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4 Effective Goal-Setting Templates To Help you Set Goals

4 Effective Goal-Setting Templates To Help you Set Goals

When it comes to getting somewhere in life and feeling like you have been successful, you will need to have goals. With these goals, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking about your own personal achievements or if you are thinking more about business and career aims. Simply setting the goal in the first place might be enough to get you where you want to be in life.

The thing with goals is that while you may know how important it is to set them and the benefit of having them there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know where to start when it comes to actually setting and creating goals that you can reach.

This is where a goal-setting template can help you both in the short-term and the long term. But what are they and how do they work? Also, which goal-setting templates are going to be the right choice for you?

Read on to learn more about goal-setting templates and how they can help you.

What Are Goal-Setting Templates?

The idea of a goal-setting template is that it helps you focus on any of the goals you have in your life or simply just live your life every day. They are designed to allow you to track major milestones that you have set out along your journey and whether you have been able to reach them or how far you have to go until you do.

Another key feature of goal-setting templates is that they will ensure that the goals you set are going to be reachable. They need to be specific, and you need to be clear about what you want to achieve—something that can be hard to put to paper without the correct template in mind.


How Should Your Goal-Setting Template look?

Now that you know more about the idea of a goal-setting template, the next step is to work out what makes a good template. There are some key features that a goal-setting template should have.

1. Simple

First and foremost, you need to have a template that you can understand. If you don’t understand it, then how you can expect to use it effectively? The harder it is to understand, the less chance you will look at it and use it to track your progress.

You want to be able to, at a glance, see where you are and where you should be, as this will help you to track progress and make any changes that you need to.

2. Have a Timeframe

While a long-term goal is great to have, if you want to achieve things in your life, you need to have a timeframe within which you want to achieve it. Not having this means that you are likely to be less focused and determined to get where you need to be.

3. Allow You to Highlight Your MIG

Your MIG is your most important goal, and it is the highest point of what you want to achieve. If you reach your MIG, it is likely to be followed by all the other things you want to do. This means that it is very important to focus on this and aim for it every day.

You should aim to have one or even two MIGs within your goal-setting template. Any more than this and you are likely to become confused, overwhelmed, and perhaps distracted by all the things that you need to do in your life.


4. Show When You Are Winning

If you cannot see just how far you have come, you will never want to persevere and carry on, no matter how determined you are to reach your goal. This means that your goal-setting template should easily show how far you have come and just where you are at.

Knowing that you are winning and getting somewhere close to where you want to be could be enough to get you to your end goal.

5. Show You Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing

Another thing that your template should do is give you space to note down why you are actually working towards that end goal in the first place. It is one thing identifying where you want to be, but it is even more important to know why you are heading there.

Having a clear purpose for your goal on display will remind you why your hard work is so important and what your reward will be once you are all done.

6. Give You Space to Say What You Need to Do

Finally, a template should have exactly what you need to do to reach those goals. That way, you can make sure that you follow your instructions and do everything you know that you need to do.

You may also need to have space to change things as, along the way, you are likely to see things that are not working out that well for you and the things that are going to work out for you in the future.


4 Great Goal-Setting Templates

Choosing the right goal-setting template for you depends on your goals and how you will work towards them. The idea of these templates is that they form the basis of your goal setting and ensure that you make changes to them as and when you need to. This will give you the best chance of getting where you want to be in the future.

There are a variety of options out there that you can consider. Some of them may need to be paid for to download and use them, while others are available entirely free of charge.

1. SMARTER Goal Template (from The Full Life Planner)

    A goal-setting template that goes into more detail can be obtained from The Full Life Planner. The goal setting templates inside this planner is designed to help you delve down and think deeper about your goal, and ensure that you have thought about all the key steps you need to take.

    2. Best Templates

    One example is from Best Templates. This template is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs. It covers various vital aspects of goal setting and ensures that any goals set are SMART.


      3. Spark People Template

      Another detailed template that you can try out is from Spark People. This one asks you to set your goal out but then think about how you will reach that goal. It also gets you to look at making your goal SMART, too. I really like this particular template because it keeps things simple, making it much easier to work within the moment.

        4. Moritz Fine Blog Designs Template

        Do you like the idea of having something bright and colorful? A slightly different take to these templates comes from Moritz Fine Blog Designs, which gives you space to write down several other goals but gives you the boldest way to display.

