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Food and Drink

Excellent Ways to Avoid GMOs

I surmise you wouldn’t want to eat GMO, right? Unless you have logical reasons to prefer devouring them, you will not. The truth is most of us would rather eat healthy organically grown food, with the obvious reason that they are the better choice.

You have been warned about the GMOs so I’m positive you would appreciate what Lifehack has prepared for you: a guide to avoid, at all cost, eatables full of GMOs.

In this infographic produced by, you’ll be guided accordingly. So… go, take a good look at it. The following valuable info are included:

> Five GMO prevalent crops which end up as ingredients in most of the packaged food you buy from the supermarkets.

> The kind of seafood you should avoid by all means.

> With regards meat and dairy, most animals eat soy, alfalfa, and corn that may have been grown with GMO. Better take extra effort to verify if the farm produce you’re buying eat feeds. If they do, there’s a big probability they have been grown on feeds with GMOs.


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