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10 Best Coffee Beans That Will Energize You Every Morning

10 Best Coffee Beans That Will Energize You Every Morning

Coffee is the ultimate form of energizing yourself in the morning. When drinking coffee in healthy moderation, coffee can provide you with different benefits beyond energizing yourself in the morning. Below, we’ve hand picked some of the best coffee on the market that will deliver you plenty of energy every single morning.

Criteria For the Best Coffee Beans

Before jumping into the items specifically, what do we consider to be the best coffee beans to energize you? To give you an idea, each of the coffees we’ve suggested have met the following criteria in terms of boosting energy:

  • High caffeine amount – The biggest part of energy from coffee stems from the caffeine it has in it. We ensure that the caffeine content from these coffees is at a safe level but also still higher than most typical brews.
  • Single-serving energy – What we mean by this is that you don’t need to be drinking a lot of these to feel their effect. In many cases, all you need to do is go through a single cup of these products and you’re good to go.
  • Health benefits – Research shows that drinking coffee can lower risk of diabetes type 2, Parkinsons, improve your liver, lower risk of heart problems amongst other things. Some coffee beans do better than others in terms of providing these benefits.

1. Infuel Energy Coffee

    The first on our list is the Infuel Energy Coffee. It’s all ethically sourced and roasted from whole coffee beans. This particular brand will provide you with more energy due to the fact that these beans go through a light roast.

    Light roasts are denser due to not being as exposed to the heat compared to darker ones. Density is key because when coffee is more dense, it’ll store more caffeine in it than usual, thus you’ll be getting more energy from this than dark roast coffee. And even though this is light roast coffee, you still get the same health benefits as you would from drinking dark roast coffee such as lower heart risks, improvement of your liver and prevention of diabetes type 2 and Parkinsons.

    There is also a stronger version called Infuel Energy PLUS Coffee. As the name suggests, the coffee beans go through a different process to make the coffee stronger without sacrificing the original flavor.

    Both Infuel Energy Coffee and Infuel Energy PLUS Coffee are available at the Lifehack Shop.


    2. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

      Organic coffee is a rarity in the industry, but Subtle Earth Organic coffee represents organic coffee well. The arabica beans come from Marcala region of Honduras and are grown several thousand feet from the ground.

      This light roast blend is certified by the USDA as organic, GMO-free and are grown without pesticides and insecticides. You’ll be able to experience a great flavor from the coffee beans of Subtle Earth Organic coffee while still getting plenty of energy from it.

      3. Shock Coffee

        Claimed to be the strongest caffeinated all-natural coffee, Shock Coffee is all about finding a balance between taste and caffeine concentration. The coffee itself doesn’t have any additives, allowing you to enjoy the various flavors that this brand tends to offer.

        Not to mention getting the fullest extent of health benefits from drinking coffee. If you need to be alert, a cup from Shock Coffee will do nicely.

        4. Caribou Coffee Daybreak


          Caribou Coffee gets their coffee beans through sustainable Rainforest Alliance-certified farms ensuring that the farmers are treated fairly in the exchange and also that their product doesn’t harm the environment.

          This is another light roast blend to ensure that you get a high amount of caffeine and energy from it while also enjoying the flavor that Caribou Coffee brings — A sweet, subtle flavor with floral cherry overtones paired with a finish of caramel and nut.

          5. Death Wish Coffee

            Despite the dark name, Death Wish Coffee won’t kill you if you stick to a single cup. That being said, it is the world’s strongest coffee in the market. The beans are roasted in small batches allowing an intense aroma and bold taste to come from it.

            As a warning though, because Death Wish Coffee is the strongest, it can cause some stomach issues if you’re not used to high amounts of caffeine, even if you’re only sticking to one cup.

            6. Kicking Horse Coffee

              Another dark roast coffee to give you a strong kick in the morning is the Kicking Horse Coffee brand. Their best coffee beans are whole beans and dark roast. Their brewing method allows for rich flavors to become noticeable too with rich dark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar and roasted hazelnuts mixing in a medley of flavor.


              All you need is two tablespoons of Kicking Horse Coffee and you’re good to go, but you can always put more in if you’re feeling bold.

              7. Carraro 1927

                Like many on this list, the Carraro 1927 uses Arabica beans. However, it also mixes in Italian espresso coffee beans to add an extra kick to it. It’s made by picking out the best quality coffees that the company produced that year and is individually roasted and blended immediately before being shipped off.

                Because of the wide variety of coffee being mixed in with espresso, Carraro 1927 is bound to get you up and enjoy the health perks of drinking coffee. If you’re looking for good aroma and a new experience while feeling energized, don’t hesitate to pick up a tin.

                8. Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa

                  With a cool sounding name like Luminosa, the name also works to get people to feel what light roast is about. Peet’s Coffee has been operating for over 50 years and has perfected their technique to ensure you get plenty of health benefits and the energy you need.

                  Peet’s Coffee is roasted in small batches by hand and are roasted on a per-order basis. This ensures you get top-quality products. This particular batch has a floral scent to it so you could crack a joke and say you’re “taking a break to smell the flowers.”


                  9. Cameron’s Coffee Breakfast Blend

                    Cameron’s Coffee Breakfast Blend take pride in focusing on what a good morning brew is: the beans. Their overall goal with their coffee is to bring out the best flavor of each bean to ensure you don’t get a bitter taste and still get plenty of energy from it.

                    Similar to Peet’s, they roast the beans in small batches before being cooled down immediately after. The beans are also sustainably grown which makes it satisfying to know when you’re drinking down their energizing and fruity coffe – Cameron’s Coffee Breakfast Blend.

                    10. Starbucks French Dark Roast

                      Starbucks was bound to be making this list at some point due to their overall quality and popular coffee. It’s hard to argue that their coffee doesn’t provide a proper kick in the morning if you need it.

                      Out of the various coffees Starbucks offers, their French Dark Roast is a popular one due to the smoky flavor it provides. These beans are also roasted to the fullest extent, making it ideal for those days where you only need a small amount of energy from your coffee.

                      Final Thoughts

                      There are many ways to be getting your energy fix bright and early in the morning. Coffee is one of the easiest ones with the flavors themselves being able to stir you awake as you’re brewing your coffee. Paired up with the delectable tastes that coffee offers, you can find a coffee out there for any person in any situation.


                      If you want to boost your energy effectively by drinking coffee, check out our Ultimate Coffee Guide For Energy Boost.

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                                The perfect one pot meal with fiber, protein, and lots of flavor! This is a vegetarian and meat-lover dream!

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                                6. Lo Mein

                                  This Lo Mein will stomp any greasy, take-out craving you have without the usual guilt! It is not very often, you can replace a sinful bowl of take-out with something so delicious and easy to make at home!

                                  Make this Lo Mein in less than 15 minutes from start to finish. That’s faster than it takes for the delivery person to show up at the door!

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                                    Everyone knows that the secret to batch cooking is to have a whole chicken cooked to use in various ways throughout the week!

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                                    Tip: keep the bones and scraps to make an amazing chicken stock to have on hand! Cooking the stock longer and at a lower temperature will create a delicious bone broth rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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                                    8. Chicken and Lentil Soup

                                      This is the coziest soup around! Rich in protein, fiber, and B vitamins, this soup will meet all your cravings!

                                      It also couldn’t be easier for a rushed weekday meal, all you have to do is chop and let your power pressure cooker do the work!

                                      In just 30 minutes, you will have a warming soup that the whole family can enjoy!

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                                        From vegans to meat-lovers, everyone will enjoy this easy, fiber-rich bowl. Add whatever toppings you please to create a burrito bowl that is just as good as a restaurant’s!

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                                        10. Rice and Beans

                                          The classic rice and beans dish is a staple for many reasons. It is full of perfectly complimented proteins, great texture, and balanced seasonings. Now, you can create this filling balanced meal in under an hour! No more pre-soaking those beans!

                                          This perfectly seasoned, filling balanced meal will have everyone fighting for another bowl!


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                                          11. Summer Quinoa Salad

                                            Your fresh in-season berries were made for this quick salad!

                                            Take this nutrient dense salad to a party or serve it as light, summer dinner to have everyone asking for the recipe!

                                            The quinoa, fruit, vegetables, and nuts create a dish that is perfectly balanced with all the food groups. You can top this salad with cooked chicken breast or leave it as-is to meet everyone needs!

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                                            12. Minestrone Soup

                                              This Minestrone Soup is quick and veggie full making it perfect for any weeknight dinner! It is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and Vitamin A making it the perfect dinner for the whole family!

                                              Tip: Use whole grain noodles to increase the fiber and B vitamins of this tasty dish!

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                                              13. Lemon Garlic Chicken

                                                Make your protein and side dish at the same time with flavorful chicken that the whole family will love! In less than an hour, you can have a beautiful and balanced plate with veggies and protein.

                                                This flavorful lemon garlic chicken will give you the protein and excitement to spice up any plate!

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                                                14. Chicken Fajitas

                                                  Quick, easy and very few dirty dishes are used to create these fajitas that will rival even your favorite Mexican restaurant!


                                                  Feel free to top these with whatever you wish but be sure to include fresh avocado for a bump-up in vitamins and minerals.

                                                  Tip: If you enjoy sour cream on your fajitas, opt for plain Greek yogurt that is higher in protein, lower in calories, and just as tasty!

                                                  ~ Check out the recipe here!

                                                  15. Coconut Chicken Curry

                                                    A big bowl of coconut chicken curry over rice is what dreams are made of! This bright, flavorful dish is full of vegetables and lean protein without the dryness!

                                                    What can usually take a few hours, create this colorful dish in just 30 minutes with your power pressure cooker!

                                                    ~ Check out the recipe here!

                                                    16. Cashew Chicken

                                                      This take-out classic can be on your plate in just 20-minutes but you can pretend you took hours to create it when everyone asks for the recipe! You can double the green bell pepper to increase the veggies without sacrificing any flavor. Serve this classic over brown rice for extra fiber and minerals.

                                                      ~ Check out the recipe here!

                                                      17. Meatloaf

                                                        Meatloaf has been a menu staple since sliced bread but never did it only take 20 minutes to make! This recipe includes the meatloaf and the sides to create a one-pot dream. Perfect to serve after long weekdays, this dish is a comforting staple.

                                                        And don’t be fooled by the short cooking time, this meatloaf is the best of both worlds- it’s juicy and fast to make!

                                                        ~ Check out the recipe here!

                                                        Despite its apparent roots in the crockpot concept, power pressure cooker meals are apt to be much healthier. Without the need for fatty sauces to create flavor and prevent dryness, the power pressure cooker uses the heat generated by the water to cook the food. This leads to more flavor without dryness and overall leaner meals.

                                                        The power pressure cooker is the answer for anyone striving for healthy, balanced meals with a crazy weeknight schedule.


                                                        It really can do it all. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel great after enjoying healthy, balanced meals while easily juggling all the activities you enjoy!

                                                        Featured photo credit: Unsplash via

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