Jolie Choi

Jolie's story is one of extremes, and how she overcame them through an overwhelming determination to completely take charge of her physical wellbeing.

The first extreme began during her childhood, where a combination of genetics and poor snacking habits resulted in her being overweight by the age of 10.

By the age of 15 Jolie was at her peak, weighing 150 pounds with a height of 5' 1" and was classified as high risk obesity by doctors.

Driven by the pressures of puberty, social stigma and physical health, she began to take extreme measures to lose weight in the quickest and most straightforward way - from a teenage girl perspective.

By 18, Jolie only weighed 90 pounds.

Like climbing out of a deep hole, Jolie changed her life with a simple shift in perspective: from taking blind shortcuts to making well-informed decisions on her body. From a goal of pure weight loss to living a healthy and energetic life.

Over her university years, she learned how to cook healthy meals. She started to exercise. Most importantly, she looked into the science behind every effort she made to change her body. She did research on the most effective yet sustainable ways of weight loss (e.g. intermittent fasting). She studied the mechanisms behind every method, and experimented to see how it worked on myself. She changed her philosophy to adapt the best practice only after extensive research. She stopped seeing everything as temporary one-off actions. Instead, she saw them as choices of lifestyle and mindset.

Now weighing in at an ideal 100 pounds, Jolie fits six workouts a week (high intensity interval training HIIT and yoga) into her busy schedule and is constantly on the lookout for more well-informed actions to hack the body. For Jolie, the extreme emotional and physical transformational process of her early life sparked a fiery determination to help others avoid the pain that she went through.

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