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7 Best Habit Tracking Apps You Need in 2023

Written by Leon Ho
Founder & CEO of Lifehack
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Every day, our lives are governed by habits. These habits consist of little routines, as well as small ways you do things. What’s surprising is that many people are unaware of what their habits are.

Some habits such as smoking can even have detrimental effects on your health. Meanwhile, other habits like procrastination can impact your work and career in a negative way.

Therefore it’s important to take back control of your life. Doing this can be hard because most habits are so ingrained that in people’s lives that they do it even without thinking.

Luckily there are tons of habits tracking apps available that are designed to help you to set goals, help you keep track of your habits, and solve your bad habits for free.

The best habit tracker website or app can help you in your journey to ensure you stay on track with your goals. It can also help you visualize your progress, and be aware of how much you’ve come.

Whether you want to use an app that has tons of features, or you prefer a productive habit tracker with a simple interface, you’ll find it here.

Habit Tracking Apps You Need to Try

Here’s a list of the 7 best habit trackers you can use.

1. Habitica


    Habitica is extremely creative in its approach to tracking and maintaining good habits. It is inspired by RPG video games, each task you complete will level up your customized avatar giving you an extra incentive to stay motivated.


    Its unique video game inspired design makes keeping track of your habits and goals fun.

    The app isn’t limited to just habit tracking, but with it you can join your friends and complete quests and missions. It’s not just video game inspired, but is a game in itself.

    But those who aren’t interested in video games may not prefer Habitica.

    2. Productive Habit Tracker


      Productive‘s straightforward yet thoughtfully-designed interface makes watching over your habits simple. It offers an intuitive design so you’ll be able to start planning in seconds.

      Although its design looks very simple, this app is packed with effective features. This app also helps you to keep an eye on your successes. This way, you’ll be able to measure your progress and improvement. This will help you stay motivated.

      3. StickK


        StickK was developed by behavioral economists at the prestigious Yale University. On signing up, you create a commitment contract with yourself and the app to reach your goals, you can even bet money on yourself.

        For added motivation, you can assign a friend or family member to check your data to ensure you’re on your way to reaching your goals.


        The unique commitment contract idea could be a brilliant way to stay motivated. This aspect is backed by great research, the app is based on the principles of Thaler’s nudge theory

        On top of everything, the app has an eye-catching and interesting layout.

        Download: iOS and Android

        4. Streaks


          This Apple design award winner, Streaks, is built around encouraging you to maintain a 12 day streak of a good habit, as such it is a great way to stay motivated.

          The interface is extremely customizable, as such, you can make it suit you and your tastes.What’s more it can be easily integrated with the Health app, one of the most popular apps on the IOS. Used together, you’ll be able to develop healthy habits with ease. If you’re falling behind, the app will send you a reminder, and keep you on target.

          5. Habitbull


            Habit-bull is one of the most feature-rich habit tracker apps and it’s detailed recording system means you’ll be able to get detailed information about your progress.

            If you’re aiming to increase your fitness, Habitbull can be integrated with GoogleFit.

            If you’re worried about losing your data, don’t worry it can all be backed up on the cloud, meaning you’ll never need to worry about losing track of your data.

            But anyone who’s looking for a more simple habit tracker may find this best habit tracker complicated.

            6. Done

            Done App

              Done gives you the ability to track an activity multiple times a day, on top of this, the app is full of the features you’d expect from a great habit tracker.


              With the app, you can easily track habits you want to build up, and ones you want to slowly eliminate. Unlike many other apps, it features a number of customization options making it suit your tastes.

              The Premium version (paid) even allows you to export your habit data as a CSV file or on Dropbox.

              Unless you upgrade to premium, you can only track 3 habits on the basic version.

              7. Way of Life

              way of life

                Way of Life markets itself as an “ultimate habit building app” and you can see why. This everyday habit tracker comes loaded with many features for people who want to take control of their habits and routines.

                On first use, users are presented with an interactive tutorial, to ensure they quickly know how to understand and use all the key features, including: the ability to share your progress on your social media profiles, export your data as an Excel file or CSV file, archive your completed goals for a full record of your success.

                Some may find the layout complicated, however this is mitigated thanks to the tutorial.

                Key Takeaways

                Now that you know the best habit tracking apps, you can finally become more productive. However, keep in mind that making good habits last takes more than just relying on the best habit tracker. You must also cultivate the right mindset to maximize the results.

                Featured photo credit: Thom Holmes via unsplash.com

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