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60 Things To Be Thankful For In Life

Written by Amy Morin
A psychotherapist, psychology instructor, keynote speaker, and the author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
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One of the prime reasons behind people’s constant discontent with life is not appreciating what you already possess. There are millions of things to be thankful for, and you will find them once to dig a little deeper into your life.

Millions are still deprived of necessities for survival. These people have to fight a constant battle each day to meet both ends, and even then, they find deep things to be thankful for.

The sad fact is that even though people struggling daily are right in front of us, we become oblivious towards them. Why? Because somewhere deep down, we don’t want to relate or compare to them. The truth is that such people help us identify some of the most unique things to be thankful for.

Being thankful for all those things that we don’t have to fight for is extremely important so that you learn to treasure what you have. The path to happiness and well-being would only begin from gratitude. [1]

If you are still pondering, about the things to be grateful for, then here are 60 things to contemplate:

List of Things to Be Grateful For

1. Good Health

Good health doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of any ailment.

Even when you have certain health issues, you should remember that things could worsen. If you don’t believe it, then make a quick visit to the nearest hospital’s ICU unit, and you will realize how blessed you are. Be thankful that your predicament is nothing compared to them.

2. Money in the Bank

If you have something in your bank account, you are richer than many others burdened with debt and cash crisis.

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Even when you have less buck than others, always remember that some people struggle to earn what you do. Be thankful that you have been blessed more than numerous others.

3. Good Friends

In your life, if you managed to build a strong foundation of friendship with a few, then you are blessed.

One of the great things you can be grateful for today is that you have friends who will stand by you in difficult times.

    Credit: Carlos Barquero Perez via Unsplash.com

    4. Freedom of Religion

    The world has progressed so much that you no longer have to follow whatever religion you are born into.

    It is our birthright to follow any religion that we start believing in. You can worship whomever you wish and follow the preaching of any faith.

    5. Your Parents

    People often complain about their parents, but they don’t realize that fact at least they have them.

    No family is perfect, and the effort that one makes to keep each other happy counts. If you cannot find it in your heart, be thankful that your parents gave you life.

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    6. Weekends

    You might be wondering what’s so good about weekends since everyone gets one? We would say you haven’t seen the world with open eyes yet!

    Check out the lives of people living in poverty. They don’t get proper rest during the weekdays since they have to work double shifts or overtime to feed their loved ones.

    Free weekend might seem as a minor advantage, but it’s definitely one of the things to be grateful for.

    7. Having a Partner

    If you have a partner, then you are lucky. You have somebody to share your life with, and it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

    Having a partner is one of the vital things to be thankful for today.

    8. Pets

    Having pets is one of the paramount blessings one can desire for.

    They offer unconditional love. Your pets are an integral part of your lives, and you should be deeply thankful for their company.

      Credit: Fly View Productions via Unsplash.com

      9. Learning from Mistakes

      The ability to learn from mistakes is only the privilege of humans.

      We can comprehend what went wrong and how not to repeat them. We should be very thankful that we have been blessed with such an ability.

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      10. Opportunity to Get an Education

      Where would you be without education?

      Some of the most valuable things are taught in educational institutions, and we have the privilege to take advantage of them. The erudite knowledge gained from education is incomparable to any other.

      11. Having a Home

      Having shelter over the head is a luxury.

      It does not matter whether the house is small, big, rented, or owned. The fact that you have a place to reside and rest is one of the biggest things to be grateful for in life.

      12. An Ability to Read

      Illiteracy is a curse, and if you can read and understand, you are luckier than many people.

      A person who can read can understand the happenings in the environment. People who inspire the world thank their knowledge and success, which resulted from education.

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      13. Breathing Fresh Air

      One of the greatest reminders of life is fresh air.

      If you can step outside and breathe the fresh air, consider yourself lucky and blessed because it is one of the most unique things to be thankful for.

      14. A Bed to Sleep

      Nature has blessed you if you have a bed to sleep and rest.

      Many poor people have to find comfort on the roadside or shelter homes just to sleep. If you have a warm and cozy bed, you are much better than many others. Be grateful for it!

      15. Laughter

      Not every being has the capability to laugh.

      It is a magical thing that we are blessed with as it helps us express ourselves, relieve stress, and bring happiness around us.

        Credit: filadendron via Unsplash.com

        16. Safety and Security

        Millions around the globe reside in fear on account of the constant threat to their lives.

        At least you are not a part of such a group. Isn’t it wonderful that you and your family live in a safe and secure environment?

