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The Ultimate Guide For Glasses Fashion

Glasses can be more than just a way to see better, they can be part of your wardrobe and make an entire look come together. Whether you actually have to wear glasses due to near- or farsightedness, or you’re just looking for a fun, fashionable accessory to add to your ensemble, you should consult this glasses fashion guide from Enerie Fashion & Lifestyle so you will know the name of every shape and style, from Round Eye to Polarized.  This guide will also teach you a little bit of history behind these styles of glasses fashion, like the fact that the most popular type of Square style is the oversized, acetate frames worn by Jackie O, and the fact that Heart shaped glasses were made popular by Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of the Nabokov book Lolita. So whether you’re looking for some insight into the various shapes and styles of glasses available, or you’re just looking to add a pair of glasses to your wardrobe, this guide should come in handy.

glasses fashion | The Ultimate Glasses Vocabulary 

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