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29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy

Written by Daniel Wallen
Daniel is a writer who focuses on blogging about happiness and motivation at Lifehack.
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Do you ever feel like every day is a rewind of the day before? Well, that’s because as we grow up, many of us lose touch with our innate playfulness and get the idea that fun is not an essential part of life.

We tie ourselves to a daily schedule that never changes which suck out all the fun in our life. But with little effort, we can take time out from our daily routines to have fun in life, no matter how busy we are.

Having fun is crucial for a happy life because when we have fun, our body releases dopamine that makes us feel cheerful and positive so we can cope with uncomfortable, hopeless, and stressful feelings we encounter in life.[1]

If your wondering how to have more fun in life, we have enlisted some tips in this article that you can use to have fun daily.

29 Ways to Have Fun Daily in Your Busy Routine

1. Make Decluttering Fun

The more distractions cluttering your life, the harder it will be to add fun to your routine. Clear your desk of clutter and eliminate unnecessary tasks that serve no purpose. According to research, when our space is cluttered, our brain tends to respond to visual disorganization negatively. It’s drained of cognitive resources and decreases our ability to focus.[2]

Turn on some music and make this task into a fun activity!

2. Laugh to Your Heart’s Content

guy in black shirt laughing
    Image Credit: Kyle Ryan via Unsplash.com

    If we wake up in a funk, it’s easy to find ourselves in a bummer of a mood that is hard to shake off. Start your day by reading funny comics in your newspaper or watching a quick video on YouTube that puts a smile on your face.


    3. Change Your Morning Routine

    Add a nice splash of variety to your life by switching up your morning routine. Do you usually eat breakfast at the table? Take your breakfast to the porch and listen to the birds singing. Do you typically start your day by working out at the gym? Take your training outdoors by running sprints on a nature trail or track.

    4. Dance Like No One’s Watching

    smiling woman dancing at a party
      Image Credit: cottonbro via Pexels.com

      Movement is a wonderful activity that you can enjoy any time for $0. Crank up your favorite 80’s jam and dance in your living room. You might feel silly, but I dare you to try this and tell me it wasn’t fun.

      5. Sing in the Shower

      woman singing to hand shower
        Image Credit: Ivan Mudruk via Pexels.com

        Belt out a song from your favorite Broadway musical during your morning shower if you want to feel better instantly.

        6. Go People Watching

        three guys sitting on a picnic table in front of circus
          Image Credit: Carter Brink via Unsplash.com

          I often wonder why people are so interested in television because I find real life much more fascinating. Pack up your lunch and take it to a bench downtown. Watch the bustling city life unfold, and be happy that you are not alone.

          Being out in nature helps you ground yourself and feel a sense of gratitude.

          7. Strike Up a Conversation

          Talking to strangers might be intimidating, but it is so very fulfilling. Strike up a chat with the woman serving you coffee, the family in front of you at the grocery store, or a new co-worker who seems a little shy.

          8. Do Something Silly

          Go to the park and happily skip like no one’s watching. Lay down flat on your back in a crowded mall, wait for someone to come to see if anything is the matter, and explain, “I’m okay; I just felt like resting for a moment.” As silly as this might sound, it is purposeful because it will help you build confidence (plus, the look on their face will be priceless!). 

          9. Listen to Nature Sounds

          woman sitting at the edge of a bridge near lake
            Image Credit: Olga Budko via Unsplash.com

            Go outside and listen to the crickets chirping, birds singing and wind blowing. Focus hard and be amazed by the beautiful nature sounds you’ve been too busy to notice.


            According to research, people who spend at least two hours a week in nature have better health and well-being than those who don’t.[3]

            10. Join a Club

            Are you a new mom, a pet lover, a gaming enthusiast, or an artist? If so, I can almost guarantee there is a club of people like you who would be so happy to have you in their life. There’s importance in finding community even in adulthood.

            11. Reconnect with an Old Friend

            Losing touch with even the best friends is easy when life gets busy. Scan through your contacts until you see a name that makes you think, “I wonder what happened to them?” Call them to reconnect and plan for next weekend if they are local.

            12. Walk It Off

            guy strolling along a park
              Image Credit: Enric Cruz López via Pexels.com

              Instead of driving straight home from work, stop at a local park for a quick walk to burn calories, clear your thoughts, catch some rays, and maybe even see cute ducks.

              13. Challenge Yourself

              What do you want to be remembered for? Answer that question and challenge yourself to make it happen. Here are some ways to challenge yourself and help you strive for self improvement: 42 Practical Ways to Start Working on Self-Improvement.

              14. Strike a Pose

              woman posing in front of a mirror and taking a selfie
                Image Credit: Kinga Cichewicz via Unsplash.com

                It is uber important to love your body as it is. To encourage a healthy dose of self-love at the top of your day, go ahead and strike a pose in front of the mirror. Flex your muscles, pose, smile, and be happy in the wonderful vessel that is you.


                15. Become an Expert

                Choose a topic that fascinates you and read one article about that very thing daily. If repeated over weeks and months, you’ll be so well-versed in this topic that you could start a Facebook page or blog to educate the masses. You will also have a fresh batch of conversation starters for parties and social outings.

                16. Make a Difference

                Animal shelters, children’s museums, and soup kitchens always need volunteers. Choose an activity that connects with you and fill your time by making the world a better place.

