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15 Fast and Easy Ways to Boost Mental Energy Levels

15 Fast and Easy Ways to Boost Mental Energy Levels

The mind is one of the biggest contributors to energy levels. The benefits of having high levels of mental energy include happiness, confidence, focus, and increased willpower, motivation, and productivity, which is why it can be so important to learn how to boost energy when it’s low.

Additionally, the mind has a huge effect on one’s level of physical physical energy. Increased willpower and motivation often lead to healthier eating habits, less procrastination, and more.

The way we think has an astounding effect on the way others perceive us and how we perform. When you feel confident, you look confident, and you will also perform more effectively, increasing the likelihood of success in whatever you are doing as you increase your energy levels in the long-term.

This article covers 15 ways to boost mental energy levels.

1. Be Grateful

Remind yourself of the things you are grateful or thankful for in your life. Gratitude will make you think more positively and give you more mental energy.

If you’re not having fun at work, be grateful that you have work and are earning a salary. If you’re having challenges in any aspect of your life, understand that challenges make you stronger, and be grateful that you don’t have a boring life.

Being grateful reminds you of what’s important. For example, you might be upset about being stuck in traffic. Being grateful for your family will remind you of the traffic’s relative insignificance.

Action item: Write down 5 things you are grateful for in your life to boost energy.


2. Practice Negative Visualization

Negative visualization originated in a philosophy called Stoicism. Stoics periodically contemplate, but they don’t worry about, “worst-case scenarios.”

Negative visualization is practiced to lessen the impact if these scenarios do come true[1]. In addition, it’s intended to reduce insatiability and force you to appreciate what you do have.

Most of us spend our idle time thinking about the things we want but don’t have. We would be much better off, Stoics believe, to spend this time thinking of all the things we have and reflecting on how much we would miss them if they were not ours.

3. Surround Yourself With Great People

Humans are naturally social, so building relationships makes us happy and gives us energy. Spend time with people who think positively and boost energy simply by being who they are. It will help you respond better to life when you’re around people who offer this kind of perspective.

Action items: Who in your life is overly negative? Should you be spending as much time with them as you do? What kinds of people would you like to spend more time with? Create a game plan for meeting or spending time with these people.

4. Think Positively

Thinking positive thoughts will make you feel more positive. Feeling more positive and optimistic will boost mental energy.

If you’re feeling sluggish or depressed, forcing yourself to think positively is a great way to start reversing negative momentum. Momentum has a profound effect on our energy levels, as energy builds on itself. If your mental energy levels are declining, it gets harder and harder to start improving them.

Focus on the positive in any situation. Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about what could go right.


5. Declutter Your Mind

Most people are very busy and have a lot on their mind, which can get in the way when you want to boost energy. We receive information at a faster pace than ever before. Declutter your mind by delegating, setting reminders, taking notes, and keeping a calendar.

To avoid making mistakes, and to declutter your mind, keep as much as you can outside of your brain. For example, if you set a meeting with someone, put it in your calendar so you no longer have to remember it. Keep a to-do list, as it will be enable you to be more present and conscious of what you’re doing in a given moment.

You can learn how to make an effective to-do list here.

6. Go Outside

Exposing your skin and eyes to sunlight will give you Vitamin D, which can boost energy.

In addition, our minds and bodies are used to being awake during the daytime, and we naturally have more energy during those hours. Getting exposure to sunlight reminds our body that it’s daytime and that we should have more energy[2].

Action item: if you’re feeling tired while at the work, take a short break outside in the sun.

7. Have Fun!

Don’t forget to allocate time to friends and family, hobbies, etc. These activities provide excitement and keep you motivated. It seems counterintuitive, but taking a break from work can actually help you get more work done. Having fun stimulates your brain in a way that boosts energy.

Action item: Set times out of your week for hobbies or activities you find fun.


8. Stimulate Your Mind

Keep your mind stimulated but not overworked. Mental challenges will give you energy, but too much may leave you fatigued and overwhelmed. Without enough challenges, you may become bored and lethargic, so try learning a new skill to stimulate your mind.

Action item: Make sure to challenge yourself each day with a new experience or goal.

9. Meditate

Many people find meditation to be a great way to boost mental energy.  A basic definition of meditation is simply being conscious of mind and breath, and it has been shown to have a variety of health benefits that can help boost your energy levels.

