Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking


For some people, public speaking is a thrill, a chance to get their message to a large audience. For most people though, presenting any message in front of a group of strangers is intimidating, and for many, it is downright terrifying.

While a fear of public speaking isn’t a problem for some people, it can be a career-stopping problem for others. Those working in the political, educational, religious and promotional industries will often find themselves needing to use public speaking skills, even if they tend to be someone behind the scenes for the most part.

If the mere thought of speaking in front of an audience paralyzes you, this article by Michael Hyatt can help you work on getting over your fear of public speaking. Even if you aren’t currently expecting to use such a skill, it never hurts to start fighting your fears now, after all, you never know if you’ll some day end up speaking at your child’s assembly or giving a eulogy for someone you were close to.

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