Brian Lee

Brian Lee used to be the Chief of Product Management at Lifehack. He personally designed and conducted over 1500 personal coaching sessions, interviews, and training activities for positions ranging from executives, managers, editors, and engineers to video producers, students and interns.

Through a meteoric rise, Brian became one of the youngest senior executives of a global publishing company by his mid 20s, within a span of less than 5 years. He was in charge of strategy to develop better methods, sources and content to spread Lifehack's mission of empowering millions of people to achieve self-driven positive change. Brian has personally authored or overseen all of Lifehack's most read articles - with millions of combined shares, and ranking in the top 5 most viral articles in the world when they were published.

The Story

At 22, Brian began his career as an Editorial Intern at Lifehack and quickly demonstrated a natural ability for rapid learning. Besides being able to absorb large amounts of information in a short period of time, he was able to condense them into bite size pieces of knowledge which he converted into his first articles. Brian quickly transitioned to the management and responsibility of various departments at Lifehack, learning and developing completely new skill sets during his tenure in each. He is known asthe ultimate people person -his innate empathetic and diplomatic sensitivity enables him to easily motivate introverts and extroverts alike, proven time and again in his years of experience mediating, coaching and leading.

Brian's natural penchant for leadership makes him a primary executor, change agent and career coach at Lifehack. His influence has shaped and defined Lifehack's culture and his amazing record of personal growth has become the shining benchmark of what's possible - directly responsible for inspiring the rapid development of some of Lifehack's current top engineers, editors, and managers.

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