                17. Learn a Joke

                The workplace can become a place of monotony, so learn a new joke if you want to supply your co-workers with a much-needed laugh during the daily grind. Rehearse your routine on the phone with a close friend if you want to perfect your timing and delivery before aiming for the funny bone in a public setting.

                18. Treat Yourself

                woman in white bathrobe sitting on a couch while holding a book
                  Image Credit: Sora Shimazaki via Pexels.com

                  To take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. When was the last time you treated yourself to a glorious spa or relaxing massage?

                  19. Drive Away with No Destination in Mind

                  guy with tattoo driving a car
                    Image Credit: Lady Escabia via Pexels.com

                    Have some time to kill? Get in the car and start driving. Explore the back roads that you’ve never ventured to in all the years you’ve been in your city. Go to a neighboring city you haven’t visited and stop at a random restaurant without researching anything about it.


                    20. Take a Class

                    Feeling active? Take up yoga or spin class. Feeling artsy? Learn a new craft like stitching, pottery, or painting. If you’d like to increase your confidence and public speaking ability, join an acting class or audition for a community theater production. If you want to learn how to protect yourself, find self-defense or martial arts class.

                    21. Make a Collage

                    photo collage against white wall
                      Image Credit: Taryn Elliot via Pexels.com

                      Search through the photos saved to your computer or Facebook account and make a collage with a specific theme in mind. Vision boards are fun and easy to make and can help you feel inspired. Here are some ideas: 8 Vision Board Ideas to Visualize Your Important Goals.

                      22. Journal

                      I keep a journal to this day because expressing my thoughts in words helps me cherish my positive memories and deal with my negative ones.

                      Emma Watson also keeps her thoughts in a diary. She once said, “I don’t know what it is. I’ve always kept and collected things, and I’ve always been interested in the idea of diaries.”

                      23. Excite Your Palate

                      omelette inside black frying pan on black stove
                        Image Credit: Haley Truong via Unsplash.com

                        Do you eat the same stuff all the time? If so, your poor taste buds are probably bored to tears. Do you usually eat apples and bananas? Swap those out with something new and exciting, like mangos, pears, peaches, or plums. Do you usually have plain scrambled eggs in the morning? Upgrade to an omelet that includes mozzarella cheese, hot sauce, and a veggie of your choice (diced tomatoes, chopped onions, and sliced spinach work well if you’re looking for suggestions). 

                        24. Change Your Look

                        man getting a haircut at the barber shop
                          Image Credit: Kaique Rocha via Pexels.com

                          How long has your hair been in its current state? Tell your stylist you are ready for change and want to look like a new person. Ask them to help you dig through one of those big books of hairstyles in the waiting room and suggest styles that would work well with your facial features.


                          25. Pretend to Be a Tourist

                          Ask yourself, “If I had a close friend coming into town to visit me and I had 24 hours to make sure they had a heck of a time, where would I take them?” Make a plan to answer that question, and then do all those things for yourself.

                          26. Explore Your Memory Bank

                          woman in white long sleeves sitting on swing during daylight
                            Image Credit: Bucography via Unsplash.com

                            Take a moment to relax and think about past memories that brought you great joy. Are there any old stomping grounds where you had tons of fun that you haven’t visited in a long time? If so, go visit those places. When you do, I bet you’ll be flooded with more positive memories you forgot about.

                            27. Embrace Your Curiosity

                            A curious mind rarely experiences boredom. Aim to be fascinated by everything that surrounds you. If you can find beauty in the ordinary, you’ll never be bored again.

                            28. Shake Up Your Surroundings

                            couple moving a wooden table inside the house
                              Image Credit: Blue Bird via Pexels.com

                              It’s easy to become stagnate if our surroundings never change. Try shaking up the layout of your living room to make it more fun and interesting. You could do something as simple as swapping the couch with the recliner, moving your kitchen table to a new angle, or adding some new decorations to your living room.

                              29. Adopt a Pet

                              guy carrying a striped cat on his shoulder
                                Image Credit: Chewy via Unsplash.com

                                Do you live alone and feel lonely? Adopt a dog from your local shelter if you’d like to have a new companion who will greet you with a burst of excitement every time you walk in the door. If a dog requires more attention than you can muster, a cat might be a better option since felines are as independent as they come.

                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy

                                Simple Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You're Busy

                                5 Actions
                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy
                                Change your Morning Routine: Have your breakfast in the garden where you can hear the birds singing and spend a little time in nature. 
                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy
                                Learn Something New: Take classes or use the internet to learn something new. Continue learning till you become an expert in that thing.
                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy
                                Embrace Curiosity: Play tourist in your hometown or drive with no destination. Curiosity can equally be fun and adventurous.
                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy
                                Self-care: Treat yourself to a relaxing spa or massage. Starting a journal is also a great way to express gratitude and clear mental space.
                                29 Ways to Have Fun Daily Even When You’re Busy
                                Bring Home a New Family Member: Pets are great companions, so get a pet and spend time cuddling and playing with them. They also bring so much joy to their owner’s life!

                                Final Word

                                Time is a precious thing that, once lost, cannot return. Hence, rather than living in the same boring routine, take out time for yourself and make your day fun and exciting by doing something different. So what are you waiting for? Go have fun right now!


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