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7 Benefits of Standing Desk (With the Best Desks Recommendations)

7 Benefits of Standing Desk (With the Best Desks Recommendations)

Chairs and desks are necessary parts for most people’s working environment, but it comes at a cost. Often, people experience back pain or neck pain from sitting in front of a computer. And in some extreme cases, people can experience several health issues due to sitting at their chairs all day long.

This problem has been around for a long time, way before this pandemic started as people’s lives involves a lot of sitting. Not only do we sit at a desk but we also sit on couches to watch TV and more. According to research, we spend an average of 13 hours per day sitting—whether for leisure or work purposes.[1]

It’s no wonder that people need to find better solutions for improving posture. One of the best tools created because of this is standing desks. A new take on something familiar, we’ll be going into details below about the benefits of standing desks which ones to consider buying.

7 Benefits of Standing Desk

If you’re not too familiar with the trend of standing desks, know that you’re not alone. Standing desks have only recently come into popularity and not everyone out there is too keen on them. But allow me to show you some of the reasons for you to be keen on them and consider getting one.

1. You’ll Lose Weight

Generally speaking, losing weight requires burning more calories than what you’re taking in. You gain weight by taking more calories than what you’re burning. In the case of sitting at a desk, you’re not really burning any calories despite your muscles being sore and stiff after a while.

On the other hand, even things like standing do actually burn calories. Research shows that standing has burned over 170 additional calories.[2] In other words, you could burn almost an extra 1000 calories just by standing at your desk every afternoon while working.

The research also shows that sitting longer is linked so strongly to metabolic disease and obesity.

2. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Along the same lines, sitting down for long periods of time can make your blood sugar levels increase after meals. This is especially true amongst those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

Even just standing at a desk after lunch can do a lot of good as some office workers attested to. Researchers say that standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the risk of a blood sugar spike by 43% compared to those sitting down.[3] That’s one of the many benefits of standing desks.

3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

If you have lower blood sugar and are burning more calories, you’ll naturally be avoiding fewer heart problems in the future. It’s widely accepted at this point that the more you’re sitting down, the more at risk of getting heart problems you’ll have.

4. Reduce Back Pain

I wouldn’t be suggesting standing desks if I didn’t believe in their benefits, such as helping relieve back pain. But there is scientific research to back up the claim that standing desks do reduce back pain.

One study found that participants reported a 32% relief in lower back pain after several weeks of using standing desks.[4] The CDC also found that using a sit-stand desk reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% after 4 weeks of use, too.[5]


5. Boost Productivity

One of the common misconceptions about standing desks is that they hinder daily tasks like typing. While we won’t disagree that standing while working will take some getting used to, most people haven’t seen a significant impact on typical work tasks.

One study found that by using a standing desk for 4 hours every day, there was no impact on characters typed per minute or typing errors.[6] In fact, you may be more productive than before due to standing improving both mood and energy levels.[7]

6. Increase Mood and Energy

Going into more detail with this, research shows that the improvement of mood and energy levels is due to a reduction in stress and fatigue. One study found that those using a standing desk reported less of those two things.[8] What’s even more striking is that when people reverted to sitting at their desk, the overall mood and energy level reverted to their original levels.

7. Living Longer

Considering there is less risk of many health concerns alleviated just by standing more, it makes sense you’ll be living longer from this overall. There is an overwhelming amount of studies that show how sitting down is dangerous for our overall health.[9] So, standing makes more sense, which is shown by the various benefits of standing desks I presented here.

10 Best Standing Desks

As more studies emerge about the benefits of standing desks, the more they become appealing and the more people are wanting to buy them. Naturally, many businesses have reached that demand and provide a wide variety of options.

Below, I’ve picked out some of the best standing desks around that provide you with all of the benefits above and offer some other unique aspects.

1. The Most Desk Space Standing Desk

    This is one of the best sellers around and for good reason—the standing desk from FEZIBO allows you to reap the benefits of standing desks and offers a few other things to go with it. One of the key aspects of this is the large workspace. It covers a 55” x 24” space that offers plenty of space while standing. In fact, you can easily fit two desktop monitors on this desk if you’d like!

    Buy the desk here.

    2. Best Adjustable Compact Desk

      For those looking for a compact standing desk, the one from Seville Classics is a good pick. Unlike standard standing desks, this is more of a platform standing desk. It’s meant to be on top of a workstation rather than on its own.

