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30 Awesome DIY Halloween Decor Ideas You Can Try This Year

Halloween decor need not be scarily expensive. You can have the Halloween decor you want for less. These 30 DIY ideas are sure to make your Halloween a hauntingly good time. Most of these decorating ideas can be done in less than an hour and with things that can be easily found around the house.

1. Tin Can Luminaries

You can light the path for those trick or treaters with these tin can luminaries.

2. Candy Corn Centerpieces

Candy corn centerpieces look beautiful whenever you are ready to start celebrating fall.

3. Hanging Ghosts

These hanging ghosts can also be hung from the trees for a ghastly good time.

4. Crafty Pumpkins

Dress up your Halloween decor with these crafty pumpkins.

5. Cat Pumpkins

Cat pumpkins are so cute, you won’t be able to resist adding them to your Halloween decor.

6. Flying Bats

Add the eerie with a flock of flying bats.

7. Halloween Wreath

Welcome trick or treaters with a wreath on the door or hang one inside.

8. Pumpkin Family

Have a happy pumpkin family as a centerpiece.

9. Backyard Cemetery

Turn your lawn into a creepy backyard graveyard. One idea for an inscription is: “Here lies Wes More. Shot down by a .44. No Les. No More.”

10. Ghostly Peeps

These ghostly peeps make for a tasty treat and a peculiar table centerpiece.

11.  Jack-O’-Lantern Lanterns

These Jack-O’-Lantern Lanterns will spook up any window sill.

12. Shrunken Apple Heads

Apple Shrunken Heads can be eerily placed around the house, set on a window sill, or table.

13. Origami Bats

Save the planet with these Origami Bats made from recycled paper.

14. Mod Drilled Pumpkin

Light your pathway with Mod Pumpkins.

15. Bat-And-Cat Garage Door Design

This is a great and spooky design for the often neglected garage door.

16. Spider Silhouettes

Get your spook on with these scary Spider Silhouettes.

17. Spooky Jar Lanterns

Add Spooky Jar Lanterns to enhance you Halloween decor.

18. Spooky Eyes

Spooky Eyes are sure to put a scare in any and all trick-or-treaters.

19. Eyes In A Tree

Add a touch of whimsy to Halloween shenanigans with these eyes in a tree.

20. Bloody Handprints

Because what could be creepier than bloody handprint clings?

21. Wall Spider Web

Put the fright into your guests with this DIY wall spider web.

22. Ghostly Garland

Light the pathway or  porch with a ghostly garland.

23. Hanging Bats

Put these hanging bats throughout your yard for a scary good time.

24. Jar Lanterns

These jar lanterns give off a spooky glow and are perfect for a sidewalk or porch.

25. A Murder Of Crows

Spread Poe’s spookiness with a flock of crows, officially called a murder. Of course, you can always blame Poe for the inspiration.

26. Frankenstein Front Door

Trick-or-treaters are sure to love this monstrous, but friendly Frankenstein.

27. Boo Doormat

Add this ‘boo-rific’ door mat.

28. Upside-Down Halloween Witch Urn

Add an eerie feel to any porch this year with this witch who lost her way. Trick or treaters will love the element of surprise.

29.  Mice Silhouettes

Add these paper mice to your Halloween decor and be overrun by the rodents.

30. Overflowing Witches’ Cauldron

An overflowing cauldron of eyeballs, spiders, and more. You can tell trick or treaters the witches left their mess for you to clean up.

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