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        17. Cars

        Technology has blessed us with various things, and one such thing that makes our lives easier and more comfortable is cars.

        Imagine the amount of time it would take to get work done without cars?

        18. Sunshine

        Sunshine is one of the deep things to be grateful for.

        It is a source of vitamins for a few, while others are a ray of hope. We get to enjoy the sunshine every day. It marks a new beginning and brings a promise exciting life ahead.

        It’s a pure blessing if you can enjoy the sunshine, and it’s one of the things to be grateful for.

        19. Time

        Be grateful for your time with your wife, kids, or family.

        Also, the time you get to spend on your work that helps you provide for your loved ones is a blessing. Learn to be thankful for your time and not complain about having less of it.

        20. Clean Water

        It is a human tendency to overlook whatever is easily available.

        We only realize the importance of something when it becomes scarce or unavailable. If you can enjoy clear water for all the necessities, you are lucky, and so you should be thankful for it.

        21. Cell Phones

        You get to connect with your loved ones using cell phones anywhere and anytime.

        Rewind 100 years, and people were not blessed with such a luxury. One can easily find in their heart to be thankful for the cell phones that make life so much better.

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        But, be careful, one can easily start over using it, and forget the real life communication and friends.

        22. Love

        Without love, humans will not be the same.

        The ability to love and connect is what makes us so special.

        Have you ever thought about it and started being thankful for such a powerful ability? If not, then now would be a good time to do so.

        23. Books

        Just like education, books offer tremendous learning and knowledge.

        Many successful people have attributed their success to their knowledge from reading books. Without them, the society we live in would be so different.

        Learn to be thankful for books that we can enjoy!

          Credit: petrenkod via Unsplash.com

          24. Kindness of Strangers

          Ever came across a helping hand in the hour of dire need?

          If someone had it in their heart to help you out in a difficult time, you should be thankful.

          25. Campfires

          Great stories and memories are created around campfires. Be grateful that you have the option to enjoy and share a campfire with your loved ones.

          26. Pain

          Even in pain, you learn.

          Without pain, we will never appreciate good times or well-being. Pain allows us to remember that with every bad, there is good.

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          Be glad that you can comprehend such a thing with pain.

          27. Art

          Art aims at turning everything beautiful.

          If you can enjoy the art of musicians, painters, writers, etc., you are lucky. Be thankful that we have art around us to make things beautiful.

          28. Holidays

          You get to have a great time and enjoy your being during holidays.

          Connecting with your loved ones, relaxing, doing things that you dream of, etc., are all the benefits of holidays. You must be thankful for holidays in your life.

          29. Freedom of Speech

          You can express yourself without any bounds, which you must be thankful for. Isn’t that a blessing? How would you feel when even your thoughts were required to be restricted?

          30. Rainbows

          Nature has blessed us with numerous gifts, and rainbows are one such marvel.

          We get to enjoy the miraculous colors of the rainbow, and we should learn to be thankful for it.

          31. Tears

          When you are extremely sad, you get tears. It allows you to experience pain and even let others realize with you are going through.

          In their way, tears are a blessing, and one should be thankful for it.

          32. Waking up Today

          Nature has given you another day to enjoy this life.

          It is reflected in the fact that you woke up today. It’s a great thing to be grateful for.

          33. Indoor Plumbing

          The convenience of getting water in the house and keeping various germs at bay is a blessing of pluming. Shouldn’t we be grateful for it?

          34. Wisdom that Comes with Age

          In life, you get to experience so many things. As you grow older, you tend to become more thoughtful and wiser.

          We should be thankful for the wisdom that comes with age.

          35. Mountains

          Mountains remind us of the immense beauty of nature. It tells us how mesmerizing things around us are and lets us appreciate it. Be thankful for the presence of mountains in our lives.

          36. Eyesight

          A blind would easily value this gift, and when you have the power of eyesight, you can see and enjoy everything around you.

          Don’t take this nature’s gift for granted. You are blessed and, therefore, must show gratitude for this gift.

          37. Grocery Stores

          You can find most of the daily need items at the grocery stores, so you need not run around scouting for it all day.

          Be thankful that you can enjoy the benefit of grocery stores these days.

          38. Sunsets

          The relaxing rays of sunset are truly a blessing if you learn to enjoy them.

          People find utmost comfort and joy when looking at sunsets. It is a reminder that the day has set, and it’s time to wind up and prepare for tomorrow.

