Be on time with the Procrastinator's Clock

Procrastinator's Clock

You know you’ve all tried setting your clock forward a few minutes in hopes getting yourself out the door on time. You also know that this never works, because you just subtract the time instead of actually leaving early. Instead of getting places earlier, you just end up improving your math skills. David Seah created a clock for the perpetually late. The Procrastinator’s Clock runs up to fifteen minutes fast, however, it speeds up and slows down so it is not always exactly fifteen minutes fast. Try using the Procrastinator’s Clock, I bet you actually get places on time because you won’t be able to subtract the time difference. Let us know how it goes.

Update: Do to popular demand, David Seah released stand-alone versions of the Procrastinator’s Clock. There is a PC version and a Mac version and the new Procrastinator’s Clock addresses some of the issues addressed in the comments.

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