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Why Your Attitude Is Everything: 3 Attitudes You Need To Have

Why Your Attitude Is Everything: 3 Attitudes You Need To Have

Attitude is everything – my dad used to say those words to me when I was being a sore loser after losing in a game or sports. As I got older and wiser, like most of us do, I started to realize that my dad was absolutely right about that fact. And, I also started to realize that that lesson applied to more than just sports or activities.

Having the right attitude is key in all areas of life. Keep reading to learn why that is, and a few key attitudes that are must haves if you want to live a life of joy, fulfillment, and success.

Why Your Attitude Is So Important

“Control the controlable” – that’s a statement that makes every control freak shutter with disdain. At its core, what it’s saying is that we need to focus our energy on controlling the things we can actually control in some way, shape, or form, and not fret about those things that are out of our control. And if we’re being completely honest, there aren’t many things that we can control in life. But, one of the few things that we can always control is our attitude. And it’s vitally important that we do so. The reason why is because your attitude influences your actions. And we all know that it’s our actions that determine our success.

As the saying goes, “your attitude determines your altitude.” Meaning that, the type of attitude you approach life with will significantly impact the level of success you will or will not have. Typically, when someone has a bad attitude, it negatively affects their action. These are the naysayers, doubters, and negative Nancies of the world. I don’t know many of those types of people who are out there just killing it. In fact, those tend to be the people who, because of their frustration from a lack of results and success in their own lives, troll and try to tear down those who are trying to create success in theirs.


On the other hand, when you have a positive attitude and outlook, you’re much more likely to take action and get things done. And, not only that, having a positive attitude makes you much more likely to be supportive of others and helpful to them in whatever it is that they have going on. So, an added benefit of a positive attitude is that you’re able to foster better relationships. I don’t know of many millionaires or billionaires that walk around with bad attitudes. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. They tend to have great attitudes and outlooks in life, which has allowed them to create the success they’ve achieved.

Now that we know why your attitude is so important, let’s look at a few must-have attitudes that you need in your life.

3 Must Have Attitudes in Life

1. Attitude of Positivity

Let’s take a moment to view your attitude as a pyramid – something that is systematically built over time. At the base of the pyramid would be positivity. Positivity is the prerequisite for all of the other attitudes you need to have in order to, as the Lifehack mission says, “live your best life without sacrifice.”

Positivity has a direct relationship with possibilities. People who are negative tend to have a fixed mindset, and are closed off to all of the possibility that exists in life. Negativity and a victim mindset go hand in hand. Conversely, when someone has a positive outlook and attitude, they are much more likely to have a growth mindset and are open to the abundance that exists within the world.


As I mentioned above, whether you have a positive attitude or not, will affect the action you take. When we take action and achieve a desired outcome, we further expand our mind to possibilities, which furthers our positivity. And you’ll see why, in just a moment, that having a positive attitude is necessary for you to be able to have the other two attitudes we’re going to discuss.

2. Attitude of Gratitude

In this social media society that we live in, where comparison is a common trap to fall into, it’s very easy for someone to have a negative attitude. Someone might feel angry that they didn’t get the “lucky breaks” that the people they follow online did. Or, they may start to feel like a victim, who’s powerless to control their own destiny and achieve the results they desire in life. And once someone gets to that point, that’s when action becomes seemingly impossible, and people give up on the pursuit of their goals, dreams, or aspirations.

This phenomena is prevalent in lower income or disadvantaged communities. Young people grow up not seeing any models of success in their immediate environment. They are also fed limiting stories, from those closest to them, about their inability to ever be able to create a great life for themselves. So, they grow up with a fixed mindset about their potential. And those limiting stories, which often create their reality, leave them feel jaded and like life isn’t fair. All of that coupled together puts them into a state of negativity, which solidifies their inability to create a better life for themselves.

If you’re not careful, comparison will rip your life apart. That’s why an attitude of gratitude is so important. It takes you out of focusing on what you don’t have (i.e. being stuck in comparison mode and a negative attitude), and helps you to focus on all that you do have.


When we think about life from an energetic perspective, there’s nothing that raises our vibration more than gratitude. Focusing on consciously adding more gratitude into your life will be one of the most transformative things you will do, and will positively impact all areas of your life.

3. Attitude of Greatness

One of the things about having a good attitude is that it’s a matter of choice – you have to choose to have a good attitude. Because of the need to survive experienced by our ancestors, our minds naturally have a bent towards the negative. It was a survival mechanism. And, although we don’t have to worry about a saber tooth tiger jumping out of a bush anymore, our brains are still wired that way. So we have to consciously choose to be positive.

Another thing that is a choice in life, and something that will positively impact your life, is becoming great at something. If you take a step back and look at the relationship between a positive attitude and becoming great at something, you’ll see that it’s a symbotic, two-way relationship. Becoming great at something will give you a boost in confidence, which will positively impact your attitude. Looking at it the other way, it typically takes having a positive attitude to want to become great at something.

