It Just Takes One Person to Change Your Life: This Random Woman Shows Obese Guy What He’s worth

It Just Takes One Person to Change Your Life: This Random Woman Shows Obese Guy What He’s worth

Isn’t it amazing how one person can change your life? Not because there was something wrong or because you needed to; you’ve just subconsciously make a decision to better yourself because of them.

These are the people whom you look forward to speaking to everyday. They can make your day with a simple “Hello.” They brighten up your day just by being at your side. They have the power to alter the way you think because you’re able to see things from their perspective as well as your own. Just by spending time with someone, you tend to pick up their tendencies, their mannerisms and their values without realizing it. It’s so nice to have that one person who takes the time to care about you, to ask about your day, and to worry about you.

You could meet this person anywhere at any time. You just have to be patient and open to those around you. You could meet them at your local gym, at the supermarket, while walking your dog, or you might even roll down your window to talk to them while stuck in a traffic jam. You could meet them absolutely anywhere—just don’t give up hope!

However, what if you never met the person physically? Can a person online via a chat room, social media site, email, or even a game have the same type of impact on someone? There are a number of communities online that offer help and support to individuals for endless amounts of problems and situations, from drug abuse to being new parents.


But what about something as simple as a game application on your phone? One that chooses your opponent for you from all the thousands or millions of users. What are the odds that a game would match you with the person who has the ability to change you and your life for the better? Pretty slim right? Probably so small, it’s not worth considering?

Well let me introduce Brian Flemming and Jackie Eastham, who met on a popular iPhone app.


    Draw Something is a very popular and simplistic game, similar to Pictionary. You simply get an item to draw for your opponent to guess as quickly as possible. At the end of the game you have the option to write comments to one another. You can also communicate via writing words instead of images. This ability to communicate saved Brian’s life.


    Brian Flemming was morbidly obese, depressed and was an alcoholic. Brian would eat fast food every day and drink a fifth of vodka mixed with a litre of soda every night. He had dropped out of college, and at the age of 30, he would spend endless hours playing games and distract himself from his depression by overeating and drinking away his problems. This type of lifestyle would have most definitely lead to Brian’s death, had it not been for Jackie Eastham. He never would have imagined that she could save him from his 625lbs depressing life.


      Jackie Eastham is 20 years older than Brian and suffers from a condition called Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. This is a form of muscular dystrophy which generally weakens muscles and causes muscle wasting in the hands, feet, face and neck, but can spread to other parts of the body. Jackie lives a very conscious, healthy lifestyle because of her condition and could easily tell that Brian was wasting his life and seriously damaging his body and his long-term health.



        Brian confided in Jackie about his weight, his depression and his drinking problems. Jackie soon inspired him to stop drinking. He lost 100lbs from that alone in the first month. From here he decided to start eating healthy and exercising. Jackie, with her experience and wisdom, was able to coach Brian and encourage him every step of the way.


          Almost a year after they met on Draw Something, Brian had lost 400lbs, got a new job, was in therapy, and was training for his first marathon.





              Brian, who lives in America, traveled to Paris to finally meet Jackie, who he calls his champion. While in Paris, they climbed the Eiffel Tower together. Brian has said on his blog (which describes his whole journey), that “Jackie is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I feel that she saved my life, even though she would never take credit.”

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                From Brian and Jackie’s inspirational story, we can learn that it’s never too late to change your own life or help someone else change theirs for the better. You’re never too far away to make a difference.

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                Last Updated on July 15, 2019

                41 Beautiful Pictures That Show What True Love Is All About

                41 Beautiful Pictures That Show What True Love Is All About

                Some things in life are hard to describe, yet we can recognize them when we see them.

                Love is one of those things.

                True love comes in many different forms, but here are some that many of us know well.