While meditating, the goal is to not think about the future or past, but to be present. I think of meditation as a time to let my thoughts flow freely and to take notice of my emotions, thoughts, and body.

Action item: Look for a meditation class near you.

10. Try New Things

If you stick too close to the same routine, your brain can go into “auto-pilot.” As discussed above, mental stimulation is essential to boost energy.

Try breaking your routine, and learn something new. Go on a spontaneous adventure to give yourself a fresh perspective. Go into a bookstore and pick out a random book from a genre you don’t normally read.

Action item: Choose an activity that you do consistently and adjust it in some way.


11. Practice Minimalism

Learn to say “no” and eliminate excess in your life. Throw away what you don’t need. When you have fewer items in your life, there is more space for things you want.

12. Focus on What You Can Control

Stoics believe in focusing on what’s within our control. Wanting or hoping for things that are not in our control will disrupt our tranquility, and worrying about or hoping for something that we don’t have an impact on can cause anxiety.

Action item: List what you’re currently worrying about or hoping for and differentiate what is in your control from what is not.

13. Do What You’re Passionate About

Taking part in activities, professionally and personally, that you’re passionate about leads to more happiness. Spending time on activities that you don’t enjoy can be exhausting.

Action item: What do you love doing? How can you arrange your career or lifestyle so you can do more of it to boost energy?

14. Take Responsibility for Your Emotions

Emotions have a strong effect on your energy levels. If you are feeling sad or embarrassed, you will have less energy. If you are feeling proud or confident, you will have more energy.

By taking responsibility for your emotions, you will become less dependent on external validation or circumstances to influence energy levels.

15. Be Present

Thinking negatively about the past or future can cause anxiety. Accept the situation you’re in and take the best action you can. Wishing you were in a different situation, or wishing you had done something differently in the past will only cause you stress.

The Bottom Line

Each of the actions above can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to improve your mental health. Identify what is causing you to lack energy, and apart from getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, and eating healthy, try some of the above to boost energy and reduce fatigue without that energy drink or extra cup of coffee.

More on How to Boost Energy

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[1] Daily Stoic: The Stoic Art of Negative Visualization
[2] Environmental Health Perspectives: Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

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Published on February 18, 2021

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks: Why Coffee Gives You A Better Boost

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks: Why Coffee Gives You A Better Boost

Is it hard for you to get going in the morning? Do you often feel tired and run down? Is focusing on your work a struggle? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, then don’t worry, as the majority of people also suffer from these issues.

Many people turn to energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull. However, in this article, I want to share with you a superior alternative—coffee. As I’ll show you, when you choose the right coffee and drink it at the right time, it can become the best energy booster for your mind and body.

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of consuming coffee and energy drinks. Please put aside any preconceived ideas you may have around these drinks, and read on to find out the scientifically-backed pros and cons of each drink.

Disadvantages of Energy Drinks

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers have discovered that there are multiple downsides to consuming energy drinks, and these include the fact that they:[1]

  • Contain a lot of sugar
  • Are highly processed
  • Can cause dehydration
  • Can cause insomnia
  • Can cause anxiety
  • Can cause headaches
  • Can lead to tooth decay
  • Can cause high blood pressure
  • Can lead to kidney failure
  • Can be addictive

Energy drinks are also typically expensive, making them a poor choice for anyone on a tight budget. They’re also a drink that you can’t make at home but have to purchase from a store instead. This may sometimes prove to be inconvenient for most people who regularly consume energy drinks.


In my opinion, the marketing of energy drinks by energy drink companies is a lot better than the actual drinks themselves, especially when you consider that a growing body of scientific evidence shows that consuming energy drinks can have serious health effects—particularly in children, teenagers, and young adults.[2] Having said that, there are still some benefits to be had from occasionally or moderately consuming an energy drink.

Advantages of Energy drinks

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, energy drinks can:[3]

  • Provide a quick energy boost
  • Help supply vital nutrients such as B vitamins
  • Improve physical endurance
  • Enhance alertness
  • Boost reaction time

And of course, some people enjoy the sugary or fruity taste that’s typically part of an energy drink. Personally, I think it’s okay if you want to consume the occasional energy drink, but I don’t recommend that you make it a habit.

