25 Odd Jobs That Make Good Money


I need a job!

That’s a line we always hear from droves of young professionals and graduates fresh from college in the U.S. today. They are desperate for a job. Let’s have courage and admit it; that’s a natural consequence of the dark economic times we’re trudging — High unemployment rates.

It’s sad but true, many of these young people have relevant experience, and the prerequisites to boot; however, many applicants are vying for positions too few to count, making the competition harder than cutthroat. As a result, this frequent dismal episode ends with unemployment stats.

Furthermore, difficult times call for creative maneuvers and unorthodox tactics, which push job seekers to think outside the box. Surprisingly, when they do, they are greeted with opportunities they have never expected existed before.

Say, for instance, a job called Lipstick Reader. Say what? Yes, there’s such a job title. This lady employee with an eyebrow-raising job position, reads lip prints. Most of the time from affluent women attending parties and high teas. She earns anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour. Not bad, right? She can tell the personality and forecast the women’s future prospects simply by reading their lip prints.

I hear squeals from ladies looking for jobs, now! That’s cool because I have more unusual jobs that pay well below. I know this Payscale infographic will surely make you smile. Go… choose your wild from the smorgasboard of odd jobs grabbable now.


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