Kat Truman

Kat Truman is a CTA certified Life Coach specializing in stress and anxiety management, goal achievement, and helping people give themselves the life they want. Also a licensed Physical Therapist, Kat has a deep understanding of how the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves impact one another, strongly believing that all three are equally important in the healthy management of our lives. Happily dedicating her professional life to the service of others, Kat has an unwavering interest and talent for helping people to unleash their untapped potential. She received her education from Rosalind Franklin University, earning her bachelors degree in Physical Therapy in 1996. In 2014 Kat completed her Life Coaching certification through the CTA and has since earned specialty Life Coaching certifications in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Stress and Anxiety management. An avid learner, she is always on the lookout for new and scientifically based practice applications. While she spends a lot of her time working with healthcare professionals and healthcare students, she also provides services for a wide variety of individuals and organizations including Chicagoland campuses of Chamberlain University, Westmont High School, entrepreneurs and domestic goddesses. Kat is a strong believer in helping people change their external world by changing their world within. Her insightful, supportive and empathetic approach lends itself well to techniques aimed at challenging thought patterns and perspective, increasing genuine positivity and integrating the physical aspects of well being. Kat is currently in private practice as the owner and founder of The Power of Change life coaching located in Elmhurst, IL. She is an avid tennis player, enjoys projects around the house and taking long walks with her wife and dogs. Learn more about Kat Truman and The Power of Change at thepowerofchange.net

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