          Final Thoughts

          The main thing to consider when it comes to achieving your goals is giving yourself the best chance to do this. This means seeking out the right tools and putting them into place.

          It may seem like a lot of work to start with, mainly if you are keen to get going and working towards those goals, but I can promise you that it is worthwhile taking this approach. Not only does it allow you to really focus on what you want to do, but it also gives you the push to get there in a specific timeframe—something we could all do within our lives.


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          Last Updated on January 14, 2022

          7 Best Goal Planners To Get in 2022

          7 Best Goal Planners To Get in 2022

          A few of the many obstacles to setting goals is that you either forget your goals entirely or you put them off for so long. One of the most effective tools in handling this problem is through having goal planners.

          Goal planners are a way to put your goals to paper and allow you to focus on that goal. These are great tools to be implementing new habits and boosting your overall productivity.

          With so many of these goal planners available, our editors picked out a small sample of some of the best goal planners that you can get to achieve what you want in 2022!

          Best Goal Planners Criteria

          Through our research, all the best goal planners that we picked out meet the following criteria:

          • Undated – A big issue with some planners is that they have days and years written in them. This is problematic especially when starting out goal setting. Undated versions allow you to start, stop, and take breaks without feeling like you’re wasting paper.
          • Science based – Either in their methods or in the activities these planners get you to do, these goal planners are smartly structured to help you get the most out of your day.
          • Simple, clean and organized – All of these planners are clean and organized to the point that these planners can serve as an extension of your brain. They’re able to easily organize jumbled thoughts and help you plot out your goals.

          1. Full Life Planner


            Lifehack’s Full Life Planner is a planner system built around the Full Life Framework. It’s a planner that helps you to organize every aspect of your life. The Framework has been going strong for 15 years and provides some of Lifehack’s best practices and proven success formulas.


            Get your Full Life Planner here, or try the digital version here.

            2. Panda Planner

              The Panda Planner has been highly reviewed as another one of the best goal planners to get. On top of it providing sections for monthly, weekly, and daily planning, it offers free videos as well as e-books to show you all kinds of strategies to help in all kinds of aspects of your life.

              You can get the Panda Planner here.

              3. Law of Attraction Planner

                This is the planner for people that want to manifest something new or exciting in their lives. It helps you to set goals through prompts, to-do lists, and goal-setting tools to establish habits. On the manifestation front, it provides sections for you to show gratitude, allowing you to be thankful for what you do have and are working towards. The planner also comes with a video to help establish a 10-minute morning routine and various stickers to make your planner more unique.


                Purchase the Law of Attraction Planner here.

                4. Little More Daily Organizer

                  While it only has 328 undated pages, it offers a great focus on monthly and daily goal setting. It’s ideal if your goals and habits that you’re invested in and really want them to be sticking. How it’s able to do that is through its flexible design and also providing space for you to outline actions steps, reflect on processes, and prioritize multiple goals.

                  Grab your Little More Daily Organizer here.

                  5. Erin Condren Petite Planner

                    Only 80 pages long, it’s efficient with its space as its packed with all kinds of features for setting goals and stick to your plans. You’re able to describe your goal, outline a “why”, and put together an action plan. The other page is a way for you to chunk large goals and put them into more manageable tasks. All around it’s a fantastic planner.


                    Try the Erin Condren Petite Planner here.

                    6. The 100-Day Goal Journal

                      If setting goals for a year seems daunting, another one of the best goal planners that’s short is the 100-day goal journal. It has monthly spreads, daily reflection pages where you’re able to practice gratitude and check overarching goals. It even has space for you to reflect on current challenges and offer solutions to your problems.

                      Take a look at the 100-Day Goal Journal here.

                      7. SELF Journal


                        The final of the best goal planners we have to offer is SELF journal. It offers daily gratitude acknowledgement, sections to track goals on a weekly basis and also has inspirational quotes to provide that extra push of motivation. It’s only got enough pages for 13 weeks, but it’s ideal if you set a lot of shorter-term goals and want those small habits to stick.


                        Check out the SELF Journal here.

                        Final Thoughts

                        All of our goals are achievable with the proper mindset and a system to support it. Planners have been able to precisely assist those who struggle with getting started and need help in organizing their thoughts and putting it to paper.

                        For those who want to stick to habits, try out one of these planners to help you with that process.

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