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Use Legos in Creative Ways For Practical Household Solutions

Remember those colorful plastic blocks that nestled into each other with a satisfying click? Maybe you even have a pail of them still hanging around? You can use Legos as an adult and have as much fun as when you were a kid with this list of creative and practical ways to use Legos for household fixes, entertaining, and design solutions. Where possible, I’ve included links to which Lego kits you’ll need, and instructions for how to do your own creative Lego build.

1. Creative Wall Art

How to: Pairing Ikea RIBBA box frames with Lego from the Lego Architecture Range.

2. Game of Chess

How to: See a basic tutorial here.

3. Mountain Train Book Ends

How to: If you ask nicely, this creative man may give you a few pointers.

4. Character Clock

5. Multi-Colored Mirror

6. Stuck In Rows Blocks – Super Mario Style Planter

7. Lion Hearted Light Switch

How to: Assuming that this basic design is your starting point, research what Lego sets or parts you may need and let your imagination run!

8. Click Art Flowers

How to: Try this simpler version for a start, then add your own flair.

9. Slide Lock Coaster Set

9. Light Stories Lamp

How to: Lamp socket and cord sold separately, for the rest you can try this.

10. Connect-a-lot Knife Block

11. Amazing Angles For Fish

Photo courtesy of Amy Ratcliffe

How to: Give this youtube video tutorial a try.

12. Underwater Station Air Pump Cover

It kind of looks like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but it is actually a cleverly designed air pump cover. The “How” of it is a mystery. Drop me a line if you find a good tutorial for it!

13. Lock(et) and Chin Dog Tags

14. Darling Purple and Blue Earrings

15. Quick Fix Cuff links

16. Colorful Favors Party Rings

17. Green and Blue For You Bracelet

18. Piano In the Key of Lego Jewelry Box

19. Plastic Puzzle Gift Box

20. In Case of (Lego) Emergency Break Glass Box

The author of this design notes that the item inside is a Lego sorting tool.

21. White Tiled Toilet

I do not know if it was ever really used, but I can imagine your guest’s surprise if you put one next to, or in front of, your own toilet.

22. Superhero Key Keeper

23. Make Your Own Microscope

Why buy when you can build one for yourself? And, yes, this is a working model.

24. Keep It Straight Lego Sorting System

25. On The Go Play Wall Repair

This phenomenon is a very real thing in Europe where ordinary citizens are participating in keeping the crumbling walls of very old places together using Lego. It is not known if they used glue or mortar.

26. Brilliant Bookshelf

Lego shelf made from… Legos.

27. Not Just Kidding – A Train

For kids of all sizes and ages, I present to you a working Lego train set complete with tracks and all sorts of accessories, like Lego-built cars.

28. Double Puzzle Play House

29. Bathroom Art Harry Potter

30. For Halloween Howls (or medical school graduation day) Lego Syringe

31. Bob Business Card Holder

32. Lego Loom Knitting Machine

33. Natty Napkin Holder

34. Silly Silverware Holder

35: Cool Cake Platter

36. Light and Fun Lego Kitchen Island

37. Smart Looking Lego Snowman

38. Spelled Right Lego Letters Room Decor

39. Crafty Christmas Tree

40. Best Birthday Cake

Photo courtesy of

Here are some extra resources to get you started: BrickLinkLego OfficialLego MindstormLego Ambassador Network

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