                True love means supporting those who can’t support themselves

                supportive couple

                  A young man comforts his date in Times Square, New York City. Image by mbtrama

                  strong hug

                    A young man holds his significant other close to him. Image by Brad Fults

                    running help

                      A young track competitor helps one of her injured opponents over the finish line. Image from

                      feeding kitten

                        A soldier in the Korean War takes time to feed a baby kitten. Image from US Naval Insititute

                        It’s having the perfect selfie partner

                        mom and daughter selfie

                          A mother and her daughter take a selfie together. Image by Andrew Fysh


                            Two young girls pose for the camera. Image by Rolands Lakis


                              A happy couple takes a picture together. Image by Kayla Heineman



                                Two best friends take a selfie together. Image by Jason Wahido

                                dude selfie

                                  Friends take a selfie together. Image by Glenn Scofield Williams

                                  It’s all the warm fuzzies


                                    A young man spends time with his dog on a beach. Image by Magdalena Roeseler


                                      A pet owner hugs his dog while on a day trip in San Francisco. Image by Taro the Shiba Inu

                                      It means having a friend to photobomb you


                                        A boy makes a funny face as he poses for a picture with his brother. Image by Michael Bentley

                                        old man photobomb

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                                            boyfriend photobomb

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                                              True love means being there even when life gets unbearably hard


                                              shoulder to cry on

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                                                  A woman is rescued from flood waters by a resident standing on top of her car during heavy rain in Chalandri suburb north of Athens

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                                                          sister and brother

                                                            A girl puts her arm around her little brother as they wait outside of Sandy Hook Elementary after gunshots are fired. Image by Reuters.


                                                              A woman sits at her husband’s grave the day before their wedding anniversary. Image from NBC news

                                                              It means taking the time for long goodbyes


                                                                A man says goodbye to his son before deploying. Image by Official U.S. Navy Page


                                                                national guard goodbye

                                                                  A South Carolina man says goodbye to his son before deploying for Afghanistan. Image by The National Guard

                                                                  saying goodbye

                                                                    A Sergeant hugs both of his sons before being deployed to Afghanistan. Image by The National Guard

                                                                    And cherishing reunions

                                                                    husband home

                                                                      A woman hugs her husband as she sees him for the first time since his deployment to Iraq. Image by The U.S. Army

                                                                      boyfriend home

                                                                        A young  woman hugs her significant other as he returns home for Kuwait. Image by The National Guard

                                                                        mother hug

                                                                          A mother drops to her knees as she hugs her son on her return home from the Persian Gulf. Image by The National Guard

                                                                          True love is letting yourself feel young when they’re around

                                                                          elderly women

                                                                            Two friends on their smartphones. Image by Robert Neff

                                                                            feeling young

                                                                              A young couple getting their picture taken. Image by db Photograph

                                                                              sprinkler dad

                                                                                A father plays in a sprinkler with his daughter at Millennium Park in Chicago. Image by Ben Forsberg


                                                                                subway couple

                                                                                  A young couple on a subway enjoys sharing time together, while the girlfriend’s father sneaks a photo of them. Image by Gareth Williams


                                                                                    A couple holds hands on a fall day. Image by David Amsler

                                                                                    It’s letting yourself be silly… just because they’ll enjoy it

                                                                                    silly faces

                                                                                      A grandfather makes faces at the camera with his granddaughters. Image by Tim Pierce

                                                                                      vote for pedro

                                                                                        A woman’s father wears a Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt to make his daughter laugh. Image by emdot

                                                                                        True love is allowing yourself to show how you really feel

                                                                                        date night

                                                                                          A young couple kisses in the back of a restaurant in Washington, D.C. Image by Derek Key

                                                                                          playing violin

                                                                                            Violinist Nancy Dinovo plays at a memorial service for the victims of 9/11. Image by Christopher Morris

                                                                                            True love is timeless

                                                                                            old friends

                                                                                              Friends spending some time together. Image by Cristian Bortes

                                                                                              sitting around a fire

                                                                                                A group of friends sits around a campfire eating. Image by New Old Stock

                                                                                                elderly couple

                                                                                                  An elderly couple walks down a street together. Image by Matteo Paciotti

                                                                                                  Featured photo credit: Matteo Paciotti via

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