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10 Motivational Apps To Help You Jumpstart Your Day

10 Motivational Apps To Help You Jumpstart Your Day

Which morning sounds better to you—a calm, peaceful morning where you feel inspired to get your day started and work on your goals, or a frantic morning rush where you’re dreading the thought of doing any work at all? There’s a pretty obvious choice, right? Luckily, there are easy ways to generate the positive momentum you need to kickstart your day each morning. And all you need is a simple motivation app you can easily download onto your phone to make it happen.

Transform your morning routine with an inspiration and motivation app. Below are ten motivation apps designed to spark your morning for success and make sure you feel completely in control of your life.

Whether it’s to rev up your “go-get-em” attitude or bring calm energy to your morning routine, you’re certain to find something that creates the perfect atmosphere for your daily success. And once that happens, don’t be surprised when you find your entire day going smoothly as well.

So, take a peak, choose a motivation app, and see how you can create an amazing morning for yourself.

Affirmation Apps

1. Unique Daily Affirmations

    Rather than starting your day groggy and unmotivated, flip the script with some affirmations designed to get your mindset prioritized for success. Each morning, you’ll get a fresh affirmation to guide you forward. So, you’ll always have something new to focus on to get your gears moving for positivity and good mood.

    Plus, you can even record your own affirmations if you get inspired to add personal insight. So, make sure to check this out for a simple way to motivate your mornings.

    Available on iOS and Android.

    2. ThinkUp

      If you’re looking for affirmations to get your day going strong, even Hal Elrod (the author of “The Miracle Morning”) has his own affirmation added to this motivation app for you to use.


      Additionally, ThinkUp has a tracking method to see which affirmations you’ve listened to. And the idea is to get in as many affirmations as possible to load your head with positivity and completely change your way of thinking. So, this up-and-coming app has a lot going for it when it comes to not only improving your mornings but also staying motivated throughout your entire day as well.

      Available on iOS and Android.

      Motivational Quotes and Speeches Apps

      3. Motivate: Daily Motivation

        How much more motivated can you start your day than with a motivational speech itself?

        With thousands of speeches on success, fitness, productivity, and more, jam-packed together into a single easy-to-use app, you can expect your mornings to be FAR more inspirational than ever before. In particular, the daily videos are short, to the point, and designed to quickly get your motivation raring to go.

        Available on iOS.

        4. Motivation – Daily Quotes

          What makes this app special is both the combination of literally thousands of motivational quotes and the non-garden-variety of quotes you’ve likely never seen before. So, you’ll see more than just the usual “You miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take.”

          And here’s why that’s good—it’s easy to become numb to the same repetitive messages all the time (no matter how inspirational), but this app avoids that problem completely by giving you brand new quotes for motivation and positivity every morning.

          Available on iOS and Android.


          Vision Board Motivation Apps

          5. iWish Bucket List

            Visual reminders of your goals can be a very powerful way of driving up your motivation each morning. All it takes is a glance at your vision board to remind you “why” you’re getting up and working each morning. Even better—you’ll instantly have more drive to get your day going because of it.

            iWish is particularly impressive because not only does it let you add images to represent your goals, but it also lets you track them and keeps a running history of your completed goals as well. And this combination of seeing your past success and future goals is definitely a strong way to get you going.

            Available on iOS.

            6. Visuapp

              What I like about Visuapp is that it focuses on creating balance with your goals. And it does this with what it calls the “feng shui” board. Basically, it breaks up your life into 9 parts: money, fame, relationship, family, health, creativity, knowledge, career, and travel. And you simply pop a picture directly into each one, and with a quick peek, you instantly know what you need to work on to create the ideal life you want. Definitely simple and easy for anyone to use.

              Available on iOS and Android.

              Mindfulness Apps

              7. Smiling Mind

                Australia is known for its dangerous wildlife and now, for its mindfulness app as well it seems.

                Used happily by over 5 million people, Smiling Mind will help you get in tune with your body and mind each morning and help you regain a sense of control. And the best part is that the app says you only need 10 minutes of your morning to make it happen.


                Check out the app that millions of people are already benefitting from every day, and soon enough, you may even start to look forward to getting your mornings going.

                Available on iOS and Android.

                8. Mindfulness Coach

                  This app was designed to reduce stress in even military vets, so it’s safe to say that it’s a powerful way to instill a sense of calm and relaxation in your mornings as well. There’s even a neat little feature where your progress is visualized as a tree that’s growing. And this makes it easy to see just how far along you are in creating a stress-free life through the exercises it shares.

