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10 Motivational Apps To Help You Jumpstart Your Day

10 Motivational Apps To Help You Jumpstart Your Day

Which morning sounds better to you—a calm, peaceful morning where you feel inspired to get your day started and work on your goals, or a frantic morning rush where you’re dreading the thought of doing any work at all? There’s a pretty obvious choice, right? Luckily, there are easy ways to generate the positive momentum you need to kickstart your day each morning. And all you need is a simple motivation app you can easily download onto your phone to make it happen.

Transform your morning routine with an inspiration and motivation app. Below are ten motivation apps designed to spark your morning for success and make sure you feel completely in control of your life.

Whether it’s to rev up your “go-get-em” attitude or bring calm energy to your morning routine, you’re certain to find something that creates the perfect atmosphere for your daily success. And once that happens, don’t be surprised when you find your entire day going smoothly as well.

So, take a peak, choose a motivation app, and see how you can create an amazing morning for yourself.

Affirmation Apps

1. Unique Daily Affirmations

    Rather than starting your day groggy and unmotivated, flip the script with some affirmations designed to get your mindset prioritized for success. Each morning, you’ll get a fresh affirmation to guide you forward. So, you’ll always have something new to focus on to get your gears moving for positivity and good mood.

    Plus, you can even record your own affirmations if you get inspired to add personal insight. So, make sure to check this out for a simple way to motivate your mornings.

    Available on iOS and Android.

    2. ThinkUp

      If you’re looking for affirmations to get your day going strong, even Hal Elrod (the author of “The Miracle Morning”) has his own affirmation added to this motivation app for you to use.


      Additionally, ThinkUp has a tracking method to see which affirmations you’ve listened to. And the idea is to get in as many affirmations as possible to load your head with positivity and completely change your way of thinking. So, this up-and-coming app has a lot going for it when it comes to not only improving your mornings but also staying motivated throughout your entire day as well.

      Available on iOS and Android.

      Motivational Quotes and Speeches Apps

      3. Motivate: Daily Motivation

        How much more motivated can you start your day than with a motivational speech itself?

        With thousands of speeches on success, fitness, productivity, and more, jam-packed together into a single easy-to-use app, you can expect your mornings to be FAR more inspirational than ever before. In particular, the daily videos are short, to the point, and designed to quickly get your motivation raring to go.

        Available on iOS.

        4. Motivation – Daily Quotes

          What makes this app special is both the combination of literally thousands of motivational quotes and the non-garden-variety of quotes you’ve likely never seen before. So, you’ll see more than just the usual “You miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take.”

          And here’s why that’s good—it’s easy to become numb to the same repetitive messages all the time (no matter how inspirational), but this app avoids that problem completely by giving you brand new quotes for motivation and positivity every morning.

          Available on iOS and Android.


          Vision Board Motivation Apps

          5. iWish Bucket List

            Visual reminders of your goals can be a very powerful way of driving up your motivation each morning. All it takes is a glance at your vision board to remind you “why” you’re getting up and working each morning. Even better—you’ll instantly have more drive to get your day going because of it.

            iWish is particularly impressive because not only does it let you add images to represent your goals, but it also lets you track them and keeps a running history of your completed goals as well. And this combination of seeing your past success and future goals is definitely a strong way to get you going.

            Available on iOS.

            6. Visuapp

              What I like about Visuapp is that it focuses on creating balance with your goals. And it does this with what it calls the “feng shui” board. Basically, it breaks up your life into 9 parts: money, fame, relationship, family, health, creativity, knowledge, career, and travel. And you simply pop a picture directly into each one, and with a quick peek, you instantly know what you need to work on to create the ideal life you want. Definitely simple and easy for anyone to use.

              Available on iOS and Android.

              Mindfulness Apps

              7. Smiling Mind

                Australia is known for its dangerous wildlife and now, for its mindfulness app as well it seems.

                Used happily by over 5 million people, Smiling Mind will help you get in tune with your body and mind each morning and help you regain a sense of control. And the best part is that the app says you only need 10 minutes of your morning to make it happen.


                Check out the app that millions of people are already benefitting from every day, and soon enough, you may even start to look forward to getting your mornings going.

                Available on iOS and Android.

