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Restore Energy

7 Things You Can Do to Deal with Low-Energy Days

Written by Robert Locke
Author of Ziger the Tiger Stories, a health enthusiast specializing in relationships, life improvement and mental health.
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How do you deal with low-energy days? We all have our highs and lows, but very often we expect too much from ourselves. Our own standards seem to demand that we are on top of things all day, every day.

Low energy can be the result of working too hard, not putting enough time toward self-care, or going through a period of depression or grief. In order to get through these days, we need to find strategies that work for the situation we find ourselves in and that match our unique personalities. Some people will find that spending time with friends helps to raise energy levels, while others will find that an hour walking alone in the forest is the best remedy.

In order to deal with low energy, you need a combination of short-term relief and long-term strategies to help you deal with these off days. Here are 7 things to help you get started.

1. Be Compassionate With Yourself

Forget about all the things you have not yet achieved or even finished. Stop beating yourself up and being so judgmental, and instead try incorporating positive self-talk into your thought processes.

Let go of the “should” and the “must,” settle in to where you are, and accept that while you may be going through a hard time, that does not make you a bad or unworthy person[1].

Practicing Self-compassion to improve your energy

    Low energy often occurs when we waste time and energy attacking our own minds, as it can leave you feeling tired. Instead, refocus your energy toward acknowledging the positive things about yourself. This will increase your ability to focus and get your tasks done.


    2. Stop Dwelling on Your Emotions

    In addition to the low energy, there are also feelings of lack of motivation, hurt, resentment, frustration, and anger. We love to talk to ourselves about these emotions in our head. We talk, rationalize, and explain it all to ourselves for the hundredth time, even though it is not helping us get closer to a solution.

    Instead of trying to justify your emotions, take a moment to welcome them into your mind, acknowledge why they have arrived, and treat them with a sense of empathy. This will help you stop wasting energy on going around in circles when confronting difficult emotions.

    Instead, you’ll be able to be frank about what these emotions are saying and how you can overcome them without feelings of anger or resentment.

    3. Acknowledge That You’re Tired

    Tell yourself that this is going to be a low-energy day instead of fighting it. Many times, when we feel like we are low on energy and motivation, we push through and try to maintain the same routine. Unfortunately, this dwindles our energy reserves even more, which means the low-energy day may turn into a low-energy week or month.

    When you acknowledge that you’re tired and need to boost energy levels, you can take the time to recuperate, which will help you in the long term.

    4. Limit Bad News

    We are surrounded by bad news on all forms of media, from TV to smartphones. It seems that there are endless news stories that cause anger, frustration, and sadness. If you’re experiencing low energy, it’s time to limit the bad news you’re taking in as it will eat away at any positive energy that you have left.

    Instead of watching or reading the news, put on a podcast, make a healthy meal, or do some exercise. Do anything that will help you stop doomscrolling.


    5. Keep an Eye on What You Eat

    Diet plays a huge role in our energy levels. When we have low energy or are experiencing a great deal of stress, we often turn to sugary foods, caffeine, and foods high in fat. This is because the stress hormone cortisol tells the body to take in these kinds of foods[2].

    When you’re low on energy, consider the following:

    • Ramp up on protein (eggs, cheese) at breakfast.
    • Reduce simple carbs so that blood sugar crashes mid-morning are less frequent.
    • Aim for smaller, frequent mini meals/snacks[3] rather than a large meal. The energy you need to digest a large meal can make you feel very lethargic.
    • Eat fruits like watermelon, bananas, kiwi, and pineapples, which are rich in potassium and magnesium.

    6. Pamper Yourself

    We talked about being kind to yourself, so let us put this into action with one or two of the following:

    • Cuddle up with a relaxing book.
    • Take a long bath or shower to promote relaxation.
    • Go for a walk in a pleasant neighborhood with trees and flowers.
    • Listen to your favorite music, and sing along if you want to.
    • Practice mindfulness by enjoying the smells, sounds, and sights around you.
    • Do some stretches or any physical activity you enjoy.

    Any of these will help raise your energy levels.

    7. Kick That Mood

    Fatigue and bad moods often go hand in hand. Think about why this bad mood is a recurring episode. It could be due to stress or conflicts in relationships and at work. It could be simply that you are overworking.

    Think about how you react to your workload and people at work or close to you. This is often the key to understanding our moods.


    One of the best ways of lifting your mood in the short-term is to practice gratitude. Do a reality check and repeat the things that you are so blessed to have.

    Final Thoughts

    We all experience low-energy days. The problem arises when these low-energy days become more frequent and begin affecting our quality of life. If you find that your overall energy levels have taken a hit recently and you feel exhausted, it’s time to slow down and see where the problem lies.

    Once you get your energy back up, you’ll be more productive and ready to tackle your next tasks, so get started with one or two of the tips above.

    More Tips on Overcoming Low Energy

    Featured photo credit: Adrian Swancar via unsplash.com


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