Your life as a professional desk-sitter and/or couch potato might be a shorter one — even if you’re getting a healthy amount of exercise. Studies over the past few years have confirmed the common sense notion that too much sitting is bad for you, and that while exercising regularly is certainly a plus, there are still risks associated with sitting for extended periods of time without breaks that even exercise can’t undo.

So now, instead of your mom telling you to get off your rear, science is too. That’s kind of hard to ignore. Here are some further tips on reducing your time spent sitting:

  1. Use a ‘standing desk’
  2. Or one with a treadmill
  3. Set a ‘pomodoro timer’ for short, brisk walking breaks every 25 minutes
  4. Do the ‘couch stretch’
  5. Try a combination of these quick tips

how exercise reduces your risk of premature death

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