One key thing to add here is that you need to make sure that you’re pursuing greatness at something that you actually enjoy and that fulfills you. Otherwise, you won’t get that two-way benefit we just discussed. I always did really well in school, but I didn’t enjoy it much, so I didn’t go into it with a great attitude. Luckily, I had a huge why for being successful in school, and that carried me through. But in order to avoid that, set yourself up for success by choosing to become great at something you enjoy.


Think of any great athlete – they aren’t walking around with a bad attitude. They may have a chip on their shoulder, and be hyper competitive, but they tend to be positive people. And that positivity opens them up to possibility, which deepens their drive to be great. As they continue to pursue greatness, they become more confident, which partner fuels their beliefs about possibilities. And the cycle continues. So, if you’re struggling with a bad attitude, seek to become great at something and see if that doesn’t change.

Bottom Line

Your attitude is everything – don’t try to fight against that truth. Accept it, and allow it to guide you in consciously choosing the attitude you want to have on a daily basis. In particular, be sure to have attitudes of positivity, gratitude, and greatness. Doing that will allow you to live a great life.

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Last Updated on March 2, 2021

10 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Overcome Your Fear

10 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Overcome Your Fear

The ability to take risks by stepping outside your comfort zone is the primary way by which we grow. But we are often afraid to take that first step.

In truth, comfort zones are not really about comfort, they are about fear. Break the chains of fear to get outside. Once you do, you will learn to enjoy the process of taking risks and growing in the process.

Here are 10 ways to help you step out of your comfort zone and get closer to success.

1. Become Aware of What’s Outside of Your Comfort Zone

What are the things that you believe are worth doing but, are afraid of doing yourself because of the potential for disappointment or failure?

Draw a circle and write those things down outside the circle. This process will not only allow you to clearly identify your discomforts but, your comforts. Write identified comforts inside the circle.

2. Become Clear About What You Are Aiming to Overcome

Take the list of discomforts and go deeper. Remember, the primary emotion you are trying to overcome is fear.


How does this fear apply uniquely to each situation? Be very specific.

Are you afraid of walking up to people and introducing yourself in social situations? Why? Is it because you are insecure about the sound of your voice? Are you insecure about your look? Or, are you afraid of being ignored?

3. Get Comfortable with Discomfort

One way to get outside of your comfort zone is to literally expand it. Make it a goal to avoid running away from discomfort.

Let’s stay with the theme of meeting people in social settings. If you start feeling a little panicked when talking to someone you’ve just met, try to stay with it a little longer than you normally would before retreating to comfort. If you stay long enough and practice often enough, it will start to become less uncomfortable.

Here’re some tips to help you: How to Overcome Your Resistance to Change for a Better Self

4. See Failure as a Teacher

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we would rather do nothing than take a shot at our dreams.


Begin to treat failure as a teacher. What did you learn from the experience? How can you take that lesson to your next adventure to increase your chance of success?

Many highly successful people failed plenty of times before they succeeded. Check out these 10 Famous Failures to Success Stories That Will Inspire You to Carry On.

Also, grab The Foolproof Guide To Reaching Your Goals This Year. It’s a free guide that can help you to learn from your past mistakes and failures so you can move on to reach your goal. Get your free guide here.

5. Take Baby Steps

Don’t try to jump outside your comfort zone, you will likely become overwhelmed and jump right back in.

Take small steps toward the fear you are trying to overcome. If you want to do public speaking, start by taking every opportunity to speak to small groups of people. You can even practice with family and friends.

Take a look at this article on how you can start taking baby steps: The Number One Secret to Life Success: Baby Steps


6. Hang out with Risk Takers

There is no substitute for this step. If you want to become better at something, you must start hanging out with the people who are doing what you want to do and start emulating them. Almost inevitably, their influence will start to have an effect on your behavior.

Here’re 8 Reasons Why Risk Takers Are More Likely To Be Successful.

7. Be Honest with Yourself When You Are Trying to Make Excuses

Don’t say “Oh, I just don’t have the time for this right now.” Instead, be honest and say “I am afraid to do this.”

Don’t make excuses, just be honest. You will be in a better place to confront what is truly bothering you and increase your chance of moving forward.

8. Identify How Stepping out Will Benefit You

What will the ability to engage in public speaking do for your personal and professional growth? Keep these potential benefits in mind as motivations to push through fear.

9. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Learn to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. Risk taking will inevitably involve failure and setbacks that will sometimes make you look foolish to others. Be happy to roll with the punches when others poke fun.


If you aren’t convinced yet, check out these 6 Reasons Not to Take Life So Seriously.

10. Focus on the Fun

Enjoy the process of stepping outside your safe boundaries. Enjoy the fun of discovering things about yourself that you may not have been aware of previously.

Final Thoughts

It will seem really scary at first to get out of your comfort zone. But as I said, you don’t need to jump right out of your comfort zone at once, you can take baby steps gradually.

As you slowly push past your comfort zone, you’ll feel more and more at ease about the new stuff which seemed so dangerous to you.

Take the first step and I’m sure you’ll make it!

More Tips to Help You Face Your Fear

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