asdfsadfsdsWe all tell ourselves that a small bag of chips is harmless.

But did you know that it takes 12 minutes to burn off a regular snack on a treadmill?

This doesn’t include your protein, vegetable serving and drink. Most people will eat a serving good for 2 people at least once on a weekend. In order to prevent yourself from over indulging on food, checkout this infographic.

By knowing how long it takes to burn off your favorite foods, you’ll be hesitant to binge eat to your heart’s content.

Alternatively, you can also use this infographic to gauge the health value of your holiday meals. You can plan ahead by making room for the calories you’re going to put on before an epic meal.

This is a great way to prevent yourself from putting on unwanted weight, while still being able to enjoy a wide range of snacks.

Christmas Calorie Burning (Health Infographics) | Design Infographics

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