10 Best Laptop Backpacks For Every Purpose

10 Best Laptop Backpacks For Every Purpose

While it’s true that laptop backpacks are primarily manufactured to store laptops, they also are of massive assistance in carrying the rest of your daily essentials. Laptop backpacks are spacious, ergonomic, and lightweight, and thus, they are ideal for storage purposes. 

For those who are searching for a new laptop backpack, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of the best laptop backpacks that are available on the market.

The list includes top-rated backpacks that are the epitome of durability and comfort and would undoubtedly tend to all of your storage needs. All you have to do is go through our list, and voila! You’ve got yourself one of the best laptop backpacks out there.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our collated list incorporates durable laptop backpacks that are ideal for everyday use. These backpacks have unique and distinctive traits that enable them to stand out from the rest of its competitors. They are elegant, exceptionally spacious, and feature smart storage compartments that are ideal for carrying your everyday belongings.

Our primary aim of compiling this list is to assign each laptop backpack to a purpose. Hopefully, our hand-picked laptop bags will live up to their name; thus, further cementing their legacy. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Backpack

Finding the best laptop backpack for you requires knowing what you need and what the product offers. Here are the things you should consider in finding the best laptop backpack.


Each laptop backpack is made in a specific size to carry certain laptop sizes. While some backpacks will have extra space to carry other accessories and important items, some are more compact. You want a laptop backpack to be big enough to carry everything you need.

Material and Durability

The fabric of the laptop backpack is important, and some of them are water-resistant. Furthermore, the material can determine the durability (i.e. how much weight can the backpack handle before it starts tearing or wearing out).

Laptop Compartment and Pockets

Laptop backpacks today usually have extra compartments and pockets to store various items. Some are inside the backpack while there may be a few external ones. These help with extra storage and making things convenient for organization.

Luggage Compatible

Some of the best laptop backpacks are compatible with luggage. If you travel a lot, a backpack that can rest on top of your luggage while you walk around the airport is a convenient option for someone on-the-go.

Now that you know what things to consider. Here is our list of the best laptop backpacks for every purpose.


1. Best Laptop Backpack With Anti-Pickpocket

    Looking for the best laptop backpack for everyday use? Look no further than this one. This one is fitted with a USB port, plenty of pockets and space for storage, and has a comfortable yet sturdy design.

    The best thing about this backpack is that it has anti-theft capabilities. Though this is dedicated to a single pouch on the backpack, it is large enough to house your most valuable possessions.

    Because of these features, it is generally a good backpack for international and business travel, school, or office use.

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    2. Best Laptop Backpack for Everyday Commutes

      Another slim backpack for general use is one from SHRRADOO. It offers the same functionality as the previous backpack, such as a USB port, shock straps, and a section designated for your Macbook/Laptop, among other things. There is one key difference though – airflow.

      SHRRADOO emphasizes fostering good air circulation around your back. This helps with increasing comfort and ensures the shoulder straps don’t wear you down.

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      3. Best Laptop Backpack for Business Women

        For the businesswomen out there, we recommend this laptop bag from Kroser. This backpack is stylish, water repellent, and has multiple pockets and compartments. The spacious backpack allows it to be used for multiple purposes beyond business use. It’s also a great choice for women who are going to school, going on a trip, or an everyday commuter and needs something stylish with plenty of space.


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        4. Best Laptop Backpack for College

          With college starting back up soon, one thing you may be looking for is a strong, sturdy, spacious backpack for the occasion. While the others mentioned before are good options, this one is designed specifically for college students.

          With this bag, the key features to note are the multiple compartments for easy storage of accessories, textbooks, laptops, and other items as well as its durability. The use of nylon makes the backpack anti-scratch, anti-tear, and water-resistant, all the while providing great comfort.

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          5. Best Laptop Backpack for Frequent Travelers

            For the frequent travelers out there, you need a sturdy backpack – one that can last on your shoulders, comfortable, can handle heavy loads, and highly secure. In these situations, you may want to look at this particular bag.

            Notable things about this backpack include the fact it has a lock that prevents theft from the larger part of your bag. This is important since although we looked at backpacks with some anti-theft features, none were able to prevent theft from larger items like laptops or books. Considering the fact you’re planning on traveling a lot, you want to have more protection for many valuables.

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            6. Best Laptop Backpack With Extra Space

              While previous backpacks offering a plethora of space, sometimes you just need more. This particular backpack allows you to store more without sacrificing comfort, one of the few drawbacks that larger backpacks bring.


              This backpack has 20 compartments devoted to the storage of various items. This is on top of the three main components of the backpack for larger items like books or laptops. Beyond that, the material is still durable and the backpack has a USB port for convenient phone charging.

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              7. Best Stylish Laptop Backpack

                For those looking for a combination of function and style, it’s worth checking out this type of bag from Vsnoon. The pattern they use is a floral print that allows you to stand out from all the other solid-colored backpacks around.

                The functionality of the backpack is on par with backpack standards today. It’s water-resistant, has a USB port for charging convenience, and offers plenty of space. It’s one of the best laptop backpacks for those wanting style for an everyday item.

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                8. Best Multi-Functional Laptop Backpack

                  Some of the best laptop backpacks also offer multiple functions. In terms of functionality, this one is one of the best around, offering more functionality than most others mentioned.

                  The extra functionality comes from the company’s ability to enhance the classic functionalities of other backpacks. Looking for more storage? There are a few extra sleeves for your accessories. Want comfortable shoulder pads? They provide massage pads for extra comfort. Want to charge your electronics on the go? Say hello to USB ports and detailing for your earphones.

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                  9. Best Affordable Laptop Backpack


                    Maybe you don’t care very much about extra functionality, security, or space. Maybe you’re more concerned about the life of these backpacks and ensuring you are getting your money’s worth from it. If that’s you, then consider a backpack from a well-known brand – JanSport

                    JanSport has been in the business for a long time and knows how to make quality backpacks. This particular one is a 15-inch laptop backpack, and like all of JanSport’s backpacks, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Beyond that, the backpack is imported and made of 100% polyester. If it breaks for whatever reason, you can easily get another one back with little effort.

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                    10. Best Laptop Backpack for Those Who Love Vintage Style

                      The final backpack on our list is for those who are looking for style, but more specifically, vintage and retro style. Enter Mancio, a brand built around vintage-style backpacks and high standards for quality.

                      The subdued color, structure, and leather detailing scream vintage while still maintaining modern functionality. There is a USB port along with sleeves and other pockets for additional accessories. It offers ample space for a 15-inch or smaller laptop along with other important items.

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                      Bottom Line

                      With increasing modern needs, backpacks have kept themselves relevant with additional tech, storage, and solutions to potential issues like walking in the rain, low battery electronics, or being at risk of getting items stolen. With each of these backpacks providing great quality, the real question is what sort of backpack will meet your lifestyle and needs.

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