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Sleep (Why is it important) and its relationship to Productivity

Bert Webb over Open Loops has posted an great article on how sleep related to productivity. We see some successful people sleep only a few hours per night. Will we able to be sucessful if we follow the same method and get more hours by decreasing our sleeping hours?

Bert followed by discussing this maybe a mistake to think like this. We may develop sleep deprivation if we are not careful with our sleeping pattern:

Thomas Edison supposedly slept very little. Donald Trump also states that he sleeps only a few hours per night. It was said that John F. Kennedy did the same. Since I also sleep very little (4 – 5 hours per night), I thought I was in good company. However, in my reading on productivity, it appears my nocturnal habits may be counterproductive to my effectiveness during the day.

Sleep and Productivity – [Open Loops]

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