Installing a new habit and breaking an old one


Stephanie Burns has a article on how to “install” a new habit. Sometimes it is very hard to create a new habit, especially there are some old habits blocking the way. Stephanie’s aritcle started by discussing what is a habit, what should be a habit. Then she discussed the core strategies for building new habits, and finally use some real examples to show those strategies.

… Installing new behaviours of any type take repetition over time. How much repetition and for how long depends on what it is you are trying to install.

One consideration is the size of the action. For simple habits of short duration – getting up earlier, making lunch for your children the night before, doing a load of laundry every morning, saving small change everyday, riding your bike to work, writing in a journal – you would do the entire action. For activities of longer duration you will need another step. …

Installing a new habit and breaking an old one – []

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