In todays world, it can easily happen to anyone. Unemployment can be a stressful period of your life and some people do not know how to cope. They are unable to get themselves back on their feet and start to tackle the process of transitioning from working, to not working, and to get into the mode for job hunting. This Lifehack Lesson is specifically about getting yourself into the right frame of mind to adjust your lifestyle in preparation for the job hunt ahead. This Lesson is free for the first week, if you sign up and add this lesson within these 7 days, you can access whenever you need.. You can subscribe and access all our other lessons and any future lessons for only $4.99 per month.

Here’s an execrpt from this lesson-

This information-packed guide will be broken into the following four sections:

Spiritual Survival

A job means many things to many people. For some it is integral to their personal identity and self-worth. But it shouldn’t be. We were created as human beings not “human doings”. Still, it’s quite normal to have periodic bouts of depression and a sense of loss when we are terminated or downsized.

We spend so much time at work that even when a job is not a good one, oftentimes we still develop ties with those whom we worked. And we miss them and the every day “routine” and familiarity that working at our place of business represented. Additionally, if you are responsible for the support of a family, there may be feelings of guilt and disappointment that stem from believing that you have let others down.

For these reasons, it’s real important to have a paradigm shift. Don’t think of all you’ve lost; think of what you’ve potentially gained.

Mood Enhancers For the purpose of this piece, these mood enhancers are natural remedies, that can help elevate your spirits and provide a sense of joy, piece, and enjoyment when you’re feeling down in the dumps and stressed out in between gigs.

Economic Survival

You may need to adjust your spending habits and maintain your credit rating. This section provides guides and actions for what you can do to adjust to your new economic situation.

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