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11 Ways that Keep You Focused

Many studies and researches have resulted in confirming the theory; better focus brings about better results. And that’s true in any activity. Additionally, this principle is more commonly observed in work environments such as offices, factories, and business process outsourcing floors.

On one interesting study submitted to Harvard Business School, it’s clearly stated that for over 30 years, under the guiding principle that dedicated attention to a small set of related tasks greatly improves performance and brings about the rewards of having focus.

One of the tips mentioned in our featured infographic made me flash a wide smile. It says keeping food on your desk helps you focus. Now, why? It’s believed that glucose assists your brain to focus. So it follows that more food will help intensify your focus. I can see that you’re smiling because, now, you’ve got more reason to have more snack breaks. In addition to that, our research confirms my deduction; there’s logic to bosses sitting on expensive chairs.

Come, let’s check this infographic by Anna Vital. It’s super cool.

how to focus



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