Sindre Kaupang

Sindre is the creator of Productive Headspace, an online platform for people who are serious about improving their mental performance. He writes in-depth guides teaching you how to learn faster, remember more and become intrinsically productive. In an age of noise and disinformation, it’s crucial to be able to distinguish between what’s truly valuable and the jargon. Today’s world nurtures qualities which weakens us and which promote an addictive personality. Our attention span is getting shorter. Our ability to learn efficiently is declining. Our memory is getting weaker. All of Sindre’s writing is aimed at fighting these negative traits and guiding people on how to step above this. Instead of being held back by the culturescape, his writing is focused on how to transcend it and gain control of your creativity, productivity and mental power. This is crucial if you want to compete with the high-achievers in the world. He is also the co-founder of Beyond Music, a music tuition service based in London which spreads the word about accelerated learning techniques.

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