            Credit: AleksandarNakic via Unsplash.com

            39. Entertainment

            We have so much entertainment around us.

            Everything aims to give good vibes to our lives, from the internet to games, television, radios, etc. We get to enjoy such a luxury, so why not take a break and be thankful for all the entertainment we can experience.

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            40. Your Mind

            Your mind is the center point of your being.

            The ability to think, act, and control the mind does every action. We should be thankful for all the actions performed by our unique minds.

            41. Employment

            About 187 million people across globe were unemployed in 2019 and the number is expected to rise to about 205 million in 2022. [2]

            But you have a place to work and provide for your family through employment. What if it was not available? You will no more be able to have a routine that helps you feed your loved ones. Be grateful that you have employment.

            42. Diversity

            You will see that the world is so much more than our limited visions if you travel around.

            It is not a boring place. The diversity around us is enough to keep everyone flabbergasted.

            43. Moon and Stars

            They are the encouragement to our dreams and a sign of serenity.

            Be thankful that we get to enjoy them every single day.

            44. Electricity

            Without electricity, you can consider living life as if in a stone age. Nothing would be automatic, and everything would require more time and effort.

            For our convenient life, we should majorly be thankful for electricity.

            45. Air Conditioning

            Just think how the hot weather impacted people about a century ago?

            The extreme heat would even take a toll on a few, and some would succumb to it. While we live in the extreme comfort of air conditioning, a little thankfulness would surely not harm us.

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            46. Hearing

            Our sense organs are a blessing, and the ability to listen is one of the greatest gifts.

            You can communicate clearly and comprehend on account of your hearing sense. Be grateful for your hearing sense.

            47. Children

            Hardly anything else could compare to the happiness that a child can bring.

            They are a source of happiness and a reminder that we only need simple things to stay happy. Be grateful that we can enjoy their innocence and growth.

            48. Ability to Learn

            With a stable mind, you can learn anything you desire. The potential to learn is immense since we can learn. Not every being in the universe can do so.

            49. People Willing to Teach

            Teachers in the form of parents, educators, grandparents, mentors, bosses, etc., make our lives better by teaching us. They pass on their knowledge and expertise to help us grow and become better people.

            50. Oceans

            Oceans are magical worlds that show us how immense the world is.

            The silence and beauty of the oceans help us halt time and enjoy the serenity. Oceans are one of the most incredible things that people should be thankful for.

            51. Modern Medicine

            With modern medicines, people can now expect to live a little longer. Various incurable diseases have become curable. People get to stay healthier for long with modern medicines.

            52. Music

            All your emotions can be addressed with music. You get to relive the moments with music. Life becomes more entertaining with the presence of music. We should be thankful that we have a variety of music from everywhere globally.

            53. Entrepreneurs and inventors

            Entrepreneurs and inventors take risks to make the world better and more interesting. Our current lives result from various initiatives taken by such people, and we have them to thank for our comforts and luxuries.

            54. Warm Clothing

            Surviving the cold weather would be a difficult task without warm clothes. We can choose from various warm attires to help us get through the chilly weather. If you are still wondering what things you can be grateful for, warm clothing is one of them.

            55. Freedom to Vote

            You are allowed to choose people’s representatives through voting. Unlike dictatorship, you get to voice your opinion through your right to vote. Be thankful for such a privilege.

            56. An Internet Connection

            Life without the internet in the 21st century would confuse everyone. From finding the direction to seeking guidance, and from education to communication, we use the internet in every aspect of our lives. Should we find time and at least thank inventors for such a blessing?

            57. Challenges

            Challenges make people stronger and more efficient. Without them, we would hardly make an effort to grow. They are important experiences in our lives that help us grow mentally and physically.

            58. Hiking Trails

            If you have ever been hiking, you would realize how beautiful and unexplored nature is. The fact that we can hike and enjoy it shows that we have a lot to be thankful for.

            59. Vaccines

            Just consider the current pandemic and imagine where we would be without the advent of vaccines? It would be a total disaster if modern medicine wouldn’t have been able to develop such an effective solution. Over the centuries, such has been the effect of vaccines.

            60. Armed Forces

            The armed forces work hard to keep our families safe, and they do it without worrying about their lives. We should hold them in high respect and be thankful that we have them to keep us secured.

            Final Thought

            Now that you know what are the things to be grateful for, start living a life filled with gratitude, and you will see the world differently. Find out what you are blessed with and then begin your journey to a happy and healthy living. Remember – from gratitude you can unleash the power of abundance!

            Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash.com


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