                  It goes without saying: if you can get your morning to start in a relaxing manner, the rest of your day is likely to follow suit as well.

                  Available on iOS.

                  Meditation Apps

                  9. Omvana

                    If your mornings are hectic rushes, then you probably need a way to slow things down. That way, you can actually take things in and make sure you’re working on goal-oriented tasks the rest of the day, instead of being swept up in the hustle-and-bustle of your morning rush. That’s where Omvana comes in.

                    Start your day with a simple guided meditation to bring some calm to your mornings. You can even add binaural beats to the mix to induce an “alpha-wave” state, which is supposed to create a “relaxed alertness” in your state of mind. Doesn’t that sound much better than a mad dash through your morning routine?

                    Available on iOS and Android.


                    10. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

                      Straight from the Apple store:

                      “10% Happier is specifically geared to newcomers and skeptics, like its founder—TV anchor and best-selling author Dan Harris—used to be. It uses straight talk and a sense of humor to help you focus on sleeping better, reducing stress, and boosting focus.”

                      The great thing about this app is that if you upgrade to a paid subscription, you literally have a meditation coach to guide you—and that’s pretty amazing (which is why they say on their website, “a daily meditation coach in your pocket”).

                      The reviews for this app are very positive, so I’d suggest you check this out if ever experience stress as part of your morning routine.

                      Available on iOS.

                      Don’t Wait to Jumpstart Your Perfect Morning!

                      It really doesn’t get any easier than downloading a motivation app to improve your morning routine. Just pick one of these apps that suits your needs most, add it to your phone, and then press a button to use it when you wake up—that’s all.

                      So, make sure to click a few of these apps to learn more about them because it only takes one to have an amazing morning, which can lead to an amazing day, a week, a month, or even a year as well.

                      More Motivational Tips

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                      Published on September 27, 2021

                      What Is Incentive Motivation And Does It Work?

                      What Is Incentive Motivation And Does It Work?

                      We’ve all needed a bit of inspiration at some time in our lives. In the past year or two, that need most likely has grown. Who hasn’t been trying to shed those extra pounds we put on during the pandemic? Who hasn’t felt the need to fake a little enthusiasm at joining yet another Zoom call? Who hasn’t been trying to get excited about trekking back into the office for a 9 to 5 (longer if you add in the commute)? Feeling “meh” is a sign of our times. So, too, is incentive motivation, a way to get back our spark, our drive, and our pursuit of the things we say we want most.

                      In this article, I’ll talk about what incentive motivation is and how it works.

                      What Is Incentive Motivation?

                      Incentive motivation is an area of study in psychology focused on human motivation. What is it that gets us to go from couch potato to running a marathon? What spurs us to get the Covid vaccine—or to forgo it? What is it that influences us to think or act in a certain way? Incentive motivation is concerned with the way goals influence behavior.[1] By all accounts, it works if the incentive being used holds significance for the person.

                      The Roots of Incentive Motivation

                      Incentive motivation’s roots can be traced back to when we were children. I’m sure many of us have similar memories of being told to “eat all our veggies” so that we would “grow up to be big and strong,” and if we did eat those veggies, we would be rewarded with a weekend trip to a carnival or amusement park or playground of choice. The incentive of that outing was something we wanted enough to have it influence our behavior.


                      Growing up, incentive motivation continues to play a major role in what we choose to do. For example, while we may not have relished the idea of spending years studying, getting good grades, pursuing advanced degrees, and graduating with sizeable debt from student loans, a great many of us decided to do just that. Why? Because the end goal of a career, a coveted title, and the associated incentives of financial reward and joy in doing something we love were powerful motivators.

                      One researcher who believes in the power of incentive motivation is weight management expert, co-author of the book State of Slim, and co-founder of the transformational weight loss program of the same name, Dr. Holly Wyatt. Her work with her clients has proven time and again that when motivation fizzles, incentives can reignite those motivational fires.

                      “Eat more veggies, exercise, keep track of my weight: These things and more DO work, but bottom line, you gotta keep doing them. Setting up rituals and routines to put your efforts on auto-pilot is one way. And along the way, the use of both external and internal motivators helps keep people on track. External motivation sources are those things outside of ourselves that help to motivate us. They’re powerful, like pouring gasoline on a fire. But they may not last very long. Internal motivators are more tied into the reasons WHY we want to reach our goals. In my State of Slim weight loss program, we spend a lot of time on what I call ‘peeling back the onion’ to find the WHY. I think the internal motivators are more powerful, especially for the long-term, but they may take longer to build. They’re the hot coals that keep our motivational fires burning.”

