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5 Best Habit Tracker Apps You Need For 2024

Written by Leon Ho
Founder & CEO of Lifehack
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In the quest to build better versions of ourselves, we often grapple with the challenge of creating new habits.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take just 21 days to form a habit. In reality, it averages more than two months – precisely 66 days. A study[1] points out that for some, it might be as short as 18 days, while for others, it’s a whopping 254 days.

The tricky part is that our brains have a knack for deeply embedding these habits into our neural pathways, turning detrimental habits into formidable foes.

The key to winning? Consistency. If your approach to forming habits is too rigid or fragile, the chances are that you’ll stray from the path more frequently.

So, how to ensure that your new, positive habit sticks around?

Dive into this article to discover the 5 most efficient habit tracker apps, your allies in breaking unwanted habits and solidifying beneficial ones.

Habit Tracking Apps You Need to Try

1. Time Flow System

5 Best Habit Tracker Apps You Need For 2024

    Time Flow System is not your typical habit tracking app; it’s a next-level companion in your journey to instill new habits.

    How does it work? By blending smart planning with AI assistance, it helps you schedule what we call “Focus Blocks“. These are chunks of time dedicated solely to progressing toward your goal – be it a new habit or a long-term objective.


    Now, why is this so transformative? Each “Focus Block” is a proactive step towards habit formation. Instead of merely tracking, you’re acting.

    For maximum effectiveness, utilize this app by setting aside dedicated periods each day to align actions with goals. Over time, consistency gets bred, and habits naturally fall into place.

    Try out the Time Flow System today!

    2. Habitica


      Venture into the realm of Habitica, where habit-building takes on a fun and gamified twist.

      In essence, this app turns your life into an RPG game. Daily tasks and good habits become monsters to defeat or challenges to complete.

      The reward? In-game progress. Habitica’s strength lies in its unique approach: it attaches tangible (albeit virtual) rewards and consequences to habits.

      Engaging and fun, it changes the narrative around discipline.

      To reap the most benefits, dive deep. Customize your avatar, join challenges, and actively participate in the game.

      The more you play, the more you’ll find yourself wanting to tick off habits.

      3. Productive


        Productive takes a holistic approach, grounding itself in the pure essence of habit-building.

        Users can schedule habits for different times of the day, and the app provides rich stats about your progress. It’s about tracking, but it’s also about understanding. By knowing which habits stick and which falter, you’re better equipped to adjust.

        The magic of Productive is in its insights. Dive deep into the analytics, take notes, and always be willing to pivot.


        For optimal usage, set aside a weekly review of your habits, refining your approach based on the insights the app offers.

        4. Habit Bull

        5 Best Habit Tracker Apps You Need For 2024

          Simplicity with depth, that’s Habit Bull. It brings to your fingertips a way to track multiple habits, complete with reminders, multi-device syncing, and detailed stats. The app is clear-cut in its function: to ensure consistency.

          Where Habit Bull shines is in its user-friendly interface coupled with deep tracking abilities. Don’t just log in daily habits; also jot down reflections or challenges faced. Make use of its syncing abilities to keep track across devices.

          For Habit Bull to truly make an impact, let it serve as a daily diary of sorts – a record of your habit journey.

          5. Streaks


            Streaks operates on a potent idea: the longer the chain, the less likely you’ll want to break it. At its core, Streaks is about maintaining consecutive days of sticking to a habit.

            The visual representation of your progress acts as a motivating force. You’ve built a 15-day streak? You’ll think twice before skipping a day and breaking that chain.


            The app’s brilliance is in its simplicity, yet it delivers profound results.

            To maximize Streaks, challenge yourself. Set personal records, aim to beat them, and embrace the visual gratification of a growing chain. The continuity will naturally instill the habit.

            Final Thoughts

            Exploring these apps can be a game-changer for building habits.

            Forming habits isn’t about short bursts of energy; it’s about doing a little bit every day. It’s essential to see your progress, and these apps help you do just that.

            Seeing how far you’ve come can push you on tougher days. So, give these tools a shot and let every step count. Consistency is the real key to change.


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