Faster way to find lost objects


Do you find once you have lost something and want to find it, you have spent a lot out them searching it. After you have found it, you may think why you have spent so much time on it.

Help? Look no further. There is a pretty interesting web site of mentioning the Twelve Principles off finding any lost object.

  1. Don’t Look for It
  2. It’s Not Lost—You Are
  3. Remember the Three C’s
  4. It’s Where It’s Supposed to Be
  5. Domestic Drift
  6. You’re Looking Right at It
  7. The Camouflage Effect
  8. Think Back
  9. Look Once, Look Well
  10. The Eureka Zone
  11. Tail Thyself
  12. It Wasn’t You

This principles will actually guide you to maintain a systematic search for lost object. Very useful.

The Twelve Principles of Find Lost Objects – [Professor Solomon]

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