                      Examples of Incentive Motivation

                      In the way of incentive motivation, specific to the external motivators, Dr. Wyatt challenges her clients to commit to changing just one behavior that will help them reach their weight loss goals. Clients must then agree to a “carrot” or a “stick” as either their reward for accomplishing what they say they will do or as their punishment for falling short. Those incentives might be something like enjoying a spa day if they do the thing they said they would do or sweating it out while running up and down the stairwell of their apartment building a certain number of times as punishment for not following through.


                      Whatever they choose, the goal must be something they really want, and the incentive must be something that matters to them enough to influence their behaviors in reaching those goals. Some people are more motivated by some sort of meaningful reward (a carrot) whereas, other people are more motivated by some sort of negative consequence or the taking away of a privilege (the stick).

                      Another example of incentive motivation is playing out currently with companies and government entities offering perks to people who get the Covid vaccine. Nationwide, offers are being made in the way of lottery tickets, cash prizes, concert seats, free admission to events and discounts for food, and even free drink at local restaurants and bars. The list of incentives being offered to the public to increase vaccination rates is pretty extensive and quite creative.[2]  These incentives are financial, social, and even hit on moral sensibilities. But is this particular incentive motivation working?

                      Remember that a key to incentive motivation working is if the individual puts importance on the reward being received on the ultimate goal. So, not all incentives will motivate people in the same way. According to Stephen L. Franzoi, “The value of an incentive can change over time and in different situations.”[3]

                      How Does Incentive Motivation Differ from Other Types of Motivators?

                      Incentive motivation is just one type of motivating force that relies on external factors. While rewards are powerful tools in influencing behaviors, a few other options may be more aligned with who you are and what gets you moving toward your goals.


                      Fear Motivation

                      In many ways, being motivated by fear is the very opposite of being motivated by incentives. Rather than pursuing some reward, it’s the avoidance of some consequence or painful punishment that sparks someone into action. For example, married couples may “forsake all others” not out of love or commitment but out of a fear that they may be “taken to the cleaners” by their spouses if their infidelities are revealed.

                      Another example wherein fear becomes the great motivator is one we’re hearing about more and more as we’re coming out of this pandemic—the fear of being poor. The fear of being poor has kept many people in jobs they hate. It’s only now that we see a reversal as headlines are shining a light on just how many workers are quitting and refusing to go back to the way things were.

                      Social Motivation

                      Human beings are social creatures. The desire to belong is a powerful motivator. This type of social motivation sparks one’s behavior in ways that, hopefully, result in an individual being accepted by a certain group or other individuals.

                      The rise of the Internet and the explosion of social media engagement has been both positive and negative in its power to motivate us to be included among what during our school days would be called “the cool kids” or “cliques” (jocks, nerds, artsy, gamers, etc.). We probably all have experienced at one time or another the feelings associated with “not being chosen”—whether to be on a team to play some game or as the winning candidate for some job or competition. Social rejection can make or break us.


                      Before You Get Up and Go…

                      Know that, especially during these challenging times, it’s “normal” and very much “okay” to feel a lack of motivation. Know, too, that external motivators, such as those we’ve talked about in this article, can be great tools to get your spark back. We’ve only touched on a few here. There are many more—both external and internal.

                      Remember that these external motivators, such as incentive motivations, are only as powerful as the importance placed on the reward by the individual. It’s also important to note that if there isn’t an aligned internal motivation, the results will more than likely be short-lived.

                      For example, losing a certain amount of weight because you want to fit into some outfit you intend to wear at some public event may get you to where you want to be. But will it hold up after your party? Or will those pounds find their way back to you? If you want to be rewarded at work with that trip to the islands because you’ve topped the charts in sales and hustle to make your numbers, will you be motivated again and again for that same incentive? Or will you need more and more to stay motivated?

                      Viktor Frankl, the 20th-century psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and author of the best-selling book, Man’s Search for Meaning, is quoted as having said, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” As important as external motivators like incentives may be in influencing behaviors, the key is always to align them with one’s internal “why”—only then will the results be long-lived.


                      So, how might incentive motivation influence you and your behavior toward goals? Knowing your answer might keep you energized no matter what your journey and help to further your successes.

                      Featured photo credit: Atharva Tulsi via


                      [1] Britannica: Incentive motivation
                      [2] National Governors Association: COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives
                      [3] verywellmind: The Incentive Theory of Motivation

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