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Types of Procrastination and How You Can Fix Them

Do you have a very important thing to do over the weekend that you planned to do first thing on Saturday but ended up not doing until Late Sunday night just because you did not prioritize it?  Do you always cram for an exam or a report due the following day?  Have you been planning to do something about your career like looking for a new job, but put it off for years?

Sound familiar? Then you are probably suffering from the procrastination bug.

To borrow the meaning from the American Heritage Dictionary, procrastination is “to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.”  Indeed, the examples I have given above are those of putting off something that should already be done.

And it is a concern for many because delaying an important task can put you in a bad situation with dire consequences, like flunking an exam, bluffing in a presentation to a client, or facing dissatisfaction in your career. These consequences do not happen as a result of one delay but several that lead into a habit.

We must fight procrastination to its core.  And we can do this if we become more aware of ourselves and this bad habit called procrastination.  Only then can we succeed to crush it and reach our goals.

Joel Brown, founder of, pinned down 6 types of procrastination.  These are based on people whose procrastination is dominated by particular character traits that lead them to delay important matters.  They may show a mix of character traits, but one or two characteristics stand out.

Let us see what these types of procrastination are based on a particular character type and find out the solutions in this infographic.

Type of Procrastination By Character







This infographic should help you identify a dominant character in you that purports you to delaying tactics.  It will help you change course by changing your attitude or behavior with the suggested solutions. 

Meanwhile, procrastination has attracted a lot of funny antics even among artists and especially comic illustrators.  Angela Liao shared her take on the different types of procrastination based on people who have specific and peculiar habits or acts that cause them to delay what they ought to be doing. This is particularly intended to help you stop doing this.

Type of Procrastination By Specific Habit or Action


This illustration should help you identify specific acts or habits that have developed out of your character.  Your resolution from this image is stop those little acts or habits that support your “putting off” habit.  

Beat Procrastination Now!

There is no tomorrow when it comes to this particular habit.  You just have to beat it now!

Which particular character described in the above infographics drags you to delaying tactics?

Do you have an excessive high standard of performance, so you cannot start doing anything for fear of failure like the perfectionist? Do you like daydreaming or boasting without doing anything like the dreamer? Do you get bored with easy work and prefer pressurized environment, so you wait for it to come before you do things like the crisis-maker?

Do you like to complain about obstacles on your way and blame them for not accomplishing anything like the defier? Do you like to play a role in everything that fancies your attention or puts you in the limelight like the over-doer? Are you too concerned about changes and refuse to do new things coming because they interrupt your routine just like the worrier?

What solution will help you modify your behavior and crush procrastination? Which specific act or habit should you stop doing?

Do not just laugh off on the funny comics above.  Do something about it.

The first step is to make a commitment today to stop procrastinating by writing a comment below or sending me an email regarding this.  I will definitely respond to you and that will be a good start! The choice is yours!


Types of Procrastination by Character from Addicted2Success
Types of Procrastination by Specific Habit or Action from Angela Liao of 20px

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