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How-To: Speed Reading

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How-To: Speed Reading
Speed Reading

    At Lifehack.org How-to Wiki, we have some new content on speed reading. It currently covers the general information, some quick pointers on its techniques, and also myths about speed reading:

    3) Speed reading is just skimming the material, you won’t understand it better.

    This is dangerous because it is a half-truth. Speed reading is a process for reading everything, whereas skimming is a portion of reading at the upper limits of your reading rate. The techniques of speed reading are an attempt to slowly push your reading rate upwards so you can understand at a rate you used to be only able to skim.

    The other benefit of speed reading is that you learn what to skim and what to slow down to a crawl. You can’t make a hairpin turn at two hundred miles per hour, but cruising an empty highway at fifty isn’t going to cut down on travel time. Similarly speed reading involves becoming comfortable moving up to your high rate, low comprehension zones of skimming and shifting down to your low rate, high comprehension zones.

    Have you experienced speed reading? Do you have more tips? Contribute them to the wiki!

    Reading – Speed Reading – [Lifehack.org How-to]

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