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17 Stunning Places to Visit with Google Maps

Want to travel the world on a budget? How about for free? With Google Maps & Google Earth, you can explore amazing sights and scenery anywhere around the globe.

Some of the most famous and beloved places on Earth are only a click away. This list will get you started on your virtual world tour, from the tops of mountains to deep dark caves. Where will you click on first?

1. The Colosseum

Visit the legendary stadium that housed some of Europe’s finest athletic and gory tournaments.

2. Palace of Versailles

Take a tour through the decadent halls and lush gardens that once catered to French royalty.

3. Everest Base Camp (Mt. Everest, Nepal)

Take a virtual stroll atop the highest mountain on Earth without having to break a sweat.

4. Stonehenge

The mysterious stone structure in Wiltshire, England is mesmerizing no matter what angle you view it from.

5. The White House

Pretend you’re the president for a day!

6. Great Barrier Reef

Dive under the waves and explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Heron Island.

7. Kohala Coast (Hawaii)

Visit this gorgeous Hawaiian beach on your lunch break.


Get up close and personal with space shuttles and more at this NASA base.

9. Count Dracula’s Castle (Transylvania, Romania)

See the castle of the man who inspired the classic vampire tale.

10. “Scott’s Hut” (Antarctica)

This little hut is one of the few settlements build on the barren continent — almost 100 years ago!

11. Amazon Rainforest

The astounding beauty of the Amazon never gets old.

12. Mexico’s Mayan Ruins

Explore the ancient Mayan ruins for your own mini Indiana Jones adventure.

13. Galapagos Islands

The best place to see tons of diverse wildlife.

14. Taj Mahal

A structure as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.

15. The Grand Canyon

Scale mighty canyon walls and look out over the horizon, without the dangerous drop!

16. Iwami Silver Mine (Japan)

Journey through the creepy-cool tunnels of Japan’s largest mine in history.

17. Diagon Alley

Immerse yourself in the magic at Warner Bros.’s Harry Potter set.

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