                8. Mindfulness Coach

                  This app was designed to reduce stress in even military vets, so it’s safe to say that it’s a powerful way to instill a sense of calm and relaxation in your mornings as well. There’s even a neat little feature where your progress is visualized as a tree that’s growing. And this makes it easy to see just how far along you are in creating a stress-free life through the exercises it shares.

                  It goes without saying: if you can get your morning to start in a relaxing manner, the rest of your day is likely to follow suit as well.

                  Available on iOS.

                  Meditation Apps

                  9. Omvana

                    If your mornings are hectic rushes, then you probably need a way to slow things down. That way, you can actually take things in and make sure you’re working on goal-oriented tasks the rest of the day, instead of being swept up in the hustle-and-bustle of your morning rush. That’s where Omvana comes in.

                    Start your day with a simple guided meditation to bring some calm to your mornings. You can even add binaural beats to the mix to induce an “alpha-wave” state, which is supposed to create a “relaxed alertness” in your state of mind. Doesn’t that sound much better than a mad dash through your morning routine?

                    Available on iOS and Android.


                    10. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

                      Straight from the Apple store:

                      “10% Happier is specifically geared to newcomers and skeptics, like its founder—TV anchor and best-selling author Dan Harris—used to be. It uses straight talk and a sense of humor to help you focus on sleeping better, reducing stress, and boosting focus.”

                      The great thing about this app is that if you upgrade to a paid subscription, you literally have a meditation coach to guide you—and that’s pretty amazing (which is why they say on their website, “a daily meditation coach in your pocket”).

                      The reviews for this app are very positive, so I’d suggest you check this out if ever experience stress as part of your morning routine.

                      Available on iOS.

                      Don’t Wait to Jumpstart Your Perfect Morning!

                      It really doesn’t get any easier than downloading a motivation app to improve your morning routine. Just pick one of these apps that suits your needs most, add it to your phone, and then press a button to use it when you wake up—that’s all.

                      So, make sure to click a few of these apps to learn more about them because it only takes one to have an amazing morning, which can lead to an amazing day, a week, a month, or even a year as well.

                      More Motivational Tips

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                      Last Updated on April 14, 2021

                      No Motivation? 7 Great Ways to Overcome Loss of Motivation

                      No Motivation? 7 Great Ways to Overcome Loss of Motivation

                      No matter who you are, you will have moments where you feel like you have no motivation to do anything at all. Even highly effective and successful people will have times when they feel a lack of motivation. However, it is the way they deal with this “down” time that keeps them moving forward and helps them to accomplish great things.

                      Motivation is one of the keys that will push you into taking action and keep you moving each day. If you find yourself saying “I have no motivation,” you will tend to procrastinate on the things that are supposed to get done. Eventually, you will put things off and give up on your project or task.

                      This is what’s happening to many people out there. They say they want to become rich by investing or running their own business on the Internet. However, whenever they need to study the company report or build their website or write an action plan, they can’t get motivated to work. This is where most people give up.

                      Fortunately, there are solutions to this. Here are the 7 great tips to try when you have no motivation.

                      1. Remember Why You Want to Do It

                      If you feel a lack of motivation when you want to type an article, try to think about why you want to do it in the first place. The reasons you do something are the driving force behind everything you do. It is only when your reason is strong and emotional enough that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish the task.

                      When you feel no motivation at all, it is because the reason behind what you’re doing is not strong enough. Think about it: why do people stop smoking? Most of the time, people stop smoking because they have a strong reason; if they continue to smoke, they may suffer serious health problems or lose their loved ones.

                      So why do you do what you do? Do you know why you want to achieve your goals and your targets? Make sure your reasons are strong and emotional. When you have no motivation, think about the purpose why you want to do it.


                      2. Envision the Success If You Do It, and Feel the Regret If You Don’t

                      Visualization is a very powerful tool that is available to us, and it is free of charge. You can think and imagine whatever you want, wherever and whenever you wish to.

                      If you think that visualization does not work, try to imagine vividly that you walk to your kitchen, open your fridge door, see a big yellow lemon, and take it out. After that you take a knife and cut the big yellow lemon in half.

                      Imagine this vividly and with as much detail as possible. After you cut the lemon, take the half up and squeeze the lemon so that the juice drops into your mouth. Feel your hand’s pressure, hear the sound it makes while being squeezed, and imagine the sour lemon juice going into your mouth. Now, do you feel more saliva in your mouth or nothing?

