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A Guide To Procrastinators

Do you know what’s more important and interesting than doing that crucial piece of work or getting that task done? Everything. Eating, sleeping, playing games, staring at walls, attempting to draw the perfect horse, even cleaning (as long as that isn’t the thing you were supposed to be doing anyway).

Twenty Pixels has come up with twelve different types of procrastinators, do you fall in with any of these? Maybe once you’re aware of your procreation pattern you’ll know how to combat it? If you ever get around to it, I mean.


I am guilty of literally every single one of these. Which type of procrastinator are you? Or do you have a whole other method for putting off work? I suggest you go watch some Netflix or get a snack and then let us know, if you feel like it.

A Field Guide To Procrastinators | Twenty Pixels [20 PX]

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