Disadvantages of Coffee

Let’s turn our attention now to coffee. First, let’s start by looking at some of the downsides of consuming it:[4]

  • Can cause anxiety
  • Can disrupt sleep
  • Can raise blood pressure
  • Can be addictive
  • Can be expensive

While the above disadvantages may sound a little scary and off-putting, in reality, if you learn to choose the right coffee and drink it at the right time, you won’t have anything to worry about. And as you’ll see below, coffee has many more plus points compared to energy drinks, and its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


Advantages of Coffee

Fortunately, coffee has dozens of physical and mental health benefits, including:[5]

  • Being packed with essential nutrients
  • Being a fantastic source of antioxidants
  • Being loaded with caffeine—a stimulant that can enhance brain function and boost metabolism
  • Offering protection from Parkinson’s disease
  • Offering protection from Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Lowering the risk of liver diseases
  • Lowering the risk of depression and suicide
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Helping people to live longer
  • Providing a sustained physical and mental energy boost

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of coffee to the advantages and disadvantages of energy drinks, you’ll see why coffee is almost always better. With the appropriate equipment, coffee can also be conveniently and cost-effectively made at home—making it the perfect kind of energy drink.

These are just some of the many benefits of drinking coffee, but as I’ll show you later in this article, it’s important that you purchase high-quality coffee and consume it at the correct times of the day to get the utmost health and energy benefits.

Choose Coffee for Energy

On balance, when you compare energy drinks to coffee, there is one clear winner—coffee! That’s because coffee offers the best-sustained energy boost, and if made correctly, it doesn’t include the heaps of sugar or artificial sweeteners that most energy drinks are loaded with. Coffee is also a satisfying drink in both hot and cold climates.[6]

Personally, I’ve found tremendous benefits from drinking coffee for energy. It helps wake me up in the morning, and it helps me to stay focused and on track throughout my day. While I like to take a break from caffeine during the weekend, I can definitely attest to the energy-boosting power it provides me during my working week. It enables me to complete my tasks and projects on time, every time.


Given my appreciation of the taste and effects of coffee, I’ve spent the last few years researching the best coffee beans for energy-boosting, and this has led to me launch my own coffee product: Infuel Energy.

Infuel Energy Coffee contains ethically-sourced coffee beans from Ethiopia. The coffee beans are lightly roasted, ensuring that you can benefit from the maximum amount of energy-boosting caffeine. It’s also a very tasty coffee bean with a fruity flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel that will instantly lift your mood and liven your day.

Infuel Energy PLUS Coffee is a specialized high-caffeine blend that will give you the maximum energy boost you need to tackle whatever you need to do or achieve. The beans are ethically sourced from Tanzania and India. Even though this is deliberately a strong coffee, it doesn’t sacrifice flavor. In fact, I feel it’s the perfect blend of a great-tasting coffee with a substantial energy-boosting punch.

Both of these premium coffee beans are available for you to try and buy today. Choosing between these two is mostly a matter of preference.

Whether you choose Infuel Energy Coffee or Infuel Energy PLUS Coffee, you’ll benefit from our bespoke ‘roast-to-order’ offering. This means we wait until we receive your order before we fire up our roaster. In other words, we roast your coffee and dispatch it the same day to guarantee that it’s at peak freshness when it reaches your home.


I highly recommend that you try out the energy-boosting power of these specialist coffees by ordering a 12oz pack today: Infuel Energy Coffee and Infuel Energy PLUS Coffee.

Don’t miss this tasty and healthy way to improve your focus and boost your energy. I guarantee that you’ll notice a real difference in your energy levels.

Make Coffee Your Morning Friend

One last word about drinking coffee for energy:

It’s best that you only drink coffee in the morning. That’s because caffeine has a half-life—the time taken by the body to eliminate one-half of the caffeine—of about 5 hours.[7] This means that if you drink a cup of coffee at 6 pm, you’ll still have half the caffeine from the coffee in your system at 11 pm. You can see how this might adversely affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

If you stick to drinking coffee only in the morning, then you will get the energy boost you need throughout the day, and you’ll still be able to sleep like a baby at night. I hope this article has helped persuade you that coffee is the best choice when it comes to choosing an energy drink that you can consume and enjoy on a daily basis.

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