      Even with that minor case, this offers ample space—about 30 inches wide and 20 inches deep—and has a keyboard tray as well. The other nice thing about this desk is you can effortlessly—and without any noise—convert this to a standing and sitting desk.


      Buy the Seville Classics desk here.

      3. Alternative Adjustable Compact Desk

        Another compact desk alternative that’s similar to Seville Classics is the one from ABOX. They have an electric powered lifting standing desk that can adjust to various heights. Like Seville’s, you can use this for both sitting and standing.

        What’s unique about this, though, is the slightly larger space it provides plus the one-button automatic lifting. Beyond that, the design is sturdier and can hold up to 44 pounds.

        Buy ABOX’s standing desk converter here.

        4. Best High Rise Standing Desk

          For those wanting an even more unique design, one option is the Victor High Rise Collection. Like the previous two, this does need the support of an existing workstation. However, the big key difference is where everything is positioned.

          Since this standing desk uses a support pole, this is ideal for monitors if you plan to use it for standing. It also offers sitting down opportunities thanks to the additional panels that can be attached to the support pole.

          Some other notable features are the easy tap technology, allowing it to convert quickly. It also has a safety sensor protecting you and your desk as the sensor detects objects while lowering to a sitting position. Furthermore, since this is a support pole, you’re allowed to freely adjust the height at any time.

          Try it out here.

          5. Best L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

            FEZIBO offers a multitude of quality standing desks and another we wanted to mention was their L-shaped electric standing desk. It’s able to support itself on its own so there is no need for additional workstation support, and it’s also in a unique shape unlike other desks on this list.


            It’s fully electric as well, being able to adjust it easily between standing heights and sitting heights if needed. The design also makes it ideal for corner spots or if you’re looking to merge multiple L-shaped desks in a cooperative space.

            Try out this desk here.

            6. Ideal Office Study Desk

              One of the benefits of modern standing desks is their adjustable height. With dual motors working together, this standing desk offers smooth and simple adjusting when it comes to height. This is also one of the sturdier desks being made out of heavy-duty steel. It can hold over 260 pounds and offers the same elevations as many of the stand-alone desks that are on this list.

              Another nice feature is the 4 preset buttons. This allows you to customize the height of the desk by committing it to memory. Just press the “M” to adjust to the position and set it.

              Pick up Ergosoft’s standing desk here.

              7. Ideal Surface Top

                Typical standing desks often use wood or metal, but you can find the rare standing desk that uses bamboo. In the case of Uplift Desks, some of the surface tops are bamboo.

                Why is this so important? Well for one, bamboo is sturdier than most other materials while also being environmentally friendly and still having an appealing look. It can lift 355 pounds with its 3-stage legs and offers dual monitor space. It even comes with a 10-year all-inclusive warranty which is coverage unlike what other companies typically offer.

                Get Uplift’s bamboo desk here.

                8. Alternative L-Shaped Standing Desk

                  If you’re looking for another l-shaped desk, an alternative is the one from Mr. Ironstone. The distinct advantage of this standing desk is the ease of installation and cleaning—easier cleaning is thanks to the material of the surface being anti-skidding and anti-scratch.


                  Buy Mr. Ironstone’s standing desk here.

                  9. Best Standing Desk Frame

                    With most desks being able to be broken down easily, another option is simply changing the base of the desk. In the case of FEZIBO’s frames, this provides the same high quality but at a smaller price due to only getting the frame.

                    This particular frame is made of metal, has 4 lockable casters and cable management tray and touch control, and has a length of 43.31” to 59.05”—making it compatible with most workstation tops you’re looking to attach it to.

                    Buy the frame here.

                    10. Laptop Standing Desk

                      SIDUCAL makes standing desks that are suitable for laptops. While it’ll be tricky to get a monitor, the laptop standing desk can offer some other unique perks. For one, it’s a highly mobile standing desk, allowing you to move it around an office space with ease.

                      Second, since it’s designed for laptops, it’s light and has a panel that’s adjustable for laptop placement. Lastly, it still offers a decent amount of space for other items—not another desktop, but office supplies, a bottle of water, and other items would be fine.

                      Buy a laptop standing desk here.

                      Bottom Line

                      There are many benefits of standing desks, and their modern ergonomic designs offer a lot more beyond the existing benefits of standing. As you can see, even these desks offer extra perks that any typical desk can offer—and then some. Buy one of the suggested standing desks today, and enjoy the benefits of having one.

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