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What Do Your Coffee Preferences Say About You?

Are you a coffee addict, gossip, a snob, or a Europhile? You might not label yourself with one of these titles, but your coffee preference might tell the world that’s what you are.

So what does your coffee preference say about you? This infographic can answer that question. Of course, some of the tip offs are more obvious than others. For example, if you’re drinking chai instead of a coffee, you’re really a tea-drinker at heart and if you order an extra large with a dozen refills, you’re pretty obviously an addict.

On the other hand, it might not seem so immediately obvious that someone whose coffee preference is a white chocolate mocha is high maintenance until you actually stop and think about it.

As someone who drinks tea and can’t really stand coffee, I pretty much stay firmly in the “ex-tea drinker” category even when I do enjoy something with a touch of coffee. What about you, what is your coffee preference?

coffee preference

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