is very important we mind our spoken words in any relationship — not just our romantic relationships.

Of course, there are times when words are exchanged for fun and amusement, but don’t look down on your partner by complaining about their imperfections. You should also refrain from using harsh words with your partner. These two ugly tools can destroy any relationship.


A relationship with mutual respect, honesty, and understanding will never experience and use these tools to sink the ship of their relationship. Harsh words and frequent complaints yield nothing other than disrespect and dishonesty.

5. Frequent Fighting

Endless fighting can signify the end of a relationship. A lack of respect, dishonesty, using harsh words, and frequent complaints can easily lead to fights. A relationship that exchanges blows or leads to one partner beating the other partner has no future at all. Physical violence should never be a part of your relationship. While fighting is bound to occur in any relationship, it’s important to recognize when things are going too far.

I believe that if we can avoid the points stated above then we can avoid the unfortunate and untimely collapse of our relationship. If any of these things applies to your relationship, it’s time to take a step back and consider what changes need to take place.

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4 Proven Ways to Strengthen Relationships

4 Proven Ways to Strengthen Relationships

While people have special days for relationship or love celebrations, true love really goes beyond that.

This article is specifically not for any special one-time love celebration or romance but it’s about all kinds of relationship. It’s about building all kinds of relationships with loved ones, colleagues, family members, and friends; to anyone who has proven to be someone worthy to share a part in the history of our existence.

When it comes to relationships, no one is really an expert. Everyone has lacking points which often starts so little and with time could cost much more than just a separation, it can lead to a complete loss of the relationship. Siblings may end up fighting with each other, families torn apart, co-workers against each other and even elderly couples ending up in divorce or worse.


There should be a way for redemption, to build back the lost trust and to build the bridges again linking relationships for a greater bond and for a better relationship. And the best way to do this is by being honest with ourselves, knowing what relationships need to survive and knowing that everyone has to give what it takes. Being perfect may not be the solution, but being self-aware is.

1. Take care of yourself first

Relationships are not easy and anyone who has tasted one can tell. Whatever happens in relationships is a mirror of everything about us. Have you imagined anytime we have bad and stressful days, our relationships seem to be more difficult? Our relationships suffer when we are not happy with ourselves and we can feel it. We feel the lacking, the difficulties, but the one thing we really don’t take into consideration is that we are the cause of the relationship’s shortcomings.

Have you ever seen yourself in a fight, only to wonder later, what you really were up against? Have you sometimes felt disappointed of your expectations when they were not met by people you expected? I really hope this post  helps you overcome all that. Everyone has needs and your instincts should be your perfect guide.


Whatever needs to be done for someone else and if your instincts tell you to make yourself happy first, please do so. Everyone has needs and everyone can make sacrifices but our happiness should be first. This doesn’t mean you don’t make some sacrifices but sometimes it’s best to make yourself happy first before you can make others happy.

2. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier

“If the vehicle can’t take the messenger, it could at least take the message”. This beautiful aged proverb implies that the message is more important than the sender.

Beautiful relationship quotes can help brighten the cloudy storm around your relationship. The greatest relationship mistakes made over time is the belief that only showers of gifts and being together are what sustains relationships. Well, this has been proven wrong.


A beautiful message to a loved one like inspiring love message on their profile can break any distance barrier. Little things matters and this is one thing people often neglect. However the distance, people feel special knowing they are remembered, knowing someone somewhere is thinking about them.

3. Remember seasonal celebrations

Many seasons of a year bring holidays periods for families, friends and loved ones to come together and have a wonderful time. Keeping these moments memorable must be your focus – birthdays, weddings, marriage anniversaries and all.

A great feast among the numerous feasts celebrated every year “Christmas” is a perfect time to reach out to families and friends, to have a merry filled moments that makes up for the times of separation, to exchange gifts and inspiring messages with those we sincerely care about. If we can’t be together with those we love in these special seasons, Christmas messages shouldn’t be beyond our reach too.


If keeping our relationships with people especially those we hold most dear matters much to us, these seasons should be kept in our minds. Remembering seasons and sharing happy moments is one of the proven ways to keep our relationships with loved ones.

4. Take the responsibility

Most times, it’s very easy to find something wrong with a relationship when we are unhappy. Blaming other people for our own feelings we expect them to come up with solutions for the problems and we give them total control over the relationship. Well, expecting a solution from this kind of situation is simply expecting something that will never come because you haven’t actually found the cause of the problem.

Before blaming someone else for what you feel,or for something you/they should have done earlier, the best solution is to look deeper into the problem to see if there is something you could have done to savage the situation, something that could have prevented the problem. Taking responsibilities for problems gives us the creative power for their solutions but if we blame someone else, we shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t do anything to find a solution and the problem becomes even worse.

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