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5 Sites With Beautiful Free Dual-Screen Wallpapers

Written by Louise Williams
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Having an extra monitor for your computer comes with a ton of advantages. You get more space to do your work, play games and decorate. To truly personalize your dual-screen set up, you will want to find some wallpaper specially designed to take advantage of the extra space. A beautiful work environment can help boost your performance, so check out these excellent dual-screen free wallpaper websites.

1. Twelve South

This site specializes in dual-monitor wallpaper for Macs. The free images available take advantage of Mac formatting to create an interesting continuous design through the two screens. Each setup has two distinct images for each screen. This site organizes the images by size. Options range from the 11 inch MacBook to the 27 inch iMac.

Twelve South

    2. Desktopography

    This website specializes in making gorgeous desktop wallpapers. These free images are high resolution and perfect for dual-screen users. The majority of the images center around nature, although many have a distinct fantasy and science fiction feel. As mentioned in 15 Office Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Productivity at Work, a nature themed background often encourages us to get our work done efficiently.


      3. Dual Monitor Backgrounds or dmb

      This massive site contains a large database of free dual-screen wallpapers. You can filter through the images in several different ways including date, popularity and user rating. Dmb claims to have the largest collection of dual monitor wallpapers available online. You can also choose to register with a free account and set your preferences so certain types of images will show up in your searches while others will not.


        4. Dual Monitor Desktop Backgrounds

        This site is completely dedicated to photographs specially formatted to suit dual monitor desktops. Many of the images come from Princeton University.


          5. Wallcoo.net

          This site features wallpapers for both dual-screen and single-screen desktops. All images on this site are of a high quality and center on a variety of themes.


            Featured photo credit: Picography via pixabay.com

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