                      Chances are, if you follow through and visualize it vividly, you will have more saliva in your mouth. This is because your mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.

                      This is what makes visualization such a powerful tool. Think about it, if your dream is to drive a Mercedes Benz, imagine the vivid picture of you driving. Imagine the model you want, the color, the smell of the seats, feel the steering, and hear sound of the engine roaring. Do you think your mind will eventually make it real one day?

                      The point is that when you imagine and visualize things in your mind, you will feel more motivated to do it. When you dream about the car you want, you will create the motivation from within. Try to do this when you feel like procrastinating and have no motivation.

                      You can learn more about using visualization in this video:


                      3. Create a Supportive Environment

                      Do you know that your surroundings and your environment can affect your mood?

                      You will become the people you are around. If you are always surrounded by successful people who talk about their growth and learning, you will learn and join the conversation as well. This is how you can overcome a lack of motivation and use your environment to boost your energy levels.

                      On the other hand, if you are surrounded by negative people who always gossip and talk about other people, you will feel negative and have no motivation to work as well.

                      Ensure your work space is a good and supporting environment, so that you will want to wake up each morning and go to work.

                      Remember, your environment is important and can affect you. Change your environment instead of letting it manage you.

                      4. Change Your Physiology and Stay in Action

                      Motion creates emotion. Whenever you feel down and have no motivation to do your work, change your physiology. Try out this exercise:

                      Try to feel sad by thinking about all the sad things that have happened to you, and notice your physiology. Notice your breath, your shoulders, and your facial expression. Where are your hands, and do you look up or do you look down?


                      When you are in a sad state, your physiology will change to reflect it in the short term, affecting your motivation level. Conversely, if you are feeling good and energetic, your physiology will reflect that. For most people, when they feel great and motivated, their breathing will be faster, their hands gesture will be active, they talk faster, and their eyes look forward[1].

                      This is why it’s often easy to tell whether someone is upset or happy just by looking at their body language. When you change your physiology, you change your emotional state, as well.

                      5. Let Others Motivate You

                      Reading a book, listening to music, or watching something inspiring can help when you have no motivation. What you can do is spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day reading an inspiring book before you start your day. This way, you will make sure you start in the right state of mind and are able to go through the day, even if you face challenges

                      Videos and audio can be very helpful in helping you find motivation, too. For example, when you are down and feeling no motivation, spend time watching something inspiring on YouTube or listen to a motivational speech. You will be pumped up in no time and ready to go.

                      6. Dream Big, Start Small, and Act Now

                      This is a very powerful principle if you are struggling with motivation and feel overwhelmed. When you dream, you have to dream big so that your dream can inspire you. However, when you start, you have to start small because you want to make it into a habit so that you will automatically take action consistently every day.

                      When your motivation is gone, start small. You want to build up the momentum from there. Once you start to take action, the motivation will come, and you will be able to continue to do more.

                      Take baby steps, and gradually increase from there on. For example, if you want to exercise and work out five days a week, try to schedule it and start small. Even if it is just five minutes a day, commit to it.


                      The key is to build the momentum and make it easy for you to start. Once you get the engine started, gradually increase your motivation.

                      For more tips on taking action, check out Lifehack’s Free Guide: The Dreamers’ Guide for Taking Action and Making Goals Happen.

                      7. Take Breaks When Needed

                      Sometimes you just want to take a break when you have no motivation. Remember, success is not a destination; it is a journey that you need to go through for a long period of time. Many people mistake success as doing one great thing and think that success will come over overnight.

                      However, almost all the successful people who have accomplished amazing results are able to do so because they persist long enough. They take action consistently and never give up. Real success takes years to build.

                      Make sure you get enough rest and take a break when you need to. Understand your own capabilities and how much you can do. If you have done your work, you can reward yourself and take a break. You will notice that after resting, you will feel more energetic, motivated, and ready to take on the world again.

                      The Bottom Line

                      If you find yourself asking, “Why do I have no motivation?” it may be time to take a good look at how you’ve aligned your priorities and where you can make changes each day. Overcoming a lack of motivation means finding what matters on a daily basis and taking small steps toward it when the energy you’re given.

                      More